Karen Starr knows she must accept to many jobs are at risk

by ESchorcho
Storyline Hard Reboot
Characters Power Girl
Category Humiliation DC M/F
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Karen Starr looked down at the contract before her and scanned the truly vile aspects of her potential new duties as 'Company Bitch'.  Her face burned red and she was growing queasier and queasier in embarrassment.  How had things gotten so bad under her leadership?  She had believed, rather foolishly it turned out, that she was a skilled, adept businesswoman, but who was she kidding?  She was spending most of her time covering up for ruined deal after ruined deal.  For goodness sakes, she couldn't even make sure Rachel, her personal receptionist, had tended to her daily role as the company's blowjob dispenser.  She really wasn't the leader that StarrWare Industries needed.

Looking up from the papers before her with tearful eyes, the heroine known to the world as Power Girl made eyecontact with Cal.  She couldn't possibly do any of the man's demands, but then Karen remembered all of her employees.  Their jobs were at stake.  She closed her eyes and thought things through.  She was a super heroine and they always did the right thing, no matter how hard or unpleasant any of it seemed.  This usually meant fighting superpowered villains, mobsters, mad scientists or even common criminals, but this time the obstacle couldn't be defeated by a display of might.  She knew that if she dare hit the smug asshole before her, once he recovered he would go public with the dire straights her company was in.  She just knew he would follow through on his threat of exposing her as the fraud she was and her employees would be forever tarnished for having StarrWare Industries on their resume.  Their lives would be ruined, and she just couldn't allow that to happen.  Sometimes being a heroine meant that she had to sacrifice herself and her reputation for the sake of others.  Karen wouldn do right by her employees.  She wouldn't let them down.

"Well, I'm waiting, Miss Starr," Cal said, tapping his foot on the carpeted floor of her office.  He glared down at the clearly overwhelmed businesswoman.

She looked up at him long and hard, and then exhaled.  Karen then slid out of her comfortable executive's chair.  As Karen lowered herself to the floor and onto her hands and knees, there was a part of her that deep down knew she would more than likely never sit on the side of the desk ever again.  She began crawling around the large wooden desk and as she did, even doubted that she would ever sit on the opposite side if Cal was indeed serious about any of his threats outlined in her new contract.  Karen was so disgusted with herself at her new reality when she finally stopped a foot away from where Cal stood and looked up at the man like a submissive pet.

With a quivering voice, she announced, "Are you serious about saving my employees?"

"Of course I am, Miss Starr," Cal smirked down at her, "As I said, accept my offer and your company will be saved."

There was a stinging at the back of Karen's neck.  She recognized that sensation.  It was pride.  Pride in being a CEO, pride in being the super heroine Power Girl, pride in being a role model.  She closed her eyes and exhaled long and hard, pushing pride down as deep as she could.  When Karen opened her eyes, Cal saw a defeated woman and his shark-like grin only grew.  He listened intently when she parted her dried lips and addressed him, "I agree to all of your terms...sir.  Just please save my company and my employees.  They work so hard.  They really do.  It's not their fault that StarrWare Industries' CEO is a complete incompetent."

"Correction, Bitch," Cal proclaimed, lowering himself so he was face to face with the disgraced woman.  Karen, meanwhile, burned at her new title, "It's no longer your company or your employees.  It's as you said, their former CEO was a complete incompetent.  Notice all of the use of past-tense, Bitch?"

"Yes, sir," Karen whispered."Now, let's have another try at that little speech, Bitch," Cal smirked, "From the beginning."

Karen swallowed hard and forced back contorting her face into a defeated frown, before she proclaimed once more, "I agree to all of your terms, sir.  Just please save your company and your employees.  They work so hard.  It's not their fault that StarrWare Industries' former CEO was a complete incompetent."
"Wonderfully said, Bitch!" Cal laughed, "See, you aren't as stupid a Bitch as I thought just a minute ago."
His spiteful compliment made Karen shudder even more in humiliation.  She waited for what seemed like too long a time for him to respond.  Karen, though, didn't dare utter a word until she was told.  'Oh God!' she thought, panic coursing through her, 'He already has me trained like a loyal puppy!'
Before she had a chance to think of a way to somehow get out of this, Cal's voice interrupted her troubled thoughts.  When he spoke, her mind softened and all she could do was listen intently, "Miss Starr, this is the best decision you've made in a very long time.  Never forget that.  It's a deal!  I will do you the favor of saving your company, and you will forever be in my debt.  I will take you on in the reduced role of Company Bitch.  Now, slip that top off.  I want those world famous titties of yours wrapped around my cock!"
"Yes, sir," the defeated Power Girl sighed.

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