Meeting MJ (regular MJ)

by Danknoodle420
Storyline The Origin
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"That was something for sure. I never thought those word would even came out of MY mout-" suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Petra quickly got up from her bed and walked toward the entrance.

"Petra? Petra are you home?" Aunt May called from outside as the door unlocked.
"Aunt May? How's it going? It's been a long time. You're MJ correct?" Petra looked behind MJ and there stood a redhead.
"Mhmm, nice to meet you finally Petra." Petra wrapped her arm around her girlfriend. MJ and Petra were lovers over the Internet, they had been dating online ever since they met each other. Their relationship somehow just clicked.
"Well, I'll leave you two love birds to it." Aunt May turned around as she head for the door.
"Well Tiger, I think you just hit the jackpot." MJ stood posing with a coat on her arm.
"I think I do too. Come in." Petra waves her inside as the sat down on the couch.
"It's... Nice to see you in person. Let's stay together for a while okay?" MJ kissed Petra, knocking her onto the other side of the couch.
(I'm keeping this chapter short so there are more branches.)

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