Auska : how about adding rei to our happy little family she always looks so sad.

by OmegaJay
Storyline Harem app
Characters Shinji ikari
Category Harem
Previous Chapter Shinji said : how about auskua healthy and horny

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Shinji: (smiles) good idea .

 Shinji pulls out his phone and pulls up a photo of Rei and down loads it to the app and puts her
In Ema frost costume and gives her Emma's powers also makes a slight modification to auskua 
To give sailor Mars powers, Shinji also gives rei sailor Mercurys personality since she is so she
Also makes her very perverted he presses enter and in a flash Rei is there .
 Rei: (blushes) uhm (looks around at the girls and then Shinji and licks her lips ) have you bin
Playing hide the dick with out me some ones bin naughty .
 Rei strips and jumps on Shinji who isn't wearing pants and lands on his dick and started fucking 
The others stared masterbating then they joined in.
     Five hours later...
The four girls where painting on the couch cuddling there master while Shinji was still hard
Shinji: now what should I do .......?

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