Succubus Sue attempts to seduce Sister Julia

by exidor455
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
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Demon Sue entered the room where Sister Julia sat waiting. The succubus was almost blinded by the intense force that radiated from the innocent young nun. She had never felt anything like it. The Seed of Sin existed to feed on and corrupt the goodness in human souls, and here was a source of purity like nothing she had felt before. Sue felt the insatiable need to feed on it growling within her. She almost drooled as she stalked intently towards the young woman who sat meekly before her.

In the face of such intense goodness, any disguise was useless and the image of the acclaimed heroine melted away to reveal her new demonic form. She focused the full force of her seductive powers upon the young woman, posing her exquisite body provocatively, bending down her horned head to hiss in Sister Maria’s ear. “You want me. You NEED me. Your inner slut yearns to be set free!”

But she struggled to maintain her poise and almost felt fear for the first time since she’d embraced her evil destiny. She had never encountered power like this. But it was her purpose to corrupt purity for her Dark Lord, and what a prize this would make for him! Feeding on such innocence would also boost her own power to an incredible degree and would ensure that her seduction spell, once it went viral through the video that was being prepared, would seal the fate of this pitiful world.

With a new confidence, Sue reached an exquisite clawed hand towards the flawless skin of Sister Julia’s cheek…....


Meanwhile, in the warehouse on the waterfront, Namor was thrusting into MJ from behind while she deep-throated the bloated cock of Victor Von Doom. Damien Hellstrom stood nearby, grinning at the sight of the two proud men straining to maintain their dignity while taking part in such a degrading scenario. MJ, now a demonic whore like the former heroine who had corrupted her, merely smiled wickedly around the Latverian’s cock and purred in her throat as she enjoyed the double penetration. She savored the sensation of the sexual energy that began to flow from the two men and feed the dark seed that bloomed within her soul.

Hellstrom had drawn cabalistic circles and symbols on the floor around the rutting threesome, and now he began to trace mystic sigils in the air before him and chant in an ancient and forbidden tongue…

At the very moment succubus Sue’s skin came into contact with the young nun’s, Hellstrom used his infernal sorcery to ‘tap’ into MJ’s connection with Sue, and through her, with Mephisto. Using the connection as a ‘carrier wave’, he summoned all of his power and sent a blast of deadly mystical force through the conduit, with the hope that the ethereal feedback wave would cripple Mephisto and sever his connection with Susan Storm-Richards.

Hellstrom had no idea if he could summon enough power to achieve this, given the massive hold the demon lord had gained through his manipulation of the incredibly powerful Invisible Woman and those she’d infected with her Seed of Sin. But Hellstrom could sense that this was his last hope of thwarting Mephisto’s conquest of this plane.....


In his hellish domain, Mephisto suddenly screamed. It felt as though a shard of impossibly cold ice had been thrust through his very soul. The Hell Lord whimpered as he felt a massive tidal wave of raw mystic energy rush towards him. The massive amount of delicious, succulent power he’d drawn from the Earth dimension since Susan Storm-Richards fell under his power was suddenly turned against him in one instant.

Seeing the sudden reaction of Mephisto, and sensing a huge drop in the level of his magical power, Dr Strange and the Scarlet Witch exchanged a glance and marshalled their combined powers against him. Now was their chance! As one, they summoned all the power at their disposal and made a united sorcerous attack on the defensless Hell Lord.

Mephisto could not stand against the combined forces that assaulted him, not even with the massive boost in mystical potency he’d had since he had begun to feed on the souls through his Earthly puppets. As the power wave hit, he  threw his arms wide and a blast of pure white light exploded from his body and flooded the cavern. Rock walls shattered and the lava pools erupted. Rubble rained down from above and liquid fire sprayed from the pools, bringing instant destruction to many of the imps, succubi and lesser demons who had been cavorting nearby.

Amidst the chaos, Strange and Wanda linked hands and stepped through a mystic portal as a massive block of stone crashed down onto the spot where they’d been standing. It took them to the sanctuary in the pocket dimension they’d prepared. They would no longer need its safety, but they decided to keep it in case they had need of it at some time in the future.Unseen by the powerful sorcerers, the black flower of their own Seed of Sin continued to grow…....


At the moment when Sue touched Sister Julia and Hellstrom assailed Mephisto with his desperate counter-spell, Christy Chang, host body for the surviving good part of Susan Storm-Richards’ soul, stepped from the elevator on the penthouse floor of the Baxter Building. She’d walked to the building almost in a daze, and had encountered no resistance from security or anyone else as she’d entered the building and found herb way to the elevator. She sensed instinctively where to go, and it was almost as if some force was manipulating events so that she was unhindered.

The moment she stepped out of the elevator, it was as if she’d been hit by a massive charge of electricity. It flung her back into the elevator, which immediately began to descend back to the entrance lobby of the building.......


In the chamber nearby, Sue lay on the floor at the feet of the young nun, who appeared unaffected by what had happened. Except that she was no longer restrained. She rose serenely, and walked from the room.

After some moments, Sue groaned and rose up on an elbow, looking around her groggily.

The first thing she felt with a rush of relief, was that she was herself again. Her good self. In an instant, her good soul had somehow been pulled back into her body. She didn’t know what had become of her evil self, and for the moment, she didn’t care. She hoped that it had been expelled forever, just as the Malice persona had been years ago.

But she also realised with dawning clarity that not everything had been put back the way it was before this all started. She could remember everything that this corrupted body had done and experienced since the Seed of Sin took hold. She felt a flood of shame and guilt.

She sensed instinctively that her physical form was still changed, and that she retained all the powers of the demon succubus. She could still take on her demonic form at will, and could still ‘read’ a person’s sexuality - she could look within them and see their innermost desires, especially the dark and forbidden lusts that they kept repressed, were sometimes not even aware of consciously. Sue could transform her physical form to best appeal to those desires.

With a laugh, she realised that she now had the magical equivalent of the Perception Filter that had got her into all this trouble in the first place.

She also felt that she retained a mystic and psychic connection with the other women who had been corrupted by her –MJ, The Wasp, She-Hulk, Alicia. She didn’t know if their physical bodies had been restored to their original forms or if they too would retain the powers of succubi. It was one of the many things Sue would have to investigate.

But she also felt that all connection with Mephisto had been broken, hopefully for good. She was no longer his servant. Whatever she was, she was her own creature now. She had new powers, and it would be up to her to find out how to use them for the good of the world.

She didn’t know exactly what had happened to free her from Mephisto’s control, but she supposed that it was too much to hope for a complete reset. As Mephisto’s demonic whore, she had revelled in forbidden carnal delights that her old self would never dream of. Evil or not, she had been changed by those experiences. Maybe if she refused to feed the succubus part of herself with sexual energy it would simply fade away, and she would truly become her old self again. But perhaps the need to feed on sexual energy would be as essential to her as air, food and water. Only time would tell.

She rose to her feet and went to help Reed, who still lay unconscious nearby. He wore the strain or the past few days on his drawn and gaunt features. She also worried about the effects on her brother and Ben. There was so much damage to repair…


Christy Chang stumbled in a daze through an alley near the Baxter Building. The beautiful young Chinese-American woman had a mixed look of bewilderment and fury on her face. In an instant, Succubus Sue had found her soul and mind wrenched from its demonic body and thrust into this pitiful mortal shell! She understood instantly what had happened, and she was not happy about it. She could sense that all connection with her demon master had gone, and she was now trapped in this body and this plane, with no demonic or meta-human powers at her command.

Still, she had the mind, will and memories of the corrupted version of Susan Storm-Richards. First she would settle a few scores with the Russian moron who thought she was a piece of meat to be used for his whims, and then she would start thinking of ways to take revenge on the other fools who had wronged her. Maybe she was no longer a demon whore, but she would find other ways to fuck the shit out of this world!



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