Blob : we could head in to town and get you some more clothes and maybe have some fun

by OmegaJay
Storyline Shinji ikari in X trailer world
Characters Shinji ikari
Previous Chapter A big chested female blob who has a thing for mutants with animal traits

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Shinji: good idea uhm what is your name ?

 Francine : (blushed ) Francine J Dukes but people call me blob my code name .
Shinji : blob hm, nope I like pillow Hime better .(Blob smiled  and blushed .)
Blob: will need a code name for you also though how about shadow fox ?
Shinji : I like it .
 Couple hours later ....
Blob and Shinji where down town do to some tuff missions blob had plenty 
Money to get Shinji some nice clothes they also where joined by blobs friend 
And team mate Wanda aka the scarlet slut any ways they wondered where to go next .

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