Peter defeated Venom and the Symbiote transferred to him.

by gatsby2709
Storyline Symbiote Spiderman
Characters Spider-Man venom Venom symbiote
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    It was your average day in New York City, well, at least as normal as you can get for Spider-man. Once again, he was locked in combat with one of his old rivals, Venom. The guy just couldn’t get enough of him and challenged him every chance he got. Today was just another day.
GRAAH,” Venom roared as he swung a punch towards his victim, “Quit dodging your little runt!” Spider-man just simply flipped over the punch and landed on Venom’s arm. “You know, Venom,” he said nonchalantly, “We go through this at least once a week now. You growl and throw punches at me, I dodge them-” He flipped off of Venom’s arm as Venom swung his other claw at him, “you come at me again, I dodge again, finally you either get fed up and quit or get exhausted enough to where I can knock you out. We do this dance every time.”Venom just growled and tore a chunk of concrete from a nearby building and threw it at Spider-man.
“Well I’ll admit that’s something you don’t do very often,” Spider-man said as he shot a string of webbing at the rubble, “but you should really mix it up a bit more.” He grabbed hold of his webbing and swung the rubble around, changing its trajectory mid-flight and re-aiming it to slam into Venom. Venom just jumped out of the way as the rubble slammed into the ground. “You think you’re so clever,” Venom growled as he rushed at Spider-man, “but don’t think we’re an idiot!” Spider-man jumped up clung to the side of a nearby building, out of Venom’s reach, but Venom simply slammed his fist into the concrete, causing it to crack and splinter. The cracks quickly crawled up the face of the building directly towards Spider-man, breaking his footing and causing him to fall. He was about to shoot his webbing onto an adjacent building, but Venom was too quick and gave him little time to react. Venom grabbed him by the ankle and slammed him into the ground, a demonic smile on his black, fanged face. “Ok…” Spider-man grunted,” I’ll give you that one...but you didn’t completely think this through.” Venom paid him little heed and raised his fist into the air, preparing to slam it down onto his nemesis’ face.
Spider-man used the brief moment of opportunity to fire his webbing up onto the building behind them, a large, sprawling net reaching out and clinging to the crumbling rubble. He yanked the webbing back and the rubble flew towards him. Venom only had a moment to look back as the pile of rubble collided with his back, causing him to collapse underneath the weight.Spider-man scrambled backwards and stood back up, firing a few more volleys of webbing to lock down Venom’s movements. Venom could only roar and growl in vain, his muscles unable to get enough leverage to break out of the webs and the rubble. “There,” Spider-man said cockily, “That should give you some time to cool off.” Venom growled and glared up at him, “You think you’re so smart! We can use that!
Suddenly the ooze constituting Venom’s body started to shift and melt. Spider-man had little time to react as a stream of black ooze shot out from Venom’s shoulder, grabbing onto his arm like a tentacle. He tried to tug and pull it off, but it was too strong. A second tendril shot out and grabbed a hold of his leg, knocking him to the ground.“You will not reject us this time, Spider-man,” the symbiote sneered as the ooze transferred through the tendrils onto Spider-man’s body. Spider-man thrashed and strained against the tendrils, but they only held firm. Soon the tendrils started to engulf his arms, coating them in the ooze. Spider-man groaned as the symbiote engulfed him. He watched as his arm turned black up to the shoulder, morphing and writhing as his muscles bulged up. His leg was following suit, gaining more muscle mass as the symbiote made its way up his body.The ooze shot over to his other leg, quickly bulking it up with firm muscles before heading upward. Spider-man’s groans suddenly turned into moans as the symbiote engulfed his crotch. His abs swelled into a firm 6-pack as the symbiote continued north, adding layers of muscle onto Spider-man’s already athletic physique. His lats flared outwards, pushing his arms away from his center as his obliques became a scenic hillscape of muscle. As the symbiote crawled up onto Spider-man’s chest, his pecs exploded forward, causing him to grunt from the force. He started to laugh as he felt incredible strength coursing through him. He no longer flailed or made an attempt to remove the black ooze. He instead laid there, letting it engulf him. He felt his torso lift off the ground as his back muscles bulged up into a canyon of ridges. His traps swelled up into his thickening neck as the symbiote oozed its way onto the only remaining piece of his former self, his second arm. He grinned underneath his mask as he flexed his arm, watching the symbiote morph it into a powerful peak. He could only stare at the sight of his bulging muscle. The symbiote had left its former host completely now, leaving the naked, unconscious body of Eddie Brock remaining under the pile of rubble. Spider-man flipped himself onto his feet, finding the movement to be even easier than before. He laughed and flexed for himself in the reflection of a nearby mirror. He watched the symbiote crawl up onto his head,wrapping around his face and transforming it into the fanged monstrosity that he had been fighting moments ago. Only this time, it was now his face.
Good,” he heard the symbiote whisper into his ear, “This is very good. Together we make the perfect duo. Feels good, doesn’t it?” Spider-man now Venom grinned into the mirror, “Yeah. We feel amazing.” He posed a few times, feeling the muscle writhe and flex. His entire body has gone from the lean muscularity of his former self to a massive bodybuilder physique.“Excellent,” he grinned, “We need to test out this new body. See what it can really do.”He turned around and shot a rope of webbing onto the side of a building, the webbing now changed from its light grey color to a pure black and swung off into the city. It was not long before he came across a group of thugs in a back alleyway. They didn’t seem to be doing any harm, but that wasn’t going to stop him. Thugs were thugs and the less of them on the street the better.He swung his way into the alleyway, landing behind the thugs with a heavy thud. There were about five thugs in total and they all were now looking at him. He gave them a fanged grin, tongue lolling out of his mouth as he felt a primal urge fill him. He needed to fight. “Hey, who’s there,” one of the thugs called out, pounding one fist into the palm of his other hand, “Don’t you know this is our turf?” Venom said nothing, he just growled hungrily, waiting for them to make the first move. On cue the thugs all turned to face him, fists and weapons at the ready. “Alright,” one of them said, “you asked for it.”The first thug dashed forward, fist wound up for a punch. He swung his fist with full force, but Venom easily caught it in his clawed hand. He shoved his face directly into the thug’s face, the thug crying out in shock, and slammed his own fist into the thug’s stomach. The thug coughed up a mouthful of blood onto the ground, and went limp, but Venom wasn’t done. He pulled the arm in his claw forward and slammed his knee into the elbow, instantly splintering the bone to pieces.
The thug cried out in pain, wrenching his fist free before collapsing to the ground unconscious. The next wave of thugs made their move, a bat and pipe held firmly in their grasp. This was nothing, though. Venom simply grabbed the unconscious body of the previous thug and hurled it towards the others. The three thugs slammed into each other with enough force to break the rips of the weapon wielder and the spine of the unconscious one. Venom could only laugh as the other two thugs stepped back in fear. They were clearly outmatched.They both panicked and attempted to make a mad dash past Venom, trying to make it to safety. Venom wasn’t having any of this and dashed forward, arms sprawled out in a double lariat. He collided with the two thugs directly in their throats, causing them to flip head over heel onto the pavement. They couldn’t even grunt from the pain as their windpipes were pulverized from the assault. They grabbed their throats and wheezed in pain, trying desperately to catch their breaths. This was in vain, though as Venom grabbed both of their heads and slammed them into each other, shattering their faces in the process.Venom laughed and flexed his arms, “That was too easy! We thought that was going to be more of a challenge!” “Yes…” the symbiote whispered into his ear, “That’s good. Fight more! Let us show the whole city our power…” a wide grin crawled across Venom’s fanged face, “Yes...let’s do that. It sounds like fun!” With that he swung off out of the alleyway, leaving the five unconscious thugs laying in a growing pool of their own blood. He was out for a bigger and better prey now.

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