Diana helps Athena get what she needs

by JimmyKasche
Storyline Pink Lanterns - Emissaries of Lust
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"Sigh... fine." Diana said getting up.
"Thanks Di!" Athena said happily.
Diana thought how she was going to get Athena into porn. The most obvious would be to use one of the extra rings they have... maybe one of them could make a pornographer or something. Otherwise maybe just drop her into California's valley at one of the porn companies there.
Bryce bounced down the stairs in her girly dress. 
"Hi Daddy!" she smiled to Alfred.
"Hello my darling girl... are you ready for today?" Alfred said putting his hand on the back of Tina's head as she dilligently cleaned his shaft.
"Oh what's today, Daddy?" Bryce hugged her big strong Daddy's arm 
Lex sat behind his desk as his two darling girls came into the room. Claire in her princess dress, and Kara in her blue thong panties.
"Good morning, girls." Lex said.
"Hi Daddy" Claire said bubbily.
"Hey Lexy." Supertart responded huskily.
"Your presents are right here." Lex said reaching into his desk and pulling out a pink present and a cyan wrapped one. He hands the Pink one to Claire, and Cyan to Supertart. The two girls quickly unwrapped the presents.
"OOOH IT'S SO PRETTY!" Claire said looking at the bright cyan Supergirl Shirt with the word Sissy being written in the S crest... and a pretty pink mini skirt cape and boots.  
Kara looked at hers it was a sexy Pink crop top, cyan booty shorts, pink boots and cape. The S crest had "Slut" written next to it. She pouted "Daddyyy... why do I have to wear the booty shorts?" 
"Becuase pumpkin, you've proven we can't trust you with  miniskirts you naughty little slut." Lex smiled.
Kara giggled knowing Lex had a point.
"Know then I have an Important job for you two." Lex stated

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