Beast Boy's "little secret" is Out

by demigod
Storyline Beast Boy the Cuckold Sissy
Characters Raven (DC)
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Setup: Beast Boy and Raven have been dating for 3 months now. Despite Raven's conditions to take it slow on account of her emotions, she did make known her relationship with Beast Boy with the other Titans. Beast Boy agreed and was patient, but was always secretly eager to Raven to show him some affection.

"Dude, Raven really?" Beast Boy nearly shouted. "Keep your voice down!!!" Raven angrily silenced him. Beast Boy could not believe his luck. Raven had agreed to have sex with him after 3 months of dating.

"As a firend and as a boyfriend Ive come to trust you over the long time we have known each other. And even you deserve some reward from me for putting up with my bitchy behavior." Raven said stoically.

"My room or your room!?!!" Beast Boy quickly and impulsively said. Raven rolled her eyes at his eagerness.

"My room, because I know what a shithole your room is" Raven replied.

When they arrived there Beast Boy and Raven started making out and engaing in foreplay. Beast Boy's hand clumsly grabbed her breasts and ass, while Raven grabbed Beast Boy's ass. After a while they broke.

"Come on Gar" Raven purred seductively. She began removing her cloak and unzipping her leaotadr. She turned her back to him to make it more arousing . Once she was fully nakedShe seductively turned around and exposed her full glory.

Beast Boy's jaw nearly hit the floor. 'Odd' Raven thought. Why doesn't he have a hard on?' The truth was Beast Boy did have a hardon but could not see it for reasons she was about to find out.

"Well?" Raven raised here eybrow


"oh right" Beast boy squeked.  He began to unzip his jump suit. He began to lower dis uniform exposing his skinny under developed torso.

'Figures' Raven thought.

As Beast Boy lowered the rest of his jumpsuit, hequickly began to take his boxers off to get started and stood naked before Raven

Raven's eyes lowered at her prized but gasped at what she saw. Beast Boy has a pathetic 2 inch hard dicklett that was as thick as a pencil.

Raven then...

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