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Storyline Mastermind and the Sisterhood
Characters Mastermind
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Xavier Institute – Midnight

The taxi came to a stop; the driver exited and helped his passenger out. The old lady hobbled out of the car and towards the gate.

“Thank you so much young man. Not many people would go so far out of their way to help an old bird like me.” The woman smiled warmly at the cab driver, reaching into her purse to pay the far. As the car drove away the visage dissolved away and revealed the form of Regan Wyngrade, Lady Mastermind. Chuckling, since she just paid the driver with pizza coupons.

She turned towards the house that was built by the X-men’s pipe dream of peace. Reaching into her pocket she held a faded picture of her father, Jason Wyngrade, a victim of Xavier war and destroyed by his pawn Jean Grey.

“No more Brotherhood. No more Hellfire Club and no more freelancing, I’m done working for others“. Pulling a purple vial, and syringe from her purse. Like how her father was meant to rule the hellfire she will have her own empire. Thanks to this elixir she had the key that to her ultimate victory.

Several Hours Earlier

Unknown MGH Lab

“So you’re sure you want to go ahead with this?” Leroy asked distilling the last drop of the MGH. “You could probably make enough to retire on by selling this.”

Like most MGH it gave users power and boosted the power of metas but, thanks to the blood sample recovered from Muir Island this was beyond anything he ever made.

“I didn’t get into this business for the money. “ Regan glared at the chemist; if it weren’t for his telepathic scrambler she would have him licking her boots. “This is about good old fashion revenge. By the time I’m finished with the X-men I’ll be able to buy a country and they’ll love me for it. With all their hearts.”

Snapping her finger the SHIELD team with her placed the twelve suitcases of money on the table. There were such good boy’s all it took was making them thinking it was a standard undercover job and they gladly handed over the cash for the “Alien Tissue Sample”.

“You’re sure you don’t want to sell? I’ve got Sugar mans number, he’ll even throw in his reality hopping tech.” Regan just scoffed at his offer, taking the vial and leaving with her entourage. With a thought she shifted the illusion and the team returned for the “debriefing”.


Regan’s veins were on fire, she had only taken a small does and she was in the feudal position. It took her everything she had to not crush the vial. She tough she was going to die; she hadn’t felt fear like this since she was trapped in Pandemics lab.  A piece of her wondered if this is what Proteus felt like back when he had a body.

“Of course this was going to hurt. YOU JUST INJECTED YOURRSELF WITH THE BLOOD OF A MUTANT THAT WAS SO POWERFUL HE BURNED HIMSELF OUT!” Regan cursed herself mentally. But, eventually it died down. She felt a sense of euphoria, as if the world was one of her illusions.

 Looking at the security camera she smiled and erased the tape while rendering herself invisible. It won’t be half as fun if it wasn’t a surprise. The gate melted as she passed through it and then reformed behind her. With each step she took her smile grew, millions in security and she was sauntered through like she owned the place, well she will own it later.

Hearing a door open she pivoted ready to unleash a torrent of hellish nightmares. But, was greeted by a little girl with purple skin. Holding back her instinct she let the girl passed and headed straight for the underground complex. As she passed the teacher’s quarters it took every ounce of her will not to go in. If her past had taught her anything is that you shouldn’t settle for a constellation prise when you the grand prise was within reach.

Passing through the rest of the mansion she finally made it to her target, Cerebra. Sealing the room and adding several new lairs to the defences, she took a seat and filled the syringe with the MGH. Looking at the photo one last time for comfort she drove the needle home and emptied the contents in one motion. If it weren’t for the sound proofing she would have woken the entire state. Her body was broken down and pulled back together; her mind was destroyed and put back together.

When it finally subsided she wasn’t sure how long she was out but she felt amazing. Standing up she realised that her usual outfit was gone; she was wearing a full latex body suit with high heels and a collar. She loved this look it embodied everything that she aspired to be, a strong and powerful mistress, to be adored, to be worshiped, to be obeyed.

She had never been this happy before in her life and she knew it was only going to get better. Placing the Cerebra helmet on her head she felt her new herculean telepathy being amplified again.

“Sweet dreams little X-men. Mistress Mastermind will make sure to wake you when you you’re ready to serve.” Regan smiled lovingly at her new title. She wasn’t sure if it was the high from the drugs or the boost from Cerebra but right then and there she felt unstoppable.

Astral Form [https://uncannyxmen.net/sites/default/files/images/characters/ladymastermind/ladymastermind-bigcostume1.jpg]

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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To all the mothers out there have a nice day. I thought about adding to Holiday Madness, but other than giving someone morning sickness I couldn't think of what to do.

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