The dream continues and on her way to meet her man, Diana sees other Amazons being worked on at the salon

by ESchorcho
Storyline Cutter Creek
Characters Wonder Woman
Category DC Pregnancy M/F F/F
Previous Chapter Diana has a strange, erotic dream

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The strange combination of the vapid 'Doll' and Diana, who was rapidly accepting herself as an outrageous Cutter Creek woman, clicked along on her sky high heels.  She followed Tammy Sue to the front of the salon from the stylist's station at the back where she had been made 'all purdy.'  Even Diana's thoughts were beginning to be affected by this place, and the former Wonder Woman's pretty blue eyes were focused hungrily on the shapely blonde's perfect backside before her, and tried her best to mimic Tammy Sue's sexy strut.  The drop-dead gorgeous beautician was one of her role models in Cutter Creek, Diana/Doll thought to herself, and it made her tingle in whorish rapture at how she felt right at home amongst the shapely women of the sexy Southern town.  She had become one of them.

A wide, vacant smile filled Diana/Doll's pretty face, and she couldn't help but think how life was simply so much better in Cutter Creek.  Try as she might to forget it, she couldn't help herself as she thought back to her boring life working with that no-good Steve Trevor.  The man always viewed her as a colleague, and never once made a pass at her.  'Fer heaven's sake!' Diana/Doll thought, bitterly, 'That dumb-as-a-box-a-rocks Steve Trevor never even took the time tah fuck mah brains out!'  She pouted her plump bottom lip at the thought and shook her head.

Diana/Doll thought further back to her upbringing and it caused her even more distress.  She had grown up as Princess Diana of the Amazons.  'Bunch of borin' ol' prudes, if ya ask me!' Diana/Doll thought again.  She then caught herself, and looked back at Tammy Sue's long, swishing blonde hair and her perfect, pendulum-like ass and sighed contently once more.  The Amazons had raised her and trained her to be Wonder Woman, but she had given that title up the second she had accepted her true place in Cutter Creek.  Fighting villains was men's work, after all.  Thoughts of her former fellow Justice Leaguers popped in her mind.  Heroes like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and even the partially robotic Cyborg, with their hard, muscular bodies.  They could save the world much better than she ever could.  Her full, shiny lips then curled in a naughty thought.  She bet that if any of her one-time teammates found their way to Cutter Creek, they wouldn't even recognize her, she had changed so much!  They would, however, want to fuck her.  Who wouldn't?  The lean, muscular-bodied Wonder Woman was a thing of the past.  Diana/Doll felt so much better as a soft, full-figured Cutter Creek gal with huge tits.  The former heroine paused for a moment and felt her knees go weak.  She closed her eyes and cooed out a low moan when she felt her cunt begin to drip liquid arousal down her fleshy thighs.  Diana/Dolly bit her bottom lip and thought back to Tammy Sue telling her that her man was waiting to pick her up.  She hoped desperately that they could slip away somewhere private so he could relive the utter need she felt between her legs.

Just then, a tiny, distant voice in her head rose up and called out.  It told her how wrong this all was, and the top-heavy, walking, talking wet dream of a woman's brow furrowed.  The voice sounded so annoying.  It was then that even the dumbed down Diana/Doll realized what this voice was.  It was the Wonder Woman portion of her mind and personality rising up to fight what had become of her.  It told her that she was a proud Amazon and everything she was raised to believe in stood in stark contrast to everything that the town of Cutter Creek stood for.  Male dominance, vanity, a whorish desire for sex, being obsessed with reproduction.  An Amazon shunned all of these things, but Diana/Doll now embraced them wholeheartedly.  The former heroine stopped for a moment and batted her extra-long, curled eyelashes in confusion.  She glanced over to a mirror at her outrageously sexualized appearance.  Diana/Doll started to wonder if the voice could actually be right in saying how all of this could be wrong?  The thought confused her even more.  Tammy Sue noticed that Diana/Doll had stopped following her and turned around abruptly.  She was about to dispel any worries the raven-haired sexpot had, when out of nowhere another voice piped up.

"Glory be, Doll!  Yer lookin' F-I-N-E fine, honey!" a husky, feminine Southern drawl could be heard and Diana/Doll and Tammy Sue turned their heads to look for the source of the voice.  What the former Wonder Woman saw took her breath away.

There, seated in one of the many salon chairs that populated the beauty parlor, was the Amazonian General and her aunt, Antiope!  Diana/Doll was shocked to see her normally stern, no-nonsense aunt sitting in the salon.  Despite her love for her aunt, Diana/Doll had to admit that she was intimidated by the woman.  She had always been too busy in commanding the Amazonian armies, as well as training her to eventually become a world-renowned heroine and representative of Themyscira in Man's World, to show any sort of familial affections.  Diana/Doll thought back to Antiope's well-toned warrior physique and her dirty blonde hair that she never took any time in maintaining and the now-proud Cutter Creek gal pouty her lips at the thought of not taking the time to keep up one's appearance.  It made her shudder in as much repugnance as the vapid woman could muster.

For a second, Diana/Doll thought that Antiope was there to take her back to Themyscira, and she was flooded with fear that she would be taken away from her new home.  Then, her simplified, Cutter Creek mind caught up with what her Auntie had just said.  She looked back with her glassy eyes that shone like sapphires and saw that Antiope looked up at her with a wide, cheerful smile.  Furthermore, Antiope's face, normally void of makeup was now perfectly made-up and the pretty young stylist behind her was busy wrapping her longer, now-vanilla-blonde hair in big rollers.  Before Diana/Doll had a chance to react at what had become of her auntie, Antiope continued.

"Tammy Sue, yer an absolute artist!  Ladies, wouldja stop what ya'll'r doin' an' take a look-see at what our dear Tammy Sue done done with mah niece here," Antiope exclaimed.

Suddenly, Diana/Doll noticed that the salon was filled with other women getting worked on by equally pretty stylists.  There was the sound of Southern, twangy voices all gossiping amongst one another and for a moment, the one-time Wonder Woman wondered why she hadn't noticed how crowded the salon was before.  Batting her long eyelashes again in confusion, she was quickly distracted when all eyes focused on her and soon, a chorus of 'oohs' and 'ahhs' broke out about her appearance.  She felt a giddy feeling flow through her body at the welcomed attention.  Some of the women even daintily clapped at how absolutely gorgeous Tammy Sue had made her, and Diana/Doll's lips curled in a wide, grateful smile.  It was then that Diana/Doll looked closer at the women populating Tammy Sue's beauty parlor, and assumed that it was just other Cutter Creek gals, but that was not the case.  An amused, but confused look overcame her pretty features, when she saw that the women that were all as equally made-up as herself and her Auntie all looked familiar to her but it couldn't be, she told herself.  She looked over to her Auntie Antiope and parted her shiny lips in a question.

"Um, Auntie," Diana/Doll, asked bashfully.  She glanced down at the floor, but only saw her cavern of bountiful cleavage and felt another surge of hot, lustful fog flow through her.  Her breath caught in her throat briefly before she looked up and managed to get out, "Um, these gals in the salon here.  Are they, um, Amazons?"

"Oh, come now, honey.  Don't be silly," Antiope exclaimed, dismissively, "Ya'll know dern well us Cuttah Creek gals don't like to be called the A-word no more!"

Diana/Doll shook her head no, and glanced over to study each beaming face looking up at her from their seated positions.  Under the thick layers of glamorous makeup, Diana/Doll recognized faces she had had known her whole life.  There was her childhood friend, the golden blonde, Mala.  The woman, now with big, shiny platinum blonde hair and had a deep, deep tan.  Mala was sitting in her seat, looking so relaxed as two attendants worked on giving the former Amazon a manicure.  Diana/Doll felt an erotic charge overtake her when she saw how much the girl had changed from the pretty but plain looking woman she had left on Paradise Island to this picture of utter Cutter Creek perfection.  'Jus' like me,' Diana/Doll thought, and felt a tingle in her pussy.

Next to Mala was Dessa, a gorgeous, chocolate-skinned Amazon, followed by Raina, a redhead and then Pythia, one of Themyscira's spiritual leaders.  Each one of them looked up at her with wide, vacant smiles, which Diana/Doll returned in kind.  There were so many others inside the salon, and they called out to her in their own thick Southern accents how hot, fine and 'perdy' she looked and the big-titted former heroine was growing weak in the knees at their cherished compliments.  Tammy Sue noticed this and put her had around Diana/Doll's sucked in waist to steady the poor, turned on Cutter Creek gal.  Any part of the one-time Wonder Woman that had tried to fight what had become of her had since given up, and was just enjoying being surrounded by her fellow Cutter Creek gals.

"Oh, come now, girl," Antiope drawled to Diana/Dolly, who jumped slightly at her aunt's tone.  Yet, when she glanced over to the General, she was relieved that Antiope had a playful smile playing on her heavily mad-up face, "Cat got yer tongue?  Yer friends ah sayin' how perdy ya'll look.  Now Ah know yer Mama done taught ya'll manners.  So what do ya'll say, honey?"

The bemused and aroused feeling had stopped Diana/Doll from speaking up for the most part, but Antiope's words broke through the her and Diana/Doll's  makeup-caked face lit up in a wide, brilliant smile and she proclaimed, "Ah am sooooo sorry, Auntie Antiope," Diana/Doll cooed, "Thank ya'll so kindly!  It's jus' lahk ya'll said, though, Auntie.  Tammy Sue is an absolute artist!  As ah ya'll's own stylists.  Ya'll look soooo purdy!"

Once more, the gathered group of Amazons in the beauty parlor began to daintily clap for the sexy blonde stylist, who smiled brightly and curtsied for her audience.  Diana/Doll saw how what she had said had gone over well with her friends and she too flashed a wide, beaming smile.  Still, something kept nagging at Diana/Doll in the back of her simplified mind.  It was still a sliver of the Wonder Woman portion that had not given in completely to the Cutter Creek ideal that women should be vapid, domesticated sex pets for their men.  Because of this, the question left Diana/Doll's mouth without her really thinking of how it might sound.

"Um...Antie Antiope?" Diana/Doll began, "Ah hafta say that ya'll ah lookin' a might sexy yerself, but Ah hafta ask.  Jus' what ah ya'll doin' here in Cuttah Creek?  Ah thought ya'll'd be back on Paradise Island with mah Mama."

Antiope and the other Amazons all burst out in loud, girlish giggles.  Even the other stylists joined in on the amusement.  All except Tammy Sue, who leaned in closer and hugged the voluptuous Diana/Doll even tighter.  Finally, Antiope's hysterical laughter died down just enough for her to question her vapid niece.

"Ah am sorry fer laughin' atcha, Doll," Antioppe gasped, between her uncharacteristic high-pitched giggles, "Ah really am, but Ah mean, sometimes ya'll can be downright mighty dense!  Ah mean, it's what all the Cuttah Creek men love aboutcha, don't git me wrong, honey.  Well, that an' yer huge knockers, that perfect ass ah-yers, yer perdy, perdy face that tight lil' pussy..."

Antiope trailed off before uttering a soft, pleasurable moan.  She licked her own glossy lips and looked up at Diana/Doll with a lurid, come-hither stare.  For her part, Diana/Doll was having a difficult time concentrating.  She had already been aroused by Tammy Sue's promise of meeting her man, and her Auntie's words, as well as the shapely stylist pressing her hot body into her own was making it difficult for her dumbed-down mind to think.  She uttered a similar moan to Antiope's and tried her best to keep up.

"But really, Doll, don'tcha remember?  Has all them fancy products Tammy Sue been addin' to yer hair done finally seeped into what lil' brains ya'll had left?" Antiope giggled.

Diana/Doll just looked at Antiope with big, round, confused eyes.  It was Mala's turn to chime in, "Oh, Antiope, jus' stop tryin' to confuse the poor gal!  Both ya'll an' Ah know that our Doll here is much more tits than brains now-a-days.  Hmmmmm, Ah'm so jealous!"

"Girl, yer so right!  An' Ah hafta admit it's one of mah favorite things of what has become of mah niece.  Now, Doll, ya'll listen closely, ya hear?  It's all so simple.  Ya'll see, us Amazons done finally saw the error in our ways.  An' we owe it all tah ya'll, Doll!  Ya'll showed us that all that empowered Amazon bullcrap we done kept believin' in had done led us nowhere.  Jus' a bunch-a uptight prudes of women with not a single man in their life!  Then we saw how ya'll were livin' high on the hog here in Cuttah Creek with all them hunky, sexy men, an' we decided tah git a piece a' that fer ourselves!  So now we all have men tah fuck us like the good Cuttah Creek gals we done all become, an' on top o' that, we git tah raise a whole litter o' babies!"

To punctuate her point, Antiope unhooked the beautician's cape and let it fall to the floor so Diana/Doll could see her body.  Diana/Doll's blue eyes became wide as saucers when she saw that Antiope was pregnant!  But not just pregnant, the former Amazonian General looked like she was about to pop.  Her boobs were enormous and her belly was round and ripe.  Antiope's exaggerated figure was somehow squeezed into a tight little white sundress with a rose floral trim.  Her skin had a healthy tanned glow to it, and Diana/Doll nearly creamed herself at how the formerly stern, muscly woman had been completely transformed into the sexy Cuttah Creek ideal before her.

Antiope's perfectly-manicured hands fell to her round belly and began to caress it as she looked up once more at Diana/Doll, "Life has nevah been bettah, and it's all thanks to ya'll.  Ain't that right, ladies?"

The room was filled with happy coos from the gathered Amazons-turned Cutter Creek gals, as the other Amazons-turned-happy, docile Cutter Creek gals all abandoned their own beauticians capes to reveal their own voluptuous bodies, dressed in their own little dresses, in various stages of pregnancy.  It was beginning to be all too much for Diana/Doll, and the one-time heroine's mind fogged over in blissful delight.  She could only smile her broad, vapid smile, and felt her body grow hotter and hotter.  She needed to get fucked soon.

"T...Tammy Sue..." Diana/Doll stammered, through husky, raged breaths.  Her beautician knew what to do.

Through the commotion, Tammy Sue called out to all of the women in her twangy voice that Doll would love to stay and talk but her man was waiting for her.  Instantly, all of the bubbly Cutter Creek gals in the salon began their goodbyes and kept calling out their 'thank ya'lls'.  Diana/Doll whispered huskily her own 'thank ya'll' to Tammy Sue, and the two top-heavy women clung close to one another as the former Wonder Woman was led to the front of the salon.

Diana/Doll felt her absolutely gushing pussy and couldn't wait to meet her man.  If only she remembered who he was...

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