The Gotham City Sirens (Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Harley Quinn)

by zahnskye
Storyline Forbidden Love
Characters Batman Catwoman Poison Ivy Harley Quinn
Category Bondage Dubious Consent Foursome M/F
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For years Batman had battled the three women known to most as the Gotham City Sirens. Each challenged Batman in their own way. Poison Ivy very nearly poisoned him to death a few times, and the sexual tension between her and Batman ran deep. He had often found himself distracted by her charms but every time they fought he'd narrowly come out victorious.

Harley was Joker's top hench-person. Even though the Joker thought very little of her Harley's sadistic and crazy side often helped the Joker out of some tight spots when going up against the Bat. Harley would never admit it to anyone but her closest gal pals, but she was attracted to Batman as well. She'd kissed him once or twice in the past and when the Sirens came up with their plan to seduce Batman this time she'd been all too happy to go along with it.

Catwoman had been a long-time admirer and adversary of the Dark Knight. No one in his life came closer to making him feel at peace. Their game of cat-and-mouse, cop-and-robber, was addicting to Selina. Batman always dropped his guard too much when it came to her. If truth be told she could be considered one of his weaknesses.

One night the three women had come together to talk. They found themselves talking about the Bat. Ivy claimed she could have her way with him and defeat him easily, which upset Selina. Harley was left to break up their catfight and after the three settled down their discussion began anew. Though Catwoman doubted Ivy alone could do anything she did admit Batman had a certain weakness when it came to his lovely female adversaries. She put forth a plan to conquer the Bat once and for all. Not kill him, but make it so he could do little to get in their way. Intrigued, Ivy and Harley put forth their own thoughts on the subject. Arguing ensued again but after all was said and done the three had a solid plan to take down the Bat.

It began late one night in Gotham. Catwoman had just stolen a collection of rare Babylonian antiques on loan to the Gotham City Museum for an art convention. Batman was making his nightly rounds when he picked up the chatter from the police radio. Figuring that his old flame Selina was up to her usual tricks he went to stop her. He figured she was just trying to get his attention anyway. She wasn't usually so sloppy as to let normal cops spot her. Never for a moment did he suspect that there was more going on that night. Soon enough he encountered her racing across a nearby rooftop. He chased her, the two naturally moving through the night skyline with practiced ease. Eventually he cornered her atop a greenhouse rooftop.

"Give it up, Selina. You've got nowhere to go."

"Ha. Someone's unusually talkative tonight. Could it be you're happy to see me, Bats?"

Batman just glared at her. While he did sometimes enjoy their back-and-forth he wasn't in the mood for it tonight. Still the way Selina was smiling at him unnerved him a bit. Something about it seemed sinister somehow. The fact she wasn't running was also suspicious. She continued to smirk as she relaxed her posture and took on a more natural, sexy pose. Batman's eyes narrowed as he tried to sharpen his other senses.

"Head's up, Batbrain!"

Recognizing the voice Batman spun around, but was too late to guard against Harley's attack as she whacked him over the head with her giant mallet. Stunned, Batman dropped against the ceiling of the greenhouse, cracking it. The beautiful blonde giggled at the sight.

"Whoopsie! Din't mean ta hurtcha', Bats! I thought you would've blocked~"

Batman started to pick himself up but a giant vine burst through the ceiling and before he could react he plummeted down toward the ground. Only one person he knew of was capable of that and also had ties to the other two women he'd encountered tonight. A vine came out of nowhere and slammed him against the wall, further rattling the already shaken crime-fighter. The snake-like vine wrapped around his body, binding him and slowly lowering him to the ground. There he found himself face to face with the three girls. He growled in frustration as he struggled against his bonds.

"Poison Ivy."

"Well, hello there, lover. Fancy meeting you here."

"What's your game, you three? You've been laying low 'til now. Even I thought you were just trying to stay out of trouble."

"Oooh, I suppose that's your excuse for never calling..."

Batman snarled as he renewed his effort to break free. Ivy smirked as the two other women began to prepare themselves for the night ahead.

"If you really must know..."

Without warning, a pod bloomed on a section of the vine near Batman's face, then exploded filling the air with pollen. The vigilante coughed for a few moments then felt a strange sort of euphoria fill his body. His posture relaxed. His mind began to drift. He shook his head, trying to get rid of the feeling.


He glared at the three. Poison Ivy put a hand on her hip and smiled.

"Don't worry, Batman. Nothing lethal. Just something to help you relaaaaaax."

Batman suddenly noticed that Harley was now wearing nothing but a nightie and Catwoman was wearing nothing but an oversized shirt with the Bat-symbol on it.

".... what the..."

Even the great detective seemed at a loss for words. Ivy noticed his apparent confusion and sighed. Sauntering up to her captive, she wrapped herself around him."How disappointing. You'd have thought the World's Greatest Detective could figure out when a woman is attracted to him."

The gorgeous redhead leaned in and kissed him gently, taking her sweet time with it and moaning into his mouth. After several moments she broke contact letting the Dark Knight inhale. His mind was swimming even more than before.

"... I don't... ungh..."

His vision grew clouded as Catwoman walked up to him.

"Don't worry, baby, tonight you're all ours. Doesn't that make you happy...?"

Batman could only weakly nod in response to the ravishing raven-haired cat-buglar. Ivy smirked. Her new toxins were proving even more effective than she had hoped. During the last few nights the trio of villainesses had worked to gather up materials to create a new set of drugs for Ivy that could break even Batman's willpower easily. Of course tonight was about pleasure and nothing else. None of the three wanted to permanently damage the Bat, so they also made sure the effects would only last long enough to have their fun. Granted, they did mean to keep him for a long time before they were through.

"So, who's going first?"

Ivy and Catwoman looked at each other upon hearing Harley's query. The glared at each other for a long moment. Harley held her breath, expecting another fight. However both women burst out laughing. Harley tilted her head in confusion.

"We don't we do him all at the same time to start off with? We can decide the order later."

"Sounds good to me. Any objections, Harl?"

"None whatsoever, Red!"

The three moved in unison, surrounding the addled and bound crime-fighter. Catwoman took his right side, Ivy took his left and Harley kneeled, starting to undress his lower body. As she lowered his pants his package was revealed to the three women. Each of their eyes widened with excitement as they looked upon it. It wasn't too big, but neither was it small. It width was impressive as well. Though flaccid at the moment they could tell it would give them a good amount of pleasure once he was inside them. Catwoman began to kiss Batman, while Ivy nibbled at his neck. Harley worked his member until it was at full mast, sighing in delight as she took it into her mouth. After a while Ivy and Catwoman switched positions and tasks while Harley continued to suck on his cock. Batman could feel himself building, but little else. The pleasure the three women were providing him blew his mind. Somewhere within him he knew he should try to escape. He knew he should fight back and arrest them, but he didn't care. Right now there was no mortal danger, and the Sirens' plans had overcome him. He orgasmed, filling Harley's mouth with his jizz. She drank it down and laughed, having become the first of the trio to claim his cum that night.The vines binding Batman slowly retreated as they girls moved the now-pliant Batman towards a bed made of leaves. Laying him down on his back, Ivy began to ride Batman's dick as Catwoman licked his chest and Harley had him eat out her pussy. Eventually they switched again until they and Batman were well and truly exhausted. A couple of hours later, after re-administering the drugs it was finally time to decide the order in which each girl would get to spend time with Batman one-on-one.

"I'm going to make him fall in love with me first!"

"Fat chance, Harl! We both know no man can resist me!"

"Get over yourself, Pam. Of the three of us, I've actually been with him without having to drug him!"

"Low blow, Selina. Besides, the Bat and I have shared a few truly intimate moments. Now it'll just be a matter of sealing the deal."

"Keep telling yourself that, hun."

Batman offered no resistance to each woman's advances. Their plan was going off without a hitch. But which girl gets to spend some alone time with the Bat first?

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