Strange behavior

by Danknoodle420
Storyline The Origin
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It was a Sunday night, the only day Petra was allowed to take a day off.

/God, should I tell her about my identity? She'll freak out if I do..,/ Petra thought to herself as she put her Symbiote suit under bed. Suddenly, the doorbell gone off as Petra rushed over to greet her best friend.
"Hi! Um.. Do you want to come in?" Gwen entered the room and sat on the couch.
"Petra... I had been wanting to ask. W-would you let me move in with you?" Petra's eyes widened in shock.
"W-what happen? Is your place okay?" Gwen frowned as she recalled the owner kicking her out.
"There was someone who could pay more for the apartment and so I had to move." Petra thought about the consequences of having a roommate now moving in with her.
"Wish I could offer a room but I don't have a second." Petra exclaimed, hoping it wouldn't hurt Gwen's feeling.
"I could take the couch. Please, just let me stay for a while." Petra finally made her decision.
"You could take my bed." Gwen found herself feeling guilty if she accept the offer.
"We could share it if you want... I-I didn't mean anything dirty, I just want to... Have a place to stay." Gwen spoked.
"Sure, I don't mind." Petra accepted her request.
"T-there was another reason why I got kicked out." Gwen remembered when she accidentally shot a web line, destroying the owner's TV. 
"That is?" Petra gave Gwen the attention she wanted.
"This." Gwen bent her middle and second last finger as a strand of webbing shot out and stuck itself on a wall.
"Y-you can shoot webs?" Petra looked at Gwen, amazed by her power.
"I found that I could climb on wall like a Spider. The Owner thought I was some kind of mutant." Gwen exclaimed as she thought of all the scenario Petra would put her in.
"Gwen, I know what it feels like. And trust me, you'll get through it. You're... Not the only one." Petra aimed her wrist at a can of Diet Coke, shooting it down with a web strand.
"W-wait so you're SpiderWoman?" Gwen questioned her best friend.
"Yup, still am. I got bitten by a radioactive spider when I was still in college." Petra explained her current situation.
"That's crazy. That means the same thing just had happen to me without me knowing. But I don't know how to control the power. I want to be like you someday." Gwen said happily.
"I can teach you but it's getting late. We'll start tommorow how bout that?" Gwen nodded politely.
"Why don't you wash yourself off and we'll head to bed." Gwen got up and entered the bathroom. Soon, the shower was heard turning on as water poured down. After thirty minutes or so, Gwen finally got out the bathroom with a towel around her.
"Um... I hope you don't mind me sleeping naked." Gwen asked embarrassly.
"I'm cool, in fact I do too." Gwen blushed, trying to look away from her friend as she got in bed. She then felt an arm wrapping around her.
"P-Petra?" Gwen's face was blushing red. There was no response. Gwen turned over and saw Petra already fell asleep.
"Hmm, maybe it's not so bad. She is kinda cute... What am I thinking? We're just friends." She thought, falling into a deep sleep in her friend's embrace.

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