A few hearbroken women.

by Jazze
Storyline The tiki of sex
Previous Chapter He stayed and a woman arrived at his home.

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Three women that he knew. All three he had met at one point in his past or another. He knew two quite well but the third Peter had met only a few times. What made little sense was the fact that all three were in a group.

The first woman he knew best was Susan Richards, the wife of Reed Richards. She was Johnny Storm's sister and Peter knew her best. Although he would be tempted to agree with everyone in agreeing that she's a MILF.

The same with the sexy redhead telepath in the group. She was Jean Grey and member of the mutant group known as the X-men.

The third member of the group was an absolute divine beauty Peter knew as Amora the Enchantress. This beautiful blonde usually hung around Thor and the Avengers.

What made Peter curious was the fact that all three had tears in their eyes and alcohol on their breath. Peter knew he should turn these three sexy women away but he couldn't. He was too nice of a guy to do that.

So he invited them in knowing that what would happen would be interesting.

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