Black Widow says yes and they try to get more people

by Lakemanjon03
Storyline She Venom
Previous Chapter She gets caught wearing the symbiote

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"We agree," the newly transformed Black Widow purred. "But first, some redecoration is in order."  Black Widow then strutted over to Wasp, using the symbiote to make her boobs and ass bigger than they already were. Wasp, realizing what was going on, tried to run for the door, but Black Widow shot out a symbiote tendril, wrapping up Wasp. "Now, now," she cooed in a double voice, "You know you want to join us." With that, she forced her elongated tongue into Wasp's mouth, sending symbiote eggs into Wasps body.

"Mmmm- oh ah yes! We accept! How could we have been so foolish! We are no longer Wasp. We are Poison Sting!" 
With that, the newly corrupted Wasp gave in, and the tendrils retracted into Black Widow's symbiote covered body.
"But what are we to call you, mistress?" Poison Sting asked. "We think  we'll keep the name of Black Widow. It shall just have a different meaning. Now, let's convert the rest of the Avengers, shall we?"
"Yes, my mistress," Poison Sting replied. 

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