In the chair .

by OmegaJay
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Shinji ikari
Previous Chapter Shinji ikari who has been sent to marvel / DC unverse

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Shinji :(Blushing ) well why waist time .

Rei smiled and quickly striped out of her jogging suit to reveal her body .
 Shinji took off his clothes reavling a twelve inch hard cock .
 Like a cat Rei pounced and started riding shinji's cock like a cat in heat ,Shinji noticed she was bleeding .
Shinji : Rei your bleeding should we stop?
Rei: no way now I'm fully yours and yours alone .
Eight hours later ....
Shinji had filled in Rei bout this world and the master p.c. Program.
While she gave him a blow job as Shinji pet her new tale .
He blew his load and Rei swoaled it .
Shinji's thought was now what.....

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