Maybe Mr. Sinister and his Mauraders, he might know how to fix this.

by Gorel
Storyline Rogue Appetites
Characters Rogue Mr Sinister
Category Marvel Chimeric WG
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Stepping away from the ruins of the mansion, Rogue grimaced at how her new size and mass caused the nearby shrubbery to rattle with each heavy foot fall, how her thighs rubbed together uncomfortably and how her bust and rear swayed to each step. Putting a claw to her broad hip, Rogue considered pulling her mass back in on herself to become slim again, sure she’d probably grow taller but at least she wouldn’t look or feel so damn… bloated. Using her shapeshifting powers, she began to pull her mass back into herself, growing taller but becoming thinner as a result. But when she grew a meter taller, she stopped, a spike of hunger jabbed into her guts, making her nearly fall to her knees and clutch at her middle. Wild eyed and hungry, she searched out with her telepathy and disappeared from the campus with a puff of purple smoke.


A split second later, a cloud of smoke exploded right on top of a field of horses, spooking the animals into a panic and fleeing from the giant blue monster that literally came out of nowhere. Licking her lips, Rogue chased the herd and snatched up the slowest horse in mid run and hoisted it up with just one claw. Stretching her mouth wide like a snake and shoving the neighing animal down her maw, she forced it down her throat and gobbling it whole. Sitting down heavily on the hill she appeared on and rubbing her full belly, Rogue sighed and burped. Letting loose a small plume of fire doing so. “Mmmm… That was good…” When the hunger died off, Marie looked around and found herself in the middle of nowhere. Off in the distance she could see a herd of horses run for their lives away from her, along with stable house where she spotted the farmer run to his phone after seeing a giant blue furry beast woman eat one of his horses. “Uhm… Oops.”


With another burst of smoke, Rogue returned to the Xavier Institute, rubbing her full stomach and pacing anxiously. “OK, so if ahm plump and full, ah won’t go off and eat whatever crawls… Or runs… Or TALKS!” Nervous and worried, Rogue tried to think of what to do, who to go for help. There had to be someone that could reverse what she’s become, otherwise she’d become an ever-growing problem. Worse? Someone ELSE’s growing problem!


Closing her eyes and concentrating her mind, she used her telepathy to seek out who could best solve her personal dilemma. Far across the Atlantic Ocean she spotted the crescent island of Genosha off the coast of Madagascar. The X-Men WERE planning on flying there to escape her, she even thought about going there herself… But then again. “Magneto.” She couldn’t look into his mind, but she knew where he was and if he learned that she gobbled up Xavier and pretty much his entire school, he’d probably try to kill her! “Nu uh… Next.”


Looking further north, she peered inside the mutant research facility at Muir island, run by Moira MacTaggert. She was the leading head of research in mutation and mutant abilities in the world, housing some of the most powerful or unstable mutants known to man. If anyone could fix her powers it could be her. But then again if she learned that Rogue ate her Ex and smashed his home to bits, she might try to put her down like a rabid dog. WORSE! Set loose some of her ‘patients’ on her. “Maybe ah need someone who won’t be mad at li lol me.” Searching further and further over the globe, her fanged lips turned to a smile when she found who she was looking for.


“Bingo!” With an explosion of purple smoke, Rogue disappeared from the school ruins.




Deep in the amazon jungles, far from human interference and prying eyes. Mr. Sinister lounged in his chair, sipping from a glass of wine and going over the local news papers. The latest news was a string of disappearances in Rio; homeless and single living people had been dropping out of sight for the last few weeks, with no evidence of break in OR ransom. Smiling at his Marauder’s work in getting him new test subjects to work with, Sinister took a sip from his glass, only to through it away in shock when an explosion of purple smoke erupted in his main dining hall. “WHAT THE HELL?!” When the smoke dissipated, Sinister nearly leaned so back in his chair he just about fell back. Wafting the smoke out of her way with one of her wings, Rogue stood up and growled when her head hit a chandelier. Prying the thing off its hook from the ceiling and tossing it aside, Marie looked down to see the shocked face of the man she was looking for.


“Y’all are hard to find, but ah reckon you WANT it that way.”


Forcing herself to hunch down, Rogue felt cramped in the space she teleported in. Her tail was knocking over suits of armor at the door behind her and she was pretty sure she just destroyed a table and eight dining chairs under her clawed feet and hands.


“Who ARE you? And how DARE you enter my secret lair!” Getting up from his chair, he tried to call for his Marauders when Rogue took a deep breath and blew intense cold at him, slamming him against the far wall and freezing him in place. Struggling to get free, Sinister looked up to find the blue furred… Dragon woman looming over him, her black multicolored eyes staring deep into his red ones.


“Here’s the deal Sinny, ah’ve got a BIG problem and right now YOU are the only one who can fix it!”


Finally recognizing the creature’s voice, the immortal scientist blinked in shock. “ROGUE?! Who… How…”


“None of that matters now Sinister, here’s what ah want. YOU are gonna make me normal again and you are gonna do it pronto!”


Getting a better look at the woman, he could already surmise that she possessed most if not all her comrade’s powers and abilities. But how she became so huge was still a mystery, he was intrigued. “And what if I refuse then Rogue?” Getting a toothy smirk in return, Rogue leaned in closer to whisper in his ear. “Cuz in a bit ah’m going to be hungry… And y’all don’t wanna be near me when ah’m hungry!”

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