Reed arrives in the Hotel. And the Fun can start! Or is it a nightmare?

by colleem
Storyline Susan Storms Artefact Trouble (SSAT)
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It was clear that Lynda had betrayed Reed again. And this time it had been his own fault. No subtle Tricks or anything had been necessary for her. She had lured him into his own Trap. He had been so eager to learn from her that he had not noticed that this time the Portion had been a little bit differently than the last one. Or maybe he had just thought that she had showed him a better way. But it wasn’t the same Part like last time. This time it had a much more powerful effect on him than last time. It was more a sedative than a helping hand. One nip of the Portion and within seconds he would go down and not wake up before at least 14 hours of sleep. And the best part of it. One of the increments was a bit of her own Hair, which had been magical enchanted by her. This would make it easier for her to enter his Dream, but more important it would make her a part of his Dream. So she hadn’t had to fear that his Subconscious would trace her down and find her. This time she would be safe in his dream. Still without the Power of influencing him or the Dream in any way, she would still be only a silent Observer, but after this Evening she was eager to see how his Dream Mind had changed.

“LENARD!!! GET HERE AND FUCK ME WHILE I AM IN HIS DREAM!” she screamed and her own desire was on a Level that made thinking harder than ever. She knew that Lenard would obey her totally and that he would enjoy fucking her mindless Body. He loved to rape Woman and now he could do everything he wanted with her Body. This too was a thrill for her as she kneeled down in front of him. The last thing she felt, before her Mind left her Body, was his Cock slamming into her Ass without any Mercy. Lenard would really enjoy this Situation.


Reed hurried home to be back before his Wife would wake up again but as he reached the Hotel he was still horny. Not only Horny. He was horny as Hell. He couldn’t get Lynda out of her Mind and how she had touched him. He thought about fucking his sleeping Wife but then again he couldn’t get Lynda out of his Mind again. His Wife was only a few Feet away. All he had to do was to get into his Bed and pull out his Cock to ram it into her waiting Cunt. He would wake her in a way she didn’t knew from him. Waking up and feeling his hard swollen Member inside her pussy. He wanted to fuck now. He wanted to feel a wet hot Pussy around his Cock. He could feel how his Cock got hard again and how much he wanted to have Sex. Fucking his Wife was the only Solution. No. This time he wanted to cum only dreaming of her! He wanted to spray his Semen while moaning her Name! Not while he fucked his Wife betraying her in his Mind. He felt bad about both possibilities. If he would fuck with his Wife while he dreamed of Lynda he was betraying her. On the other Hand if he would jerk here and think of Lynda he would also betray her but not that bad. Most Men masturbated from time to time. Or not? His Mind started to calculate the entire Situation but he came to only one Solution.

It was the only logical Solution for this Problem. Lynda was the Reason he was so damn Horny. This Stupid Dream, her unbelievable hot Tits and the way she had touched him before she had send him away.  Dropping his Pants he starred at his hard Member that arched for release. Unable to think about his Wife right now he remembered Lynda’s smell and her Look and with one Hand jerking his Cock he unbolted the Portion and drank it. After a few more strokes he collapsed on the Couch and with one Hand on his Cock he fell asleep. He didn’t even noticed how fast he went down because most parts of his brains were focused on Sex.


As soon as Lynda noticed that her Spell was active she followed the signal through the Ghost World. In half the time of her last trip she reached his Mind and on the first look everything seemed to be the same. Thousands of Reed´s walked through the Area, this time it was the central Park in New York. In the middle of the Park she could see the Baxter Building and in the Sky she could see the same Black Hole as the last time and a strange Portal with an unbelievable great Men in a Metal Armor. Something about this Giant was fearsome like he was a Cosmic Powerhouse even if his strange Helm let him look like an Idiot. Some of the Signs that floated around him said something about Galactus but she had no Idea what this could mean. But from time to time Weapon like Constructs appeared around him and fired Blasts of mathematical Symbols on him but all of them seemed to be complete useless against this Thing. Nothing could stop this Giant. Afraid of this she wondered what battles the Fantastic Four had fought and if she could take on a Woman that fought against such powerful Beings. But it soon faded away as she could see “her” Teenager Reed. But he wasn’t a Teen any longer. Absorbing all of her knowledge he had evolved into a young adult Reed Richards and just as she had guessed it, he could see her.


“Ah Miss Teacher. Is it already time for the next Session?” he smiled at her as he walked to her.


“Would you like that Reed?” she smiled at him as he stared at her Cleavage and she wasn´t surprised that this Part of Reed´s Mind could interact with her.


“Sure! The Lessons with you are the best ever!” he said.


“And what would you do when I would say fuck me?” she smiled at him.


“I would do this right after you teach me more about this Portion!” he said and this Part of him seemed to evolve differently than the other Reeds. He was more than the aspect of Knowledge. He was a mix of knowledge and desire.


“Okay Reed. I tell you something but only if you tell me where the real Reed is right now. Is he in the Building?” she smiled at him and he nodded but then again he suddenly left her to rephrase the Things he had learned today. Maybe his Mind was running over all of this new Info right now and needed this Part of him. It was a fascinating Mind he had. His Brain seemed to be more like a Computer than a Mind of an average Person. She walked to the Building and again entered the Lift. She could still see that the Basement was locked and that she couldn’t get there but something was strange. In his last Dream there had been multiply Storage Floors between the locked Area and hers now. But now half of the Storage Stages were gone and the Sealed Stage was closer now. Unable to resist it she tried to go downstairs but she couldn’t get into the locked Area. Only some of the Storage Floors were open to her and as the doors opened she could see some Reed´s walking around in the Storage Area but they seemed to be older… weaker and their Dress was a dark version of the Fantastic Four Suit. They looked even sinister in her Opinion. Some of them wore Weapons on their back that looked alien to her. They talked about mass destruction Weapons and Viral Bombs, about creating Black Holes inside a Stellar Body or how they could erase an entire Star System. A group of 6 Reed´s, they all moved like one Being and finished the Sentences of the others, talked about how destroy the entire Galaxy by deleting the Hyper Black Hole in its centre. But it seemed this Theory was not quite finished yet. But Lynda felt afraid for the first time in her Life. This Side of Reed Richards scared her extremely. With all his Knowledge he wasn´t only the smartest guy on the Planet, no he was also the most dangerous. And this wasn’t his deepest dark side. Looking on the massive Basement Door, an 8 feet wide solid Steel Door with many different Locks on it made it clear. Behind this door was something even worse. Something that should be hidden in all eternity. As she went back to the Lift she wondered what the single Reed was doing in her Lift. He looked a bit like a Reed Richards version of Albert Einstein and as he looked at her she almost burst out in laugher.


In his mouth he had a long thick joint and in front of his Lab Coat she could see a 100 Dollar Note with white Powder on it. He was so totally stoned that he didn’t even noticed what he was doing.


“So so. Reed. Also experienced Drugs mh? Nice to know!” she said but left the Basement now to go to the Lobby. As before it was complete empty and she heard him inside his Lab. As she entered it she noticed it immediately. The Statue of Susan, last time made of solid Gold and as big as the Room, had changed drastically. Now it was only half the Size and maybe a bit taller than a normal Human. Maybe one and a half times the Size of Reed. Also she could see that the pure Gold had changed into a beautiful Copper coloured Metal and that on some Places of the Statue she could see a green dirty area. Like it was oxidised or so. On the Side of Susan she could see another Statue of herself, dressed in a Lab coat. Not totally slutty but a nice balance between sex appeal and intellectual Behaviour Dress Code. This Statue was one head smaller than Reed and made out of a polished Silver Material. She knew what that meant. Her influence on him grew and the Image of his Wife faded away. Still right now she would lose a direct battle against Susan about his Heart. But time was an interesting ally.


As she moved around in the Lab she noticed that she couldn’t see Reed or Susan anywhere. In the last dream both of them were here and worked and Lynda had only be a Dream Personality here. Susan was so close to him that in every Dream he had she was too. Mixed into his Dream Reality but now she didn’t see him nor her. Moving around for a while she stayed in the middle of the Lab and looked around. “Welcome Lynda.” She heard a mechanic Voice that seemed to be the Computer himself. It was Reed´s voice but also not his. And the strangest thing was that the voice was talking to her.

“Where are you?” she asked carefully.

“The better question is… where I am not. After all this is only a Projection of my Self while my Body is in the REM Phase.”


“Okay. Better question. What are you?” she said.


“Much better question indeed. I am the manifested Subconscious of Reed Richards. In this Current Dream I am the Master Control Program of the Baxter Building. I run all the background Activities here. Heartbeat, breathe and so on.”


“I see. Why do you see me? And interact with me?”

“Because I can do it. And because I know that you are an intruder in this Dream. Sadly there is no way for me to inform my conscious Part.” The Voice informed her and she couldn’t hear any kind of Emotion from the Voice. The description was good. The Master Control Program was an Avatar for Reed´s deeper Mind. For all the element Parts of his Mind. Thinks he did out of Instinct, or behaviour or thanks to evolutionary Process. He had no control over them. He couldn’t just stop breathing just because he wanted it. He could stop it for a certain time but then he would need to breath. And so it was clear that his Mind had no access to this part.

“So this will be our little Secret that I am here?” she asked joyfully.


“I think so yes.”


“Can you tell me where Reed is? And Susan? And the Dream of Lynda?” she asked evil.


“Sure. Easiest Thing for me. Susan Storm Richards is on the Roof. Reed Richards is on the Roof. There is currently no Version of Lynda in this Dream. Do you want to edit this?”


“A Dream without me? How lame. Yes. Insert a version of Lynda in this Dream.” She said happily that she had answered the MCP in the First time.

“Insert Lynda into the building. Parameters needed.” She heard the KI and then she had a marvellous idea.  It took a while to integrate all of her ideas into the System and she had no idea if it would work. Talking with the Subconscious didn’t meant she could control his dream. She could give little pushes but how his mind would interpret them was out of her control.  After she had gave her last instruction she left the Lab to find Reed. As she found him she smiled. Even in his dreams he was busy working. From the looks of it this Dream had little chances to get erotic without her help.


As last time Reed wasn’t able to see or hear her. She was completely save from him. Suddenly the alarm went on and he looked up. Someone had break through the defence perimeter and was now inside the loft.


“Reed here. Is someone close to the Kitchen? We have an uninvited guest there. “Reed said and it didn’t took long before he could hear his wife.


“I am on it Reed. Should be there in a few seconds. When this is another Doom-Bot I will take Latveria apart. I just finished the cleaning.”


Reed smiled and felt sorry for Doom if it was him. On the Scanners he could see only one life sign. No extra ordinary Power radiation from him. So most likely a normal human. Maybe the Wizard but he couldn’t detect any kind of technology either. Then he got a picture. It was Diabolo. 


“Fuck” he said and activated the speaker. ”Look out Susan.  It is Diabolo.  He is inside the kitchen right now. I have no Idea what he is doing but be careful. I am on my way.”


“No need for you Reed.  I will handle him alone. After all he is just a jerk. So you can finish whatever you are up to.”


“I already tried to explain that I have found a way to enter the microverse.  And then we will bring able to beat Hanks record. Ahm Susan?  Are listening? “


“Yes Honey but I didn’t understand it the first time nor the second time and the sixth time won´t be better.  And now enjoy the show.” She answered him and he turned towards the security monitors. Having a camera in every corner he had a perfect view on everything. Lynda on the other side was disappointed.  Her plan had failed. His mind had used the information she had entered on a different way than she had hoped. But this was part of the game.


She could see how Susan entered the kitchen with a full force field around her. Possibly to protect her against any kind of pheromones from him.


Both of them talked a bit and Susan smiled as he tried to order her around but Susan Smile grew even wider.


“Sorry Diabolo.  My force field is solid enough to block your cheap little mind control whatever. “Susan said triumphantly. She then took one of the apples and smiled at him. ”Want to give up before I give you the chance to see how I take down cheap guys like you?” after this she took the apple to her mouth and enjoyed a big bite from it. Suddenly Diabolo face smiled.


“Foolish girl. You should have read snow white more often.” He laughed and Reed saw that his wife didn’t react to him. Was Diabolo bluffing or what. Suddenly Susan moaned as if she had pin and looked directly into one camera. But what he saw there wasn’t pain. It was unbearable desire.


“Reed.  Something isn’t right here. I feel strange suddenly. And since when does Diabolo look so damn hot?” he heard her and jumped out of his chair. The apple had been poisoned. This had been the reason why Diabolo had waited inside the kitchen. It was a Trap. He weed to leave the room but as he turned him almost crashed into the dream Lynda. 


“Hello Reed. Isn’t it a beautiful day?” She said smiling.


“Sorry Lynda.  No time. We are under attack. My wife...”


“Is absolute save Reed.  Do not worry. Diabolo just want to fuck her mind away. Nothing to worry.” She answered as she locked the door.


“What are you talking about Lynda? I need to save my wife. Look there.” He pointed towards the monitor where Susan leaned against the Table with one hand. The other hand on her tits she liked her lips but then fought against the overwhelming desire. It was clear that Susan fought an impossible Battle.


“I will never give myself into this you asshole.” Susan screamed full of anger. Slamming her Fist against the Wall she tried to blast Diabolo away but her Body betrayed her. Her Desire grew spontaneous as she tried to focus her Power.


“Oh. Trust me Reed.  She will have so much fun in a few minutes. And I am pretty sure that we will find a solution for this. How about I give you a blow job while you watch him fucking her?” I am pretty good at it. I am sure both of us would enjoy it.” Lynda said without any fear for Susan. She sounded almost cheerful as she watched the battle Susan fought.


“What has he done to you?” Reed asked scared as Lynda pulled out a bottle but it was empty. Reed recognized it immediately. It was the Portion that he had used to fuck her and his Wife. It was the same Aphrodisiac that made his Wife helpless now.


“Oh he didn’t do anything. It was you who abused me with a portion. It was you who fucked my brains out under its influence. It was you who let me fuck your wife. It was you who enjoyed both of us sucking your Cock.  And now it is my turn. He told me so many things and he was so beautiful. He even let me fuck him. He told me so many things, so many truths, while he let me sick his magnificent Cock.  And everything he wanted for it was your wife. He even allowed me to distract you. He said the best way was to seduce you.” Lynda smiled at him and placed her Hands into her Hips pushing her Tits up. She wore a much better Suit than Last time. It wasn´t the hot sexy Wet Dream version of his own Dream. It was now the same look like the Statue.


“Lynda. He has done something to you! You have to fight it! We need to save Susan!” he screamed in Panic. Lynda had imprisoned him inside his own Lab while his Wife was in a grave Danger. As he looked back to the Monitors where his Wife fought against the effects of the Drug. She leaned against the Wall and caressed her Breasts. She undressed Diabolo with her Eyes and he could hear her.

“REED!!! I NEED HELP!!! OH hell!!! I am so horny!!!! COME HERE FAST!!” screamed as she pulled down the trigger of her Suit. On 3 of the Screens he could see her dark Bra now and how hard her nipples were.


He could see how strong the aphrodisiac had to be as Diabolo pulled down his Pant and showed his Cock. Reed thought that it was not even an average Cock, nothing special at all, but his Wife fell to her knees and stared at it. Locking her lips she ripped her bra away and her beautiful breasts were more than willing to get a hard Titfuck. 


“Oh my God I can’t bear it any longer. Reed you shit fucking asshole. Get here or by God.  I will fuck this Cock dry. I will squeeze ever drop of cum out of you Diabolo. And now come on. Get over here. Let me suck at it.... Reeeeeedddddddd.” She screamed in pain about how much she needed it and how much she hated herself for it but her body was out of control. Her nipples harder than ever he could see a wet spot in her pants. Just the look on his Cock had triggered her Orgasm.


But before he could do anything Reed was pushed back into the chair from Lynda who stood behind him now. Gently rubbing his shoulder she didn’t do anything else to keep him in place.


“You cannot help her Reed. All we can do is to enjoy the fuck. Herb.  Put the cameras of the kitchen on all possible monitors inside this room and put the speaker to maximum. Reed shall hear his wife scream in pleasure.”


On every screen Reed could see his top less wife on her knees as she played with her Breasts and stared at Diabolo who slowly went towards her. He could see the fear the rage and the disappointment in her eyes as well as the desire to do everything necessary to get a load from his Cock.  He didn’t even noticed it but his own Cock was as hard as he could be and the tent inside his pants was visible for everyone.


“Shhhhh Reed. See? She is enjoying it. She want him. And he will give her all what she needs. And both of us can watch them. Isn’t this beautiful?” The dream Lynda whispered into his ear and gave him a soft massage on his shoulders. The real Lynda watched the entire situation and she enjoyed how hard her beloved soon to be lover was in this situation. She felt wicked and horny by watching this hot show. It was even hotter than her own plan. And she couldn’t deny the fact that she loved how the soon to be goddess was raped and how she was enjoying her husband. Right now she wanted nothing more than to change the position with the dream Lynda but that was impossible


“No... No...No” Reed almost cried as Diabolo finally reached Susan and how his wife suddenly moved forward just to swallow the entire Cock of Diabolo. Then her eyes widened in shock and Reed almost hoped that she had been able to break free but soon he was disappointed.  Susan let his Cock slip away from her lips and on most screens Reed could see how thick white semen ran out of her mouth. Unable or unwilling to swallow all of his cum it dropped down on her tits. But even now Reed hoped that this was a sign that she was fighting him.


“She is strong she will make it.” Reed said but Lynda whispered into his ear.


“Look closer my love.”


On the biggest screen he could see Susan now. Her mouth till open and the cum still dripping out of it flowing over her skin and drooling onto her tits. Her eyes role back and with both hands she started to massage her tits now, rubbing cum all over it. The thicker parts she gathered with her fingers and start kicking them clean. Shivering in pleasure Reed could see and, even worse, hear her moan in pleasure as her whole body exploded in an Orgasm.  Her hands pulled Diabolo pants down ad she engulfed his semi hard Cock again. Sucking at him so hard she could she also used her hands now to jerk him off. She took his Cock deep into her mouth and swallowed him completely while her hands played with his balls. With each movement her tits pressed against his legs and she rubbed herself at him like a cat in heat.


“Do you see it now Reed. She wants it. She want his cum again. She went to taste his semen to swallow his love juice. And after that he will do her a favour and fuck her wet cunt.”


Lynda said and stared at the huge tent inside his pants. ”And your Cock loves the way she is fucked right. Seeing how her tits are covered with cum. How she sucks this Cock as deep as she can... mhm... she looks so hot when she is a Cock sucking, cum sprayed horny slut.”


“No no no she nooooo...” Reed tried to protest but Lynda moved over his shoulder and reached to his lower body.


 Then explain this! She moaned into his ear.

With one sudden pull she pushed his pant over his giant Cock. It was so had it sprang out of the pant like a catapult and slapped against his belly. Just as she freed his massive member Susan started to spasm again as she pulled Diabolo Cock inside her mouth. Gagging she opened her mouth a bit so a bit of his cum dropped out of it. This time they could see that Susan tried her best to swallow everything but was unable to do so. One hand moved into her uniform and with a burst of her power her cunt was free and her panties were ripped apart. She even bent down to lick Diabolo cum from the floor while she spread her legs and started to finger her pussy that was wet and ready. Her own juice ran down on her beautiful legs and her fingers penetrated her cunt deep and fast.


Read screamed in pain as he saw this. But Lynda only laid her hand around his Cock and pulled it upwards. Thanks to his elastic body Reed felt suddenly how his own face was covered in his own cum. More than ever shot out of his cock so his entire face was full of it.


“And now Reed. Let us join them.”


Lynda said and as he turned his face to her she had unbuttoned her blouse and pulled down the zipper of her cleavage. Her tits right in front of his face she took his hand. “Follow me Reed.”


Without any further word she pulled him out of the chair, took his hand and led him to the door. Reed walked behind her like a good little boy. With his pants on his knees his semi hard Cock whipped up and down with each step.


“Herb. Make sure we don’t miss one second of the nice fuck in the kitchen. Reed want to see and hear how Diabolo fuck his wife. What are they doing now?”


“Miss Storm-Richards is on her knees and Mister Diabolo is penetrating her anus with his Penis Miss Lynda. Herbie answered her and around both of them holographic monitors popped up and showed how Susan got fucked doggy style. She screamed and spit at Diabolo but she showed no sign of resistance against his thrusts. Reed didn’t know where he should watch. In all directions he saw his wife enjoying the fuck and cursing him at the same time. Lynda walked straight before him still his hand in hers. With the other hand she opened her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Her underwear was gone and Reed could only stare at her perfect shaped ass.  Suddenly she turned her head and smiled at him.


“Jerk him hard please. I can´t get enough of seeing your Cock hard and stiff! And let me clean you Doctor Richards!” she said as she licked his cum from his Face until she had cleaned him totally with her tongue.


After that she gave his Cock a small and warm kiss. “And when we arrive in the Kitchen you can enjoy me while we enjoy the Show!” Without lowering her Tempo she led Reed to the kitchen who was jerk in with one hand until he was fully erected. On most screens he could see how Susan was laying over the table in the kitchen where he and the rest of them used to have breakfast each morning.  Now his wade was raped on it and Susan was drooling on it while Diabolo fucked her in her puss.


For Reed this was all a terrible nightmare as Lynda pulled him into the kitchen. There she gave him a soft kiss and pushed him on a chair.


And now Reed you will get your reward. She said and played with her Breasts.  Behind her Diabolo grinned evil as he pulled out a small tube with a colourless liquid inside. He opened it and let it flow over his Cock while he fucked Susan a bit slower. She was so deep inside a fuck rage that she only protested because he didn’t fuck her hard enough. On Lynda this little Acton had a much greater impact.


She suddenly started to sniff in the air while she played with Reeds hard Cock in one hand. 

This smell... So alluring... Turing her head she looked at Diabolo Cock and locked her lips. What a beautiful... I need... I can’t think... Reed wait here for meeeeee... she said and almost jumped at Diabolo. Kneeling between Susan and his legs she started to lick and sick on his Cock while she started to play with her pussy.  Diabolo smiled evil towards Reed.



All that you love is mine now.


Reed gave up. He sat broken in the chair and watched the only woman he had ever desired fuck in his enemy. Swearing loyalty for all eternity to him. Then the door from the lift opened and the real Lynda was curious what would happen next. Inside the lift was nothing but darkness until a blast of light illuminated a dark Reed for a second. The light blast hit Diabolo in the face and burned him to ash. Just this second Reed woke up from his nightmare.


Reed opened his Eyes and before his Mind was fully awake he said full of hate. “I will kill this Asshole.”

Then he looked down at him and he laid naked on the Chair and his cock was hard as hell. He couldn’t deny the arousing effect of this Dream. Even if he hated the Way the Dream had ended he was still horny. Then he stood up and looked around. He was alone and half naked. His Cock was so hard, so full of cum that it was almost painful.

“FUCK!!” He moaned as he laid both hands on his Cock. With wide spread Feet he started to jerk his Cock. He had never before done something so silly. Surely he had jerked before but in the Bed or in the Bathtub or the Shower. But never before in the Middle of the Living Room on his Feet. The fear that someone could find him in such a position was like Oil into the fire. He couldn’t stop jerking and couldn’t keep his Voice down. He had to bite into his Hand to stay silent. Then he felt it. The rising Orgasm and the Pleasure that washed over his Mind.


“LYNDAA!!!” he moaned into his Hand as he felt his Cock exploding. His Climax was so powerful that his cum sprayed wide over the Room and even the Fruits on the Table and the table himself. Everywhere he could see his Semen on almost everything. The Climax soon faded away but Reed was still weak from the sheer Pleasure of it. He put his Pant back in place and went to the Shower. Totally forgetting to clean the Fruits and the Room from his cum. 

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