Batman gets bat-fucked

by JimmyKasche
Storyline Pink Lanterns - Emissaries of Lust
Characters Batman Fire Starfire Raven
Previous Chapter Starfire finishes washing Raven's brain

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"Beatriz this isn't you... fight it and we can get you help..." Batman said trying to work a way out of his current predicament.
"There you go trying to boss me around again..." Fire said pumping her shaft once "but like I said that's not how things work around here my little puta. So why don't you be a good little sissy slut and remove those pants and expose that tight bat-booty of yours."
"Why don't you do it yourself if you think you're in charge." Batman responded defiantly.
Fire laughed to herself... "You would like that wouldn't you... but I know about your little traps. Besides it's like I said you can't move your body unless I want you to... "
Batman audibly grimaced as he heard the distinct sound of his utility belt hitting the ground.
"Good slut." Fire said accentuated it with a large slap to his now exposed backside... followed by snaking a hand between his legs. "huh... you sure you had the right to be calling yourself Batman this whole time?" She said mockingly.... "At least you won't have to worry about it any more... I mean once I get you properly broken in... and give you a makeover and replace this dark and broody situation with a much more fitting pink and girly one you'll be much happier." 
"You're insane... let me and the justice league help you." Batman said "the pink energy is making you into a sex obsessed lunatic." 
"Oh Batman... you and the Justice League ARE going to help me and my Pink Lantern sisters... help us spread the pink all over the cosmos. But I've had enough foreplay... let's get right down to the main event shall we?"  with one hand on her unit and one hand on Batman's backside Fire lines up with his batcave and begins pushing her femme-cock in.
"ooooh it's even tighter than I dreamed" Fire moans out.
"What?" Beast Boy said in response to Raven's exclamation.
"Indeed zo dirtee... mmmm....and beeg." Starfire said while eyeing the tool that Beast Boy still hasn't released since his session was interrupted.
"Why are you guys talking like that?" Beast boy stammered.
"All me, maitre" Raven said and delicately removed Beast Boy's hand
"Haha guys it's funny you caught me... I'm sorry. Can I have some alone time now..." Beast Boy said.
"Non Non Non, Maitre Beazty we are how you say... ze professionals... we can not stop until we have preformed our duties." Starfire says with a smile.
"Wha?" Beast boy said still confused until Starfire pulled him into a deep french kiss disorienting the green shape changer.
"Now zen... let uz begin Maid Slave Raven clean ze shaft I shall work on ze balls, oui?" Starfire chirped after releasing her kiss.
"Oh... oui." moaned Raven who moved her leotard to the side and lowered her wet slit onto the big green piece of meat.... true to her word Starfire quickly crawled into position and began alternating kissing and licking Beast Boys big seed sacks. 
Beast Boy thought to himself that he must have fallen asleep.... as that was the only logical explanation as to why his two hot female team mates were acting like a pair of slutty maids from a cheaply made porn movie. So he decided to take advantage of his dream and began thrusting his cock up every time Raven began sliding down to apply another round of polish... eliciting a lewd moan from the purple haired servant.

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