More with Batman and Fire

by Yang Xiao Long
Storyline Pink Lanterns - Emissaries of Lust
Characters Batman Fire Ice Zatanna Batgirl Supergirl
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Batman bent down, unable to control his body. Licking up the pink cum, Batman began to groan as his dick began to shrink, becoming only an inch long at best. Perfect for the sissy Fire was training him to be.

"There we go my puta. You look much better suited for the role." Fire giggled "Just need to get you some frilly clothes and you'll be perfect"
Just then the elevator dinged, and out came Hal Jordan, showing up for duty, and became shocked by what he saw.
"What's going on!?!" he asked as he saw the scene before him.
"Hal, get me out of here, I'll explain later!" Bruce said
Firing a blast from his Green Lantern ring, he knocked Fire back. He flew to grab Batman. Managing to get him out before Fire recovered, she pouted. "Oh shit! Tora's not going to like this."
Quickly landing at the Hall of Justice, Batman felt himself able to move again. Likely due Fire's ring not being powerful enough to affect him from such a long distance, or at least not powerful enough yet. He quickly changed into a spare costume.
"So what was that about?"
"It seems the girls I sent out on a mission have been transformed into sexual deviants" Bruce said. "Do you know anything about the Pink Lanterns?"
"Pink? Never heard of them before."
"Well, apparently they are powered by lust. Mind heading to Oa and asking around? Maybe the guardians know something about how to stop them.""Sure. I need to go for a recharge anyway."
Zatanna was getting ready for one of her shows. Applying her makeup she heard a knock outside her dressing room.
"Who could that be?" she asked herself. Walking over to the door, she opened and was greeted by Ice. "Oh, how are you doing?"
"Exceleent." she said. "Ay cam bi to see ef yu wanted un of des." Ice said as she flashed her ring.
"Oh..that...that's pretty."
As she pulled one of the two remaining rings from her pocket to give Zatanna it began to glow too. The entrancing glow of the two rings amplified of one another, doubling the effect they had on Zatanna.
"Her yu go." Ice said, as she could tell she was ready for conversion. Zatanna almost instinctively took the ring she was offered and slid it on. Much like her fellow Lanterns, her outfit began to change. Her tuxedo remained mostly the same, however the white undershirt left, leaving only the tailcoat, which put a massive amount of cleavage on display. Her boots became pink, as her stockings disappeared putting her beautiful thighs on full display. On the back of her black top appeared the Pink Lantern emblem as her top hat turned pink.  For the most part it looked similar to her old outfit, but was now much more suited for a seductive showgirl. "mmm. This feels incredible. I felt like my show was missing a little something, and to be a naughty little performer would. Oh, I can't wait to make their clothes all disappear!". Ready to use her magic and new Pink lanterns skills
"Ay take et yu like my geft." Ice said.
"Oh, ever much so." said Zatanna, in a seductive matter as she cradled Tora's chin in her hand.
"Too bad we can only create one more sister." Tora said pouting, as she held the final ring. One that would create the naughtiest and sluttiest teacher to ever live. One any student would find irresistible.
"If you can get me some Lantern Rings of other tribes, I might be able to use the combined power of my ring as well as my magic create more Pink ones."
Ice grinned. She knew the perfect way to get both a green ring and red ring to transform. Pulling out her cellphone she called her boyfriend, Guy Gardner, one of the few in the universe to wield multiple rings at one. "Hey sweetie. Wood yu mind meeting me at Zatanna's show? I really need to show yu something. Yu will? Great! See yu en an hour! Love yu." She hung up. "He should be on hes way." she said.
"Excellent." Zatanna squealed. "Now I have a little magic show to put on. But I think a little 'light show' would make for a fun addition. Mind joining me on stage while you wait for that boyfriend of yours?" Zatanna asked, planting a kiss on Ice's light blue painted lips.
"Sounds fun" Ice cooed.
Batman sat down, his mind slowly fixing itself after Beatriz' raping of him. His cock was miniscule now. Forever transformed by the effects of Fire's Pink Lantern cum. "There must be a way to transform them all back." he thought.
Barbie and Kara laid back, both spent after their hour-long lesbian fuck session.
"Mmm. That. -sigh- was great!" Barbie said, as she ran her hand through her lush hair.
"Yeah." Kara said, gasping for breath.
"You know. I think this city needs a bit of a makeover." Barbie said, as facts and figures ran through her head, her intellect, instead of having been lowered like the other Pink Lanterns, had been multiplied 10 fold."  "You got enough energy to fly me to the Batcave?" she asked.
"Like, duh. I'm like, a Kryptonian. Just need to like sunbathe or something to recharge." she said, noticing the sun starting to rise.
Bane paced around his cell. It had been specially made to prevent his strength from breaking the walls. All of a sudden he could feel as gas enter his room. A green smoke like gas. However, it seemed to do nothing. However all of a sudden he could hear the door of his vault-like cell opening.
"See red, told ya da warden would do whatever I told him." Harley said. "Now dat, this brute is immune to ya toxins, how about, you and I have our way wit him."
"Yes mistress. I would love to ride that big dick of his" Ivy said.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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