Dream 2

by OmegaJay
Storyline BlackFire's dream theater
Characters Robin Beast Boy
Previous Chapter Dream 1

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As the screen fades in we see Robin and Beast boy dressed in safari gear Robin is 

Looking for foot print , beast boys face turns into a beagle and he starts to pant .
R. Robin : what in heaven it going on .
D. Beast boy (face normal) dude why are we even here ?
D.Robin : (looks up) you know why where here a tribe of Amazon women as bin stealing from wyan Corp. and we need to find out why .
 Narrator: these four women called the dark goddess by the paradise island Amazons also 
Known a the trigon clan .
Cyborg: weird .
D.Robin : we will set up camp here for the night and start a gin in the morning.
D.Breast boy: finally .( beast boy turns into a monkey and climbs up a tree as Robin sets up his tent.)
Later that night ...
    The fire was blazing as beast boy in his normal from was sleeping in a bana tree , while 
Robin slept in his orange and red tent .
 Suddenly four shadowy figures snuck up on the camp in the light we can see the four figures 
Are female.
 Female : elder sister are these the ones ?
Female 2: one has green skin the other wears a mask just a the legend says.
Female 3: they look strong and brave i have bin following them al day they have shown 
Kindness as the saved a gourp of lost children and courage as well by fighting the beast that tried to eat them.
Female alpha : yes it is our mates I can feel it .
The four females move forward reviling them to be......

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Oh, as an additional note everyone should feel free to add whatever to the Almost Got 'Em storyline. I have no claim to it. I just want to see someone do something with it.
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By more characters I mean one branch of the story can feature Batman but other branches can feature non-Batman characters.
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I've always believed that a post around 1000-1500 words is a good chapter.
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Oh, you thought I was talking about “chapter” size...
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creating Atmosphere. Then it is good written i say :)
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i am with Solar :) Size matters IF it is used good :) Chapters should have a certain depth to the Story and should create an Atmosphere that is more than 200 Words long :) But it is hard to say a chapter is long or short! it has to be well written and

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