Dream 1

by OmegaJay
Storyline BlackFire's dream theater
Characters Blackfire Robin Beast Boy Raven
Category Bondage Harem
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The screen showed all black and the sound of BlackFire moaning could be heard .

Beast Boy : dude what's happening to her in this dream ?

Robin : no idea?

the screen shows color but it's a little out of focus and familar voice is heard .

Voice : how is our little pet doing to day ?

the  pitchure clears and we see Robin and StarFire dressed in bonnage gear ,

Robins is red leather pants and long red gloves , StarFire is wearing long purple boots and corset, no bra.

StarFire: oh my that is the ritual of reform on my world .

Robin (confused ) ok on earth that's bondage .

Starfire (jumps for joy) oh happiest of days my sister wishes to marry us Robin .

Back on the screen the camera zooms out we BlackFire is naked and is tied to the floor with cum gushing from her pussy .

BlackFire (smiling ) oh yes master and misteress I'm ready for the final step so I may be come yours and 

yours alone .

Dream Robin starts licking pussy while dream star fire unites her .

D . StarFire : such a good girl big sister no more evil from now on the naughty stuff you do will be for us

then we shall find mates for friends Beast Boy and Cyborg .

Beast Boy and Cyborg are to shocked to speak as dream StarFire is sucking Blackfires chest and dream Robin is shoving his cock in her hard .

 Raven: this is normal were you come from StarFire .

StarFire (still smiling but now has a slight nose bleed) yes this ritual is called in your language 

the night of bonding love where two become three my species can have as many mates as we like 

though we females usally like one male and many females .

raven(sighs ) only she could say it with a smile .

screen fades to black.

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