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Hyperman- Once a simple farmer who worked hard for his aging mother and stern Uncle, Albert Lee Buckner discovered a strange glowing object which fell from the sky in his family field. After touching it he was empowered with the strength of a thousand Bull Elephants, able to fly faster than the speed of sound itself, and with the mysterious power of Xyphon energy, he wages an unending Crusade for Freedom, Liberty, and the Southern way as Hyperman!General Freedom- Billy Harrison was a simple soldier who believes in the CSA and the Freedom Party. When asked to become something to combat the evils of North the man was more than willing to undergo the strange treatment which granted him strength, agility, and stamina far beyond any normal man. Now wearing the scared uniform of the Confederates General Freedom saves the day from the Yankee hordes.Texas Twister- A Texas Ranger who was caught in a freak thunderstorm Jerome LaFave was struck by lightning. When he realized his amazing powers he decided to save the Confederacy from the likes of the vile Flash, and the Black Serpent.The Human Generator- A noble scientist tried to create a generator which would power not just a single state, but the entire nation. What has instead occurred was an android with the amazing raw power of the spark itself! Calling itself Hughie the Human Generator does its best to fit into the strange world of man and defend the Confederacy.The Nightman- Malcolm Powell was a factory worker who tired of the filth, and the crime he saw on the street of Richmond. One day he donned a masked and began to patrol the streets as the masked avenger Nightman.Southern Belle- A South Carolina beauty queen Rebecca Dobbs was the ideal of southern womanhood, timid, honest, and strikingly beautiful. Yet when exposed to the strange magic of the negro Witch Tibbitia she was granted strength, and the ability to fly. Now she defends her home state and the nation.Freedom's Torch- A hero with the spirits of ten thousand dead Confederate soldiers stored in a magic ring, who saves the day for Freedom! Once a reporter in Birmingham Malcolm Weiss was called upon by the spirits of those who died to defend the Confederate states to save the nation. Now with his magical torch, he casts out an entire army to help defend the day.Bushwhacker- A Mississippi man who took to the woods to avenge the death of his family by Red Negro rebels Mason Fisher became an expect at the bow. He now stalks the cities of the South defending the noble Southern man and woman from what crime he finds.Mr. Science- A genius in all fields Stephen C. Dance was a millionaire at the age of twenty-five. Wanting to help he used his vast intellect to investigate crimes, and stop criminals with his amazing abilities as Mr. Science.

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