Bond with Spiderman

by gatsby2709
Storyline Symbiote Spiderman
Characters Spider-Man Venom symbiote venom
Category Symbiote Takeover Muscle Growth
Previous Chapter Venom wants a reunion but Eddie keep using it for evil

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/Peter....is hurt, we need to help him before Eddie wakes up!/ the Symbiote thought as it latched upon Peter, merging with every cell of his body in order to heal him.Peter's frame quickly expanded, bulging into thick muscles, clawed hands and massive legs.White jagged membranes formed over Peter's eyes while the lower part of his mask shifted into a fleshy maw full of razor sharp teeth and a salivating pink snake-like tongue


Peter woke up,no longer in pain but his body felt different,stronger. Looking where the injury was, Peter took notice that body was now covered by the symbiote and that he was much more muscular than before. /We had to merge with you or you were going to die from your injuries or from Eddie./ the Symbiote whispered to Peter. "Don't reject usss please"/the symbiote begged.Peter hesitated, afraid of losing himself to the symbiote but in the same time thankful for his help./Well, I never really tried bonding with you till now, I guess I can give it at least a try. 

/No, the symbiote is MINE!!!/ Eddie screamed, getting a hold of Peter's neck and trying to strangle him, unsuccessfully.One tendril coming from Peter's back formed a huge fist that projected Eddie against the wall. /Thank you, you will not regret this bond of oursss, now let uss become one /the symbiote whispered. Peter felt the symbiote tightening around his new muscle-bound body until he could no longer make the difference between the black ooze and his skin while Peter's and the symbiote's minds merged together. AAAH, I....WE...ARE ONE NOW/ Venom/Peter said, ecstatic, his body bulging even further. /No,No,No!!! screamed Eddie Brock, enraged./FROM NOW ON WE.ARE.VENOM!!!!





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