On Mai fusing her with with tigera in heats

by OmegaJay
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Joey brings up something called a chimera templet and brings up the marvel avenger known as tigera 

And the information for Mai valintime and clicks fuse and what he gets is a larg chested blond haired 
Blue eyed cat women Joey modified the file giving her back the ability to turn human and made it so she loves Joey the most and presses enter and in flash of light Mai tigress appears .
T. Mai: (looks at Joeys hard cock, and pulls done his pants showing his exposed cock ) oh master
Brought me some milk .
She starts sucking him off and he cums she swallows then pulls off sees joeys dick is still
Hard and strips then pounces on joeys cock and rides him like crazy .
 Eigh hours later 
Mai was giving herself and her master a tung bath .
 While Joey was thinking what next.

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Gorel - 7/26/2017 4:19 PM
Would love feedback if any.
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WW Van Bar is from a story with nothing to do with Werewolves, he is a character for a modern pirate story. I just wanted the worst name possible to make the guy jaded an a fighter.
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GAV, what would that be about? Besides werewolves I guess.
gothamalleyviper - 7/24/2017 1:46 PM
Just wanted to run a quick Idea up the flagpole, Horrible Character Name: Werewolf Wrathbone Van-Bar
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Let me know of any feedback for the She-Hulk story. If anyone has ideas or wants to add.
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