Dinah breatlhlessly squeaks "Like, four!", meaning Raven becomes a Silly Schoolgirl Bimbo

by kingofthefarmyard1
Storyline Tonight on MojoTV
Characters Black Canary Raven
Previous Chapter "JEALOUSY BECOMES HER" (Canary gains the attributes of the next girl she touches)

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The moment Riddler finished asking his question, the entire stage fell unnaturally quiet. For the first time it what seemed like an age, everyone in the near vicinity was stunned as they began to look and stare, silently waiting for an answer. 

On one side of the stage Black Canary was desperately trying to stop herself playing with her breasts but she was obviously failing. Although she had managed to stop herself from sucking her exposed nipples she hadn’t quite figured out how to stop her naughty hands from doing the same. Far to her left Raven was surprisingly trying to think, although her punishments had made it harder then ever. Every attempt to gather thoughts just resulted in more pleasurable feelings flooding her brain, causing the sorceress turned school girl to grin and smirk like she was hiding a joke from her teacher. In the end the silence was broken by a loud breathy climax. 

“like…..oh……you….ahh……..may have changed my voice and totally used my weakness to big titties against me Mr. Rids but the answer is like totally four” Black Canary eventually moaned, every word seemingly drawing a deeper lustful moan out of the blonde as she tweaked and massaged her bust. 

Suddenly loud cheesy music bursted out of non-existent speakers as The Riddler beamed his largest smile of the night. 

“MY MY MY! Looks like we have a winner folks.” Riddler spoke like a true performer “Busty Canary here has answered correctly so she survives; If only for a moment. Raven on the other hand, is our very first bimbo!” 

The audience cheered and large sections of the crowd broke out in chants of “RAVEN! RAVEN!” Spiral took this as an invitation and crossed the stage towards where the gigling Raven stood only to lead the transformed school girl into the centre. Raven confused as to what was going was simply giggling and posing seductively, causing the crowd to cheer more. 

“Yes thats right ladies and gentlemen. I, Edward Nigma have defeat Little Miss Raven in a game of wits.” Riddler gloated “Now she must pay the ultimate price. Spiral  please do the honours!”

With a flash Spiral clicked her fingers and a large pink “BRAINLESS FUCKTOY” card appeared between her top two arms. Instantaneously Raven’s head flew backwards in a burst of ecstasy. She had cum and she had cum hard. For a moment she had attempted to stay on her feet but her hips began to buckle underneath the strain of her exploding pussy.  She couldn’t help herself and within moments she had fallen back into Spiral’s waiting arms.

“AhhhhhhuuuuuuurggghhhhhhhhOooooooomyyyyyyyygawwwwwwwd” she screamed as an almighty orgasm rocked every cell in her body. She was in heaven, every fibre of her being alive with ungodly pleasure. Spiral immediately began kissing the neck of the confused girl in her arms caudinsg raven to maon aloud with each gentle kiss. Spiral's arms were wrapping themselves around the the school girls body as they began exploring her perky breasts and squeeze her sizeable rear. 

“ooh uhh…..gawd I feel really good” Raven moaned as she came harder still 

“oh a bet you do honey” Spiral replied as she slipped one of her hands down under Raven’s skirt causing her to moan louder and louder. The other contestants could only watch as Raven came and came. Each orgasm shocking her into oblivion, removing all her cares, all her memories, all her thoughts. 

When it was over, Raven had collapsed in Spiral’s arms, her perky tits rising and falling as she struggled to regain her composure. A silly black stare was stuck upon her happy face as she struggled to form words. Raven opened and closed her mouth, as if she was trying to form words but in the end all that came out was a loud high pitched giggle that caused her to start bouncing and propositioning Spiral for more. 

“That’s enough Spiral” Riddler finally commanded causing the audience to groan “take her backstage. Mr. Mojo wants to auction off any fully fledge Bim-“

“No! Enough!” Huntress screamed “This has gone too far Riddler! Release us all at once or face the wrath of the entire Justice League.” 

“Oh please shut up Huntress, look around you, I’ve beaten you all!” Riddler began to gloat again “Raven’s already become the airhead she always was, Canary’s too obsessed with her own tits to care, hell even the mighty Power Girl is powerless to resist what I, The Riddler, have created.” Riddler slid of his pedestal now and approached the angry heroine before him “its time you and Batwoman got with the program. Raven’s out of the game, theres only four of you left. It’s time to start ROUND 2!” 

“Round 2?” Huntress gulped 

“Round 2! Bimbo VS Bimbo" Riddler beamed “contestants will team up against the opposing team to answer my questions. Wrong answers will result in personal changes, similar to those seen in Round 1 whilst answers that are correct will result in direct changes occurring to the opposite teams. AND THE TEAMS ARE:

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