Venom wants Ann Weying back!

by samuelbuondonno14
Storyline She Venom
Previous Chapter Venom wants a reunion with Eddie

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Venom said, I think it's time we take Ann back as rightfully ours!

The other Symbiote's agreed, so they went off in search of Ann Weying.
They got to her apartment, Eddie walked in first, and looked like his old self, as Ann watched from her couch.
 "Hey Ann!"
 " What are you doing here? "
 "We came to see you!"
 said Eddie as he converted back to Venom, then the other 3 Symbiote's surrounded her, she screamed in fear, but Eddie jumped right in top of her, holding her down, and stick his Symbiotic erection right inside of Ann, and stick his long slimy tongue deep down her throat. Inside Ann's head she kept hearing, here we are! Come back to us Ann!
 Right then the Symbiote started spreading from Eddie right on to, and into Ann.
Ann let out a load moan, enjoying the feeling of the Symbiote empower her again.
 "Yessss! We are one again!" Screamed Ann, newly converted to She-Venom as MJ and her Symbiote took the name Raze.

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