Karen orgasms from Huntress eating her out and the noise forces the women into action

by kingofthefarmyard1
Storyline Tonight on MojoTV
Previous Chapter Interrupting a similar game where members of another universe are being transformed

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Meanwhile at the back of the stage, Power Girl was struggling to maintain her composure. Huntress had taken to her role at little too well and was now licking the khryptonians exposed cunt with the experience of a well trained whore, her wide rear end bouncing upwards with every lick and tease. From Power Girls slumped position on the floor her vision was completely blocked. 

“Gahhhh” Power Girl mumbled “Can’t see what’s happening. Can you busty-aHH Canary?”

“it’s like the same game, same but different. At least I think it is. There’s three girls like us and one whose-”

"They have powers?” Power Girl mumbled as she tried to reposition away from Huntress’ delicious tongue. 

“no silly billy” Busty giggled “they have huge boobies” Canary started giggling causing her tremendous bust to bounce upwards, nearly knocking Power Girl out. “God I wish I could just grab em!” 

“regardless we could use some allies” Power Girl spoke before being cut off by her own escaping moan “ahhhhhh noooooooo gunnnnna CUUUUUUMMMMMMM!”

Huntress had sped her meal up and was now sending Power Girl into the heavens. The spellbound secretary screaming with pleasure as an orgasm rocked through her body. On stage Circe snapped her head around and with a smirk she raised both her olive hands upwards and cast a huge purple spell above her. Immediately all three of the cowering bimbo’s to be felt themselves lift into the air and float towards the sorceress. All three were immobile and powerless to resit what was happening to them. 

“Tell Mojo I’ve found the runaways” Circe beamed as she floated her prisoners forward until they were centre stage. 

“Circe!” Power Girl shouted through her pants “what are you doing here?”

“ha-is that Power Girl? Man Riddler really did a number on you! And who’s that with you? Circe laughter grew louder still “Huntress is a nurse and canary’s a big bouncy slut. Man Riddler’s got balls” 

“you could say that again Goddess” came a snide response from across the stage. Despite her immobilised form, Power Girl managed to cast a glimpse of its owner and her heart immediately sunk. Riddler was here. Spiral and Batwoman too but from the looks of things Batwoman was a vastly different animal now. She stood framed on either side by her new captors. Her new vampiric form dripping sexual energy from every pore and deep sister smile breaking out from her oversized ruby lips. 

“you see dear Circe, despite Power Girls momentary distraction I the Riddler have managed to regain control. Batwoman here is batting on team Bad now and she is totally under my control.” 

“Spiral?” Arcade spoke from across the room “who is that fool? what is going on?”

“Oh shut it, didn't Mojo explain that he controls gameshows across multiple universes? Or weren’t you listening?” Circe snapped at her co-host “he-” she pointed at Riddler “is from my universe and he’s just as annoying as you” 

“now now Circe lets keep things civil shall we. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” he chuckled as he and Spiral approached Huntress, Power Girl and Black Canary frozen forms. As her approached each woman, Spiral showed off there changed forms like she was at some sort of demented fair. 

“Power Girl here has been re-endered powerless thanks to her new secretary outlook. She shares a love of bondage and slutty outfits, although she thinks she’s gained some intelligence now, she is nothing compared to my own genius level mind.” Riddler flicked Power Girl’s exposed snatch as he walked past which caused the kyptonian to purr with annoyance and a little bit of arousal. 

“Huntress is our sweet little nurse. She completely helpless to ignore any sexual commands that I throw at her. In fact she now lives to please. To help her succeed in her new profession we made her able to work out the best way to pleasure someone just by looking at them.” Huntress eyes went wide as she struggled to regain composure. There was just too many bodies around for her to ignore. Even now she just wanted to grope tits, suck cocks and flick nipples. The urge was becoming unbearable.

“and finally Busty Canary………she’s well ha…been enhanced with a pair of super hooters that completely hypnotise any woman who stares at them for too long. On top of that her new voice knocks out her previous power and makes her the perfect little bimbo.” Riddler and Spiral finished off their show by groping Canary’s suspended tits with gusto, causing the blonde to cum on the spot. “what about you Circe? What have you been up too?”

“Impressive Riddler, maybe they should have paired me with you instead. You’ve caught us a little off guard so please forgive me if I forget any of my girls changes but here goes. Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel is the Pakistani Punk to you’re left, we gave her some new tattoos and a new attitude as a start and they gave her some fake tits to completely the image. Next to her is Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat who as of right now is unchanged. A shame really. Carol Danvers is the slut dressed in the shorts, we gave her a new voice just like Canary and changed her outfit too match. Finally Elektra stands to the right, she’s doesn't seem to be enjoying her new colossal tits but then again maybe its because she’s jealous of those humongous fun bags Canary is rocking.” 

“I like you’re style Circe. But what now?” “Hey!" snapped Arade “This is our game. Leave with you’re captors and return to you’re stage.” “come on Arcade” Spiral purred “this situation is just too perfect to ignore, we have absolute power here. Let’s change the rules, pair up the universes and just roll with the punches” Spiral mocked punched all of her arms to emphasises her idea. 

“yes I like that Spiral my dear” Riddler beamed  “our girls against yours in a bimbo battle first to cum loses and gets changed. Then when the ladies can’t take anymore they surrender to the bimbo’s inside and we auction them off!” 

“oh I like this” Arcade smiled “lets get Shadowcat up first but who's she against?” 

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