Charmcaster's Magenta Tetramand Wins, as Magenta replaces Green.

by C.King
Storyline The Superstories Adventures of Ben 10
Previous Chapter Love is a Battlefield!

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The fight finally finished with the magenta female Tetramand getting the best of the green male, who was in a choke hold. As the hands gripped tightly against the neck, the magenta Tetramand glowed before the shade creeped onto the green Tetramand. Changing his colour to match her. As one colour replaced another, there was a sudden magenta flash!

When Gwen and the boys blinked their eyes to get the light out of their eyes, they saw that Ben had changed. His shirt had changed from green to magenta, the same as Charmcaster. His Omnitrix was black and purple as well. They also now shared the same purple eyes. They looked at them, which was when Charmcaster shouted, "Somnus!"

Everything went black for her after that....

On the other side of the room...

Charmcaster knew the importance of striking quickly. After the battle of mana she had gone through, she used a quick sleep spell to put down everyone in the warehouse. Everyone except...

When she had cast the spell, there was a flash of purple. She turned to see a blue like cat creature with a purple omnitrix on it's chest and purple eyes. The gathering of mystical artifacts around him, he said, "We might want to get while the getting good. I collected all of the magical items the warehouse has. I hope it's everything you want, babe."

He looked at her with love in his eyes, and she could help but return them. She turned to her new boyfriend and lover, Ben Tennyson, to tell him, "Hang on, we're going home... babe."

She spoke the chant and teleported them back to her castle in Ledgerdomain.

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