Hippolyta fucks herself silly

by Theacds
Storyline Trouble in Paradise
Previous Chapter Queen Hippolyta's mind becomes consumed

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"Fuck fuck fuck!" Hippolyta screeched, as the sword hilt punished her pussy.

She cried in ecstasy as she reached orgasm, and moaned when her hands didn't stop. 

"N-no...!" Spittle flung from her mouth as her eyes went cross. "Stop! Stop it, you enchanted devil's hands!"

But by the time the first had stopped, her body rocked itself into another climax! Over and over, the heated queen found pleasure wave after wave of mind numbing pleasure.

"Ngh... No more fuck..." She pleaded by the fourth. And then, entering the next, weakly added, "Puh... puh-lease... No wan' fuck...!"

One after the other, she hammered her clit raw. And at the same time, something that felt like a jackhammer veritably battered her brain into a puddle of worthless mush.

"Godda... stop!" Hippolyta moaned and moaned, the funny feeling in her head growing stronger by the second as she reached her tenth round of spasming on the ground like a rabbit in heat.  "Brain... B-Brain in pussy...!"

On some level, she exactly what was going on. But on the surface, she struggled to stop even a little.

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