Reed invites Wasp over

by JimmyKasche
Storyline The Online Questionnaire - Marvel Edition
Previous Chapter B - Taboo - ???

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Sue walked into the bathroom and reapplied her shiny pink lip gloss, followed by applying the rest of her makeup so she'd look like any number of the vapid blonde bimbos Johnny loved to take home. After finishing that she ran a hand through her hair deep in thought.
"What to do with you." Sue said outloud with an added hmm.
"I've got it." Sue said as a grin spread across her face. She reached up with both hands and put her hair in a pair of cute pigtails on either side of her head. 
"Perfect." Sue said as she blew a kiss at the bimbo in the mirror. 
Sue zipped herself into the pink latex tube dress "forgetting" to put on any underwear, and finished the ensemble with her tallest pink fuck me pumps.
"Reed, dear." Sue said into one of the intercoms "I have another speaking engagement downtown... so I'll be late tonight don't wait up." she said ending with a blown kiss... 
"OK honey." was the only response, Sue grinned thinking how easy it was to con the so called smartest man in the world... she grabbed her tiny clutch checking her makeup in the compact one last time as she went out to make sure that tonight she was going to show the Human Torch who the hottest member of the Fantastic Four was. Completely ignoring the last question.
"What is your hair color?" 
A. Bad Girl Black
B. Bimbo Blonde
C. Party-girl Platinum 
After a few moments it simply shifted over afterwards to another screen Congratulating her on being a massive slut... something else that would have made Suzy smile at.
Reed waited until he saw his tarted up wife leave the building looking over her sexy curves crammed into a tiny shiny pink shell... he couldn't believe this hot slut was his lovely wife. 
"Well if Susan can have her fun." Reed said as he turned to his latest invention to help him hypnotize heroines and villanesses to be his fuckdolls.
Reed then cleared his throat and called his first test subject.
"Hi Reed!" the Winsome Wasp chirped on the other side of the video call.
"Hello Janet." Reed responded in his usual stern manner
"What's up?" Jan says with a smile.
"Well... I have something I wanted to ask you about but... I don't really want to talk to you about this over the phone... it's about Sue." Reed says tentatively.
"Is everything alright?" Jan asks
"I think so but I want a second opinion on something...  do you think you can come by?" Reed responded.
"Sure thing, I'll be over shortly, Reed." Jan says hanging up.
"See you then Janet." Reed says as the video phases as he smirks.
Meanwhile Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans was sitting on her throne when a sound distracts her... looking at her communcations device she sees

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