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Storyline catwoman's time travel adventure
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But more than that....she had recently realised the events in her families history that led to what happened...and how she became....catwoman...if she could.....but at that moment it seemed so easy...so simple...just this...and she may become a nicer person....

The event was the Attack on Pearl Harbour...her family was stationed there...it led to what was left of the family fleeing...and what came later...


It took some time to work out how to do it...but finally she knew how to do it....she would throw items out of the time machine...while it was still just outside normal time and space...the things would just have time to merge with the hulls of the ships and craft...then materialize and since two things cannot co exist in the same time and space....


In moments she was there...hanging over the sea....below was the Japanese fleet....and its aircraft taking off...she turned round and heaving managed to drop the items out of the time craft....and it seemed...she had planned perfectly....the falling objects had just time to hit...enter the craft around them and....


In moments it was done...the great fleet was decimated...one after another had to limp home...planes exploded in mid air....they pulled away from this invisible...invincible attacker...with that she began her journey home

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