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Welcome to the updated SuperStories
As the old server started to die, I tried to migrate it, but with some of the code lost, it is being updated to a new better look/style.
Tasks done so far
Not a lot :(
Items working on
Updated 1/26/2020
- Chapters are starting to get back up, still lots of work to do on it. Addventures

Update 12/2
- Some back end stuff such as reorganize the data so fewer weird codes issue and tighter permission
- Cleaned up some 174,000 bad user accounts for spammers slowing down the database, increasing speed by getting rid of them
- More steps to make sure bad stuff never gets in to clear things up
- Sorry for not doing more  (Still hope to get the wall up before the new year)

Login/logout at the Login Page
Adding Captcha to prevent Spammers
Got the text editor to try and use, but need to make sure I get it configured correctly so it won't hack the server.
I am going slow, but hope to take off around Thanksgiving and get a good version of Addvetnure up then, but hope to have the wall up by early Novemeber.