by Danknoodle420
Storyline She Venom
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/Darn it, we could kill him right now if we want! Cmon MJ, you know that he is lying. Spider never cared for us, for you. No one./ The Symbiote implanted it's thought into her mind. /Would you please just SHUT UP! He had been through enough, more than what you could experience. None of this would happen if you were to not corrupt him in the first place!/ MJ responded angrily.

/No... We only made him better, we gave him everything he ever wante-/ MJ closed her eyes in anger. /If you would just take a moment and get to know him better you would know what he want. He wants to protect those he cares about, those that are in need. Before his uncle past away he said something... With great power, comes great responsibility./ The Symbiote ignored her. /You don't know what power is, we used to be godlike. We could have ruled the wor-
/You really can't think do you. He protects people, make them feel free and free of villain shit bag like you. He swore to himself he would protect them, and do you even know how much Eddie meant to him? They were brothers!/ She felted a volcano about to erupt inside of her. /Hmph. They were not, Spider made him lost his job, wife, home. He lost everything he had. He deserve to go to hell!/
/Yet you still can't realize that you cost all of it. You corrupted him into a monster, you made Peter shamed Brock. You put his wife in danger in the middle of your fight, you put everyone in danger./ Venim flinched. /W-we did? That can't be possible, it was his doing! It was him! Not me!/ It pleaded. /You see, you don't know that you subconsciously amplify his emotions while being bonded to him. None of us knew until you're captured in the F4 lab./
/W-we're so sorry... We didn't know. B-but then... All the things that happened was because of... Us?/ MJ left Peter to rest after she bandaged him up. /Yes it is... I'll let you stay with me but... If I see anything suspicious from you, I'll rip you off. Also, you should go apologize.

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