Nick arrives

by Symbiotegirl
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"Oh, yessss" Vanessa hissed, "I remember, you look like your fath-"

Nick burst through the door, cutting Vanessa off. He froze, seeing Sarah's body and head lying seperatly on the ground.
"Oh, no!" Nick cried collapsing to the floor, "I’m too late!"
"Yessss you are!" Vanessa hissed, turning around, "join me, I’m ssexxier then your wife wasss, and now that sshe’ss dead, well-to death do uss part-and all that"
Nick couldn’t find words to use, he just looked up at the purple clad woman standing in front of him.
"Join mee Nick, I lovve you, don’t you lovve mee? I ssaved you from your misserable life sso that we could be together. With the power you’ve given me, we could do anything, anything!"
Nick opened his mouth to speak, but still couldn’t find the words.
"Careful what you choosse to ssay, if you ssay no. I’ll kill someone. Yess. And no one diess"
Nick took a deep breath in and stood up, "I say..."

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