Peter tries to comfort Jean as she becomes lustful of him

by kingddude
Storyline Lust Infection
Previous Chapter Peter visits the X-Men and sees a dispute between Jean and Scott

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Scott is in the Medical Room getting patched up. Fuck that cheating jackass.
Jean and Peter were alone in her room as she was wiping away tears from her face. "Thank you , it means so much to me that you care".
"Hey we're friends aren't we?" Peter asked.
"Of course we are", Jean agreed. Immediately, Jean started to feel weird as her head started to ache in pain. "Gah!"
" what's wrong?"
"My head hurts. I haven't felt pain like this since my powers activated!" Jean said as she grasped the sides of her head. Suddenly Jean's breasts started to grow in size, she grew slightly taller, and her hair extended to her waist. Peter was shocked by this sudden transformation that occurred as Jean took her hands from her head as the pain disappeared and started to check herself out.
"What just happened to me?" Jean asked.
"I honestly don't know but wow", Peter said. "I have to admit you were hot before but you've become hotter". Jean looked at Peter with a smirk on her face before thinking about Peter screwing her senseless.
"You know Peter maybe you can help me out with something", Jean said as she sensually walked over to him.
"How so?" Peter asked.

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