[DC Bimbotech] Steffi discovers a kinky fetish

by ESchorcho
Storyline Bimbotech
Characters Batgirl III (Stephanie Brown)
Category DC Bimbotech Bimbo F/F Bondage Corruption Masturbation Mind Control
Previous Chapter [DC Bimbotech] Orgy Time between Steffi, Muffy, Poontang and Tittiefuck!

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“Yes!  Yes!  Oh Gawd Yes!!!!  That’s it.  Eat my slutty little pussy!  Eat me!  Right there!  Ahhhh!  Gimme an O!  Gimme an O!  GIMME AN OOOOOO!!!!!!”  Steffi Blowbang cried out in a high-pitched squeal of depraved rapture.

The soon-to-be Bimbotech cheerleader was already getting into the swing of her new role as she was once again being eaten out by a hot-as-fuck Bimbotech Salon Slut.  Except it wasn’t Muffy that had her face buried between Steffi’s lewdly outstretched legs.  This time it was the hot little Asian tart, Poontang, that was driving the one-time crimefighter to higher and higher heights of carnal bimbo pleasure.

“Steffi, I, like, love that Poontang is driving you wild, babe, but you have to, like, remain still if I’m going to do your hair,” Muffy cooed from behind her, as she ran her hands through Steffi’s long, shiny platinum blonde hair.  She pouted her swollen bottom lip and studied the near-white mane like an artist would a blank canvas.

“I’m...like...so sorry…..Muffy,” Steffi panted, trying to compose herself even as she arched her back at a particularly devious twist of Poontang’s talented tonuge.  She let out another shudder of pleasure and moaned, “Poontang’s just sooooo hot and sooooo good!”

A dreamy look came over Muffy’s whorishly made-up face, still sticky from Steffi’s own juices.  She thought back to the countless times Poontang had brought her to delicious orgasm after delicious orgam, and she purred out, “Hmmmm.  She so totally is, isn’t she?”

Another loud squeal from Steffi shook Muffy from her steamy trip down memory lane, and she huffed at how Steffi’s head was again rolling back and forth on the plush headrest of the salon chair.  Pouting her pursed lips, this time in frustration, the big-titted redhead sighed, “If you can’t behave and do as I, like, say, you naughty little slut, you’ll have to punished.”

At these words, Poontang reluctantly removed her tongue from Steffi’s slit, waiting to hear where her BBFF was going with her threat.  Even as Steffi mourned the hopefully temporary loss of the Asian tart, an erotic thrill ran up her spine at the prospect of being punished.  Never in her time as Stephanie Brown, the heroic Batgirl, did she ever equate punishment with pleasure, but as she had proven over and over again since her reawakening in both the Bod Mod Room, as well as her time in the Conversion Chair, Steffi Blowbang was definitely a changed woman.  The sultry sexpot tingled in the salon chair, almost eager for her punishment and wondered what it could possibly be.  She looked down at Poontang, suddenly her hot, horny and happy demeanor was filled with a fear of loss, which was something Steffi Blowbang wasn’t used to, and a thought crossed her mind that was almost too horrible to comprehend.

“Muffy, you aren’t going to, like, take Poontang away are you?  Pretty, pretty please!  Don’t take her away!  I’ll be a good little slut.  I promise!” Steffi cried out, but then her vapid eyes grew wide and a broad, bimbo smile filled her face.  Through the thick layers of pink fog that had become much of Steffi’s mind, she thought back to something that Poontang had said and sighed out in welcome relief.  The bad thought was quickly banished from her lascivious little head the moment she wiggled her round ass in the seat and wrapped her legs behind Poontang’s head.  Bringing the little Asian tart in closer to her sopping cunt, she twisting her neck to look up at Muffy, Steffi cooed out teasingly, “Poontang, like, promised to eat me out while you did my hair and a promise is, like, a promise!”

“Oh, Steffi,” Muffy tisked, as she slowly massaged the former Batgirl’s shoulder, “I would never be so mean as take my BBFF, Poontang, away from you.  I, like, know how talented her tongue is most of all!  What kind of bimbo would I be if I kept you away from such a hottie?”

Poontang sprang back into action, shoving her face back between Steffi’s legs, licking at the horny bimbo’s bald snatch with just as much fervor as before.  Muffy’s hands stopped massaging Steffi’s shoulders, running her hands down to Steffi’s heaving chest.  Cupping them from behind and beneath, she groped and fondled Steffi’s huge Bimbotech tits.  Caught between Muffy’s shameless molestation and Poontang’s thrashing tongue, Steffi was driven to higher and higher heights of euphoria.  The new bimbo’s cries of sexual pleasure again rose higher and higher, but were suddenly interrupted for a brief moment as Muffy lowered her head to the platinum blonde’s ear.

“I told you I was going to, like, punish you, Steffi, you naughty little slut, and as you, like said,” Muffy whispered, “A promise is, like, a promise!”

With that, Muffy twisted Steffi’s eraser-sized nipples savagely, and the former Batgirl wailed like a banshee as another in the long series of orgasms she had experienced that day overtook her.  But she didn’t come down from this one, the sharp sensation of pain mixed with the raw pleasure was all the former heroine could think about, lost in a sexual daze.

Steffi was so out of it that it barely registered to her that Poontang had stopped, or what Muffy was doing behind her.  The salon slut was gathering her thick platinum blonde hair, carefully piling it on top of her head.  Too out of it to even utter a moan or question, Steffi just allowed it all to happen, still caught in the echo of her masochistic delight.

Even when Muffy commanded her to sit up in her seat, the normally attentive Steffi didn’t so much as blink.  Letting out a long sigh, with, a knowing smile on her heavily-made up face, Muffy positioned Steffi in just the right spot herself, treating the languid dreamboat like the life-sized Barbie doll she was, with her arms and wrists on the armrests of the chair.  When she was finished posing Steffi, Muffy pressed a button on the chair.

In an instant, a small recess opened in the neck of the chair and a steel band extended around Steffi’s neck, just loose enough that the platinum blonde could still breathe, but tight enough that it completely restricted her head movements.  The same bands extended around Steffi’s wrists as before, while other bands secured her ankles in place.  She was now completely bound to the chair.

The effect on Steffi was immediate.  The final remnants of her last orgasm became the stirrings of some new and naughty pleasure.  Her eyes became lidded, and a stream of juices once more escaping her always-aroused pussy.  Though she tried to mischievously wiggle and thrash on the plush salon chair, the result a streak of delightfully naughty rebelliousness that had been left within her, it was no use.

The former crimefighter found herself in a bondage trap that would make any supervillain envious, but unlike all of the other times that Steffi had been kidnapped by any of Gotham’s numerous nefarious rogues, she was now completely and utterly turned on by being so immobile.  So helpless.  At the whim of whomever had secured her hot little body to this chair.  Anyone could do anything they wished to her and she was completely at their mercy.  Steffi was practically creaming herself at the thought, and she let out a pleasurable sigh, almost a whimper, at her bondage.

“You see, Steffi,” Muffy purred, “We, like, totally, use this for the boring girls who don’t know how good it is to be a bimbo.  But you’re, like, such a good, energetic bimbo that we need to use it on you soooooo…” Muffy trailed off, finding herself growing confused at her line of thought, and like a good slut, simply stopped thinking about it.  Like she’d been programmed to do, she shook her head, causing her oversized earrings to jangle against the side of her heavily made up face.  Her thoughts now clear, Muffy flashed a brilliant smile and announced, “Now then.  Time for your makeover!  But first we, like, hafta figure out your colors.”

“Like, my colors?” Steffi asked, gazing questionably at Muffy through the reflection in the mirror.

“Like, duh, silly,” Muffy giggled, “You’re going to be, like, a bimbo cheerleader and don’t all cheerleaders wear hot little outfits with bright flashy colors?”

Steffi gasped out loudly and Muffy giggled to herself as a similar brilliant smile overtook Steffi’s youthful features.  Muffy giggled to herself.  She hoped that a lightbulb had turned on inside Steffi’s vapid head and that it wasn’t on account of her BBFF’s skilled mouth having again resumed her lapping away at the furnace between Steffi’s legs.  Finally, Steffi cooed out, “Muffy, you’re so right, slut!  And sooooo smart too!” Her dazzling, big blue eyes grew even wider and she again made eye contact with Muffy through the mirror. “But what colors are right for lil’ ol’ me?” she asked, half-teasingly and half almost thoughtfully.

Steffi batted her naturally curly, long lashes and glanced around the salon through the only means her heavily bound body could muster, which was through the mirror.  She saw all the products and signs and even the dress that the hot little Asian pussylicker beneath her was wearing and without thinking, shouted out, “Pink!  Eggplant pink!!!”

“Like, Steffi,” Muffy giggled, “Eggplant isn’t a color.”

“Wait, it isn’t?” Steffi scrunched up her nose, now confused.

“Of course it isn’t, you dumb bimbo!” Muffy exclaimed, she then added, so sure of herself, “It’s, like, a vegetable!”

“Awwwh,” Steffi pouted, before recovering herself.  “You’re, like, totally, right, Muffy,” Steffi sighed, “It’s totally a vegetable.  So… like… what do you think of, like, purple then?”

“I totes love it!” Muffy exclaimed.

“I know!” came a husky voice, seemingly out of nowhere, “Like, how about her colors are hot purple and gold?  I, like, think it would look totally hawt on her.”  Steffi blinked, shaken and confused by the new addition to the conversation, but Muffy’s full lips curled in a pleased smile at the suggestion.

Steffi’s mind, addled as it was, couldn’t recognize the voice at first, and she tried her hardest to look around for the source of the voice, but bound as she was, only strained in vain against the binding at her throat.  She gasped at the still novel sensation.  She was so helpless, so immobile. It was fucking wonderful!

“Silly Steffi!” came the voice again, and the bimbo in question realized it was coming from beneath her.  Poontang, the drop-dead Vietnamese minx that she was, slowly stood up from between the captive dish’s legs, her face completely covered in sex juices and her normally perfectly coiffed hair soaked in sweat.  The Asian bimbo slowly licked her lips and purred, “You, like, didn’t forget about me, did you?”

“Like oh my Gawd, Poontang!” Steffi exclaimed. “I didn’t forget about you at all, sweeties!  I just… kinda… forgot what your voice was like.”

Poontang rolled her eyes. “You are such a dumb blonde bimbo, Steffi Blowbang,” the sultry raven-haired bimbo shook her head in mock exasperation, “You don’t even know why I picked those colors, do you?”

Muffy looked on, watching with pride as her BBFF did what she did best, color and costuming.  They were such a perfect pair together!

Steffi shook her head. “Ummm… I thought it’s because they’re my favorite colors?  But my favorite color is eggplant, and that’s a veggie...or is it a fruit?  Who cares!!!  So I guess what I’m, like, saying is… I don’t, like, know?”  Then her face brightened. “But I’m a bimbo!  And knowing things is for men!”

Both Muffy and Poontang happily mirrored her smile, and gave their pussies a quick rub at the reminder of their bimbo nature.  There were lots of things they didn’t know and that was the way it should be!

“You are so right, Steffi!” Poontang nodded. “But this is, like, super you.  Take a look at… this!”

Somehow, the Asian bimbo had managed to squeeze in a small photo within her cleavage and removing it, she showed both Muffy and Steffi it’s horrible, terrible contents.

It was a picture of a girl.  An ugly, boring old girl, with small tits and almost no skin showing.  She was dressed in a horrible outfit that barely showed off her curves, and she wasn’t even posing for the camera.  A ridiculously small smile was on her face as she fell through the air, a cape fluttering behind her.  There was a building on fire in the background.  It was a stupid building.

“Superhero Steffi!” Poontang cried out, “Saving people from up trees and, like, cats from burning buildings and stuff!”

Steffi frowned, and she closed her eyes, trying with all her might to look away from the horribleness.  The photo brought up a small half a sliver of memory in her cloudy mind.  It was a reminder of her boring dumb life before she had been reborn as the sexy, horny slutty bimbo she had become..  She almost wanted to cry, or maybe lick out Poontang until she took away the picture.  And then after she was done with Poontang, she would eat out Muffy, too, because she’d been so nice to her.

“Awww,” Muffy said. “Poontang… you’re, like embarrassing her.”

“But look, Muffy!” Poontang thrust the picture at her. “It’s, like, got purple and gold on it!  It’s like it was supposed to happen!  Even before she was a true Bimbotech girl!”

Slowly, Steffi opened her eyes. “Like, oh.  Um.  Gee!” she exclaimed, batting her long eyelashes at her Asian savior. “You’re, like, totally right!  I was a horrible superhero person!  It was dumb and it was boring!  But I’m not that person anymore!  I’m Steffi Blowbang, a slutty Bimbotech girl, and I’m going to be the best bimbo cheerleader ever!”

Both of the salon bimbos clapped happily at Steffi’s vow, before descending upon the bound slut, their hands idylly moving to caress up and down Steffi’s hot curves.

“I’m going to make those colors mine!  All mine!  And I’m going to get fucked, and suck dick, and lick cunt, and get tied up, and all the other things bimbos do, and I’m going to make the colors mine!  For Bimbotech!” Steffi cried out.

“For Bimbotech!” Muffy cried out, and Poontang took a cigarette lighter from a nearby counter and lit the photo on fire.  She then let the photo fall to a small metal garbage can.  The blonde crimefighter in the photo was slowly eaten away into nothing but flame and embers.  She would forever be a distant, distant memory to Steffi Blowbang.  A bad dream.  Steffi couldn’t help but smile a broad, bimbo grin at the prospect of her new, exciting, sexually-charged life.

“Now, Steffi,” Muffy said, with a, sensual smile. “Let’s start with your hair.”

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