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Storyline Sexy Loci
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There was one obvious target....the Amazons...true their mainstays Wonder Woman and her Mother had been very moral and....straight...but an all female society cannot long remain...without having...bisexuals...And with Love such an important feature of their world...the desire to show that love openly....as any person in a relationship will say love without physical will eventually fade and die...or at least convince the other that you are not interested...yes the potential was there....all that had to be done was tip the balance....

And here came the chance...two such figures ere here....Wonder Woman and her mother...after all the queen of the Amazons had once posed as Wonder Woman herself...here talking...finally talking about the relationship between the amazons and mans world

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With Rogue appetites now that Rogue has eaten Charles have her use her psychic powers to make herself the professor in everyone's mind.
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Gorel - 9/15/2017 9:03 PM
might try to continue Rogue Appetites, should be wild.

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