Hal drops by the Watchtower.

by Solarsearcher
Storyline The Masterplan
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Main Story Fifteen

Hal made sure not to pick his head up until he was certain that he had passed the fallen beam.
J'onn was in the transportation room again, waiting for him. The Martian did not react to his entrance, though Hal was certain that he was aware of it. He was in the midst of a telekinetic lift of several other beams and bits of concrete from the floor. The floor had several very noticeable holes in it, most of them allowing a view into the next level where many heroes lounged around and ate together in the cafeteria. One such hole was plugged by the concrete that J'onn expertly manipulated to replace its former position.
Hal cleared his throat. "What happened here?"
J'onn did not immediately respond, still affording his concentration on the patchwork. "I believe that Dr. Fate has had a bit of a fit," he said after a moment. "I fear that he is not fully aware that he is among friends or even that he is on the Watchtower." J'onn opened his eyes and sighted another bit of wreckage in the room. "I have informed the others to refrain from his position in the medical bay."
Hal glanced down through one hole and found Maxima looking up at him. She shrugged back at him. 
"What set him off?" Hal asked, returning his gaze to the Martian. 
"I do not know. Perhaps he simply cannot control himself anymore." J'onn closed his dark eyes and adopted a look of intense effort as the next bit of concrete was removed from the floor and began its ascent to the appropriate matching hole. It rotated midair as it levitated. Hal watched go and cover the opening that had allowed him to see Maxima. "And no," J'onn continued, turning to look at him for the first time. "I do not require assistance from Ms. Maxima to repair the room."
Hal glanced back at the doorway where one fallen beam restricted regular access to the room. It slipped from the wall, letting the rest of it crash into the ground. "Right."
"Is there something you require of me?" the Martian asked, ignoring his comment. "It was my understanding that you had been placed on mandatory vacation just yesterday."
"You know me, J'onn. Me and vacations don't do too well together." Hal selected a relatively flat portion of rock and took a seat on it. "It's not like I have anything better to do."
"If you are searching for entertainment, I am positive that there is a television one floor above with which you can change the channel to the nearest featured film."
"I'm not here for amusement, J'onn," Hal said dryly. "I'm trying to stay involved with my work."
"As I said before, it was my understanding that you had been placed on mandatory vacation. It was my belief that vacation meant that one would not be involved with his or her work."
"I like my work," Hal said. "It's a very stress-free environment full of fun and adventure."
As if in response to that very poor joke, the concrete beneath him suddenly rumbled as it began to ascend. Hal scrambled off of it before it could take him, backing away from the rock. The slab of concrete paused, daring him to go further.
Hal snorted in return. "Vacations aren't very fun for you either."
J'onn's telekinesis caused the rock to nod (What?) and drift over to its proper slot. "I live a very busy life," J'onn said in his unique monotonous way. "When I am not at work, I am still troubled by it because I have few people with whom I could share my life."
"You've got us," Hal noted, rolling his shoulder around in its socket. It had pained him to even rush to get off of the rock.
"Yet you have more than I do. Tell me, why is it that you are not taking this time off and spending it with Miss Ferris?"
Hal didn't reply. What was wrong with him spending a bit of time back on Earth with Carol? He hadn't personally spoken to her since he had rescued her under the guise of the Green Lantern for the umpteenth time. That had been over a week before, and he hadn't even considered calling her to keep up with her life and not her near-death experiences. Perhaps it was just more difficult for him because he was too reluctant to give her clues as to what he really did with his life. Clark had Lois who had known about his vigilante life before marrying him, and he was the only one who was able to maintain his steady relationship because of it. Why couldn't he just admit the truth to his love?
"I can see that you are afraid of her," J'onn said.
Hal looked at him sharply. He wasn't afraid of her. He was just concerned that she wouldn't... well....
"It is alright to feel fear, Hal," J'onn declared, interrupting his thoughts. "All life requires motivation to be lived, and fear can be a good source of it. Do not be ashamed of your differences, but do not allow your shame to dictate your choices."
"You just said that I needed motivation," Hal complained jokingly.
J'onn smiled, sealing another hole in the floor. "There is a difference, I should think, between fear and shame. Fear can cause you to evaluate your life. Shame will make you hate your life."
Hal stepped away from the nearest rock and towards the teleporter, which, in spite of all the damage to the room, remained intact and appeared undamaged. "Sure."
"Is that why you have come to see me?" J'onn asked.
"Have you come seeking my advice? Diana has often come to me for the same reason."
"No, I just needed to be here," Hal stated quietly.
The Martian allowed the topic to drop, leaving the only noise in the room to be the grumbling complaints from the bits of concrete being placed back where they belonged. "I believe I offered to you before the services of Maxima," J'onn finally said. "If it should be your desire, she can put you into a coma until such time as the end of your vacation."
Hal smiled. "And I'm still not going to do that."
"Very well." J'onn belatedly and unnecessarily winked at him. Sometimes, subtlety could be lost on him when trying to be humorous.
A thunderous boom sounded out from beyond the walls of the Watchtower. Hal started, rushing over to the window where he caught a faint glimpse of a red and blue clad figure zipping off through the emptiness of space, trailing a line of pseudo-smoke behind it before the figure disappeared from view. Hal reached the glass and pressed his hands against the cool frame. J'onn materialized beside him an instant later.
"Where's he going?" Hal asked.
J'onn looked both perturbed and thoughtful; readable expressions on his alien face were rare. "I do not know," he replied slowly. "Clark did not inform me of any off-planet incursions he would be making. I recall no reports of anything catastrophic happening in near our solar system."
"It looked like he was heading toward the sun," Hal remarked. 
"Perhaps he is depositing an explosive device in as safe a place as he can manage," J'onn theorized. "Or he is simply going to refuel himself with close radiation." J'onn didn't appear to believe his own words. "Do you think we should call him back?"
"Probably not," he said, shrugging. "If he needed us for he would have asked. He's not Bruce." He turned to J'onn, but he found him no longer standing beside him. The Martian was back by the teleporter, having returned to repairing the floor. "Speaking of which, I haven't been able to get a good answer out of anybody. Why is he still in prison? Why hasn't he gotten out yet?"
"I have learned little on the matter," J'onn said. There was an implied "And I looked very hard for answers" at the end of that statement. "I haven't had the time to visit him in prison."
"I've Googled the situation; he's been in prison for four days."
Hal scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. "You know, we could break him out if we need to."
"I am certain that Bruce has the situation well in hand. If he remains in Blackgate Prison, it must be because he has chosen so. I pity the soul of the man that tries to interfere with his plans."
"Yeah, but still." Hal glanced back over at the window, looking down at the Earth beyond the glass. He could directly see the region where Gotham City existed. "It kind of seems weird that he would be spending the inauguration in jail. I figured that maybe he's waiting for us to help him."
J'onn settled another rock into the floor, leaving only two holes in the floor left to deal with. "If you would like to go ask him what he wants, feel free to do so. Perhaps you can learn the intricacies of the Gotham City Penal System and tour Blackgate as part of your vacation."
Hal gave the Martian a sneer that he didn't see with his back turned. "I don't get to visit people without specific authorization."
"My apologies. I myself could use a few lessons in how convicts and suspects are treated in prison." Only one hole remained in the floor by the end of this last statement: the beam and matching rock by the door. The last piece of wreckage levitated and was towed towards its proper spot. "I will try to find time to visit him this evening to see if I could be of assistance."
Hal gave an approving nod, another gesture that J'onn was unable to see. The Martian finished his work with a slight hum, obviously proud of his work. "Good as new," the Martian noted. "Now is there anything else that you require?"
"Actually, yes," he answered. "I haven't been paying attention. Could you explain to me what it is that Lex Luthor is doing on this ship?"
Superman stopped short of the sun, furiously jerking himself to a halt so that he did not literally crash and burn. His pants were already down, his full and erect member pointed at the giant bright ball before him. With a supreme sense of desperation, he tugged back on the head of his cock.
This needed to stop happening to him. Since he had fallen out of love with his wife, he had allowed his basic duties to slip away from him. Not only his life as Superman, the globally revered hero and despised menace to the people of the Earth, but also his life as Clark Kent, the locally recognized journalist of the Daily Planet of Metropolis.
His interview with the new President of the United States was tomorrow. Not once during the several weeks since Brainiac's failed invasion had he actually put any work into preparing his questions for the man who would be directly coordinating with the Justice League to help defend the world. He had slacked off so horribly that he might legitimately lose his job after Perry had threatened him with termination so many hundreds of times. Clark Kent would become such an international joke that it could ruin any chance either he or Lois had to lead lives with anyone. He needed to fucking focus!
This would have to be his last for a while, as there was no telling what would happen to him as a journalist after he was put on an international stage for the first time. Depending upon his performance, he could become a brief public figure and be asked to do more. Then, he could recharge and get back to doing his civilian job, a job he did well. He'd be able to figure out how to balance his newfound sex drive with his daily life later.
But he just couldn't finish. He tried running his hand up and down the shaft as fast as inhumanly possible, grinding out such serious pressure in order to force himself to come to climax that he could have crushed all of Mount Everest if tried. He didn't find the desperate release he sought; he found only a growing sense of impotence at failing to perform even the most basic of self-placed tasks. He mentally summoned the most erotic of images he could think of; not of Lois anymore, obviously. How could have ever forced himself to think of Lois in that way?
No, instead he thought of his dalliances with Cat Grant; the way she both totally accepted his domination and superficially hypnotized him with her cheap mind tricks, the way her tits bounced in an even more hypnotizing fashion, the sounds she made when he forced her to the brink of total oblivion...
... drove him wild. Her near battle-cry volume reminded him that he still had a body instead of him being a force of pleasure bathed in something even more sweet than that. Clark opened his mouth and drew a long line of saliva up to her neck from the center of her chest. She moaned even louder and grabbed his head, roughly rubbing his neck as incentive to continue. 
Clark was all too happy to oblige. He grabbed her calf with one hand and her ass with another, gently lowering her to the cold stone floor. He began tickling her chest with little nibbles here and there before transitioning to nuzzling her nipples with his tongue. Her fingers came free and were replaced by her full arms, hugging him close to her breasts so that he never stopped...
... and it all felt dull. Boring. Cat Grant may have once been attractive to him, but his needs grew beyond what she could provide. Her breasts were simply too small, her imagination with his fantasies too condense. She gave him too little; she was only a simple girl, anyway. It was the same with Dr. Wayland; she may not have been as plainly ordinary as any of his workmates, but his affairs with her held no promise for him anymore. All Cat and Dr. Wayland had done for him was help him first manifest his desires and test them.
He needed something different. His superhero colleagues sprang to mind. He could clearly picture the skinny frame of the busty Power Girl and the curvaceous form of the Amazonian Wonder Woman. Karen's endurance had come close to matching his own, and the way that his cum and both of their sweat had outlined her thin figure had sent him to orgasm many a time. Diana's hypnotic state and even better body had aroused him further, even more so than Karen had. He remembered all of the temptations he had faced with the two of them over the years, telling himself it was wrong, but being able to fuck the both of them in a single week had opened his eyes to a world of wondrous new feelings.
He could recall the firmness of Karen's breasts: so resistant that he'd have never been able to dig his fingers into them without super strength himself. The warmth of her body had kept him thrusting to be get closer and closer. Her incredible tongue...
... was able to force his to stay put while she invaded his mouth and he conquered her pussy. His size hadn't bothered Karen in the slightest; she was able to take all of it and not have the slightest fear of being broken. Her hands kept him from moving from his position underneath her and against the moon, pinning him steady until, at long last, she broke the deep kiss and sat up to fully ride him.
Clark didn't allow that. Seizing the opportunity, he kicked off of the moon and the two of them went spinning through the vastness of space, her body the only frame of reference for him. She refused to let go of his manhood, locking her legs around his waist as he did his best to ram his rod through her. The two of them spiraled in their tangle until Power Girl righted them both manually, then smiled. She hurled the two of them at an incredible speed back toward the surface of the moon. He hit first, not at all pained by the landing. It was Karen who screamed, not he, when Clark smacked into the moon with his cock between her legs...
... and she hadn't been able to last a moment longer.
Diana, on the other hand, had lasted almost long enough to get the better of him. Her much curvier body had rocked against him for longer than he could have possibly counted. Her hypnotized mind had made it all the more thrilling to take her. From the moment she had fully disrobed and he could see all of her...
... for the very first time. She smiled at him, though there was little emotion behind the smile. Clark wasn't even sure that she could see him in the same way that he could see her with the lasso still around her ankle.
He moved first, obviously. What man could possibly wait one instant when faced with the legendary body of a nude Wonder Woman? His movement elicited no reaction from Diana as he once again sucked on her breasts. She was much more full in the chest than most people he knew, something that he had guessed at often. Now, however, he could definitively state that she had among the finest that had ever existed.
Her large bosom was pliant enough for his nose to make an incursion into her flesh as his tongue gripped her hardened nipples. Clark lifted both hands to cup the single breast, holding it up for worship as he peppered it with kisses to demonstrate his fealty. How could he have gone so long without giving her breasts the attention they deserved?
When her tit was properly covered in shine, he rubbed his thumb along its surface, trying to dry his evidence on her skin. His mouth ventured to her other holy mound, showing it the same love as the other.
Wonder Woman still showed nothing other than a smile. Clark decided to fix that. "Diana," he said. "Fuck me until I dream about still fucking you."
Her smile grew, displaying her nonverbal agreement. It took all of his strength not to topple over as she threw all of herself against him...
... and he had not given a quarter to her. Nothing could have possibly made her happier than to obey. Perhaps he should consider obedience to make himself happier.
But still, it didn't work. Despite all of his vivid memories on the numerous encounters he had had, he couldn't bring himself to precious release. These women just weren't good enough!
Then he remembered the one woman who had been able to match him and beat him. The woman who in only a short time had come to dominate his thoughts save for those brief times where he experimented to see if any woman could compare. Her name still etched in his mind, he thought back to the one night he had stayed with her...
... and she rode and rode and rode until her couldn't feel a thing anymore. He was no longer a person or a sentient being, but just an object that was composed of pleasure and a strange sense of comfortable numbness. The inside of her pussy felt slightly rougher than he would have expected, but that only added to his unique feeling of being fucked to the point where he could no longer move.
Siren, however, did not let up with her pleasurable assault. Still riding his practically comatose body, she leaned forward and continued riding, allowing her massive breasts to bounce and land on his cheek. She continued this until he found just enough strength to turn his neck to the side and open his lips. With each subsequent jiggle of her tits, he felt a new part of them enter his mouth. He kept his tongue out, savoring the taste of her with each too slow ride.
Too slow.
Clark, using up his last bit of energy, rolled her around and got on top, thrusting in and out with everything he was worth, grunting and straining as she cried out his name. It was all too much for him; the moans, the incredible feel of her pussy, the wriggle of her chest with every convulsion of pleasure. Her orgasm was the last straw for him. He screamed one final time, shooting his load into her with widened eyes. His hardened cock grew hotter and hotter until that sensation was all he felt. Spots at the corners of his vision coalesced into a near total darkness as he fell face-first into the void of her cleavage, his seed...
... shooting directly at the star as he finally found his release. Clark closed his eyes and imagined all thoughts of sex over the next few days shooting away with his cum, all thoughts of anything other than his work melting into nothingness.
He would find Siren later and he would have her again, but for now, his duty called. Satisfied at having achieved the elusive release, he reorganized his clothes and flew back to the Earth and his job.

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