his girlfriend Emily, aged 22

by heisonso1234
Storyline Symbiotic choices
Characters Symbiote
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He set out towards Emily's home. She was an attractive woman with a curvaceous body and supple breasts. She was really hot. She was also Tom's girlfriend as well. She liked to read comics and loved the symbiote from Marvel. She thought it was really cool.

Emily: Hey Tom, how are you?
Tom: I'm fine, thanks. I brought you something.
Emily: What's it, my lover? Don't hesitate and give me a look!
Tom obeyed and took out the gas canister which contained the symbiote. He showed it to Emily. Emily gasped.
Emily: What the... is it... a real... symbiote?
Tom" Yep. I knew that you would love it.
Emily: I'd like to have this on me.
She wanted to open the container, but Tom stopped her.
Emily: What?
Tom: You need to take off your clothes before you made contact with the symbiote.
Emily: Ha! You wanna see my breasts, don't you? Never mind, I'm your girlfriend.
She slowly undressed herself, revealing her naked skin. 
Emily: Now let's get started.
Tom: You look great, maybe even better in the symbiote!
Emily flushed and she smashed it on the floor. The symbiote was released. It progressively crawled up her legs, and she yelled in excitement. "Yes, that's what I longed for." She exclaimed, and she started to moan as the symbiote released tendrils into her hot, wet vagina. She orgasmed, as her C-cup breasts were covered by the biomass. They soon expanded into E-cups. She screamed in ecstasy as the symbiote entered her body and penetrated her vagina, and she cummed some green liquid. The symbiote covered her head as well, creating teardrop-shaped eyes and transforming her luscious hair into writhing tentacles. She was now a woman in a symbiotic skintight suit that was purple coloured with irregular lines of black running all over her.
Tom looked at the bonding process in excitement.
Tom: Are you okay in that, Emily?
Emily: Of course, I am now greater than ever.
Emily retracted her mask and revealed her magnificent face. Looking at this symbiotic beauty, Tom's dick was erecting.
Emily: Now I shall...

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