Wonder Woman heads home to her daughters... and her industrial strength dildo!

by Gorel
Storyline Justice League: Satyr Silliness.
Previous Chapter Buck is returned to his prison but everyone else are still satyrs.

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Stepping through the threshold of her apartment door and silently grumbling when her broad hips grazed the doorframe, Diana Prince closed the door behind her and leaned against it, her massive breasts jostling when she let out a deep sigh.


“MOMMY’S HOME, MOMMY’S HOME!” cheered five little satyr girls flocking towards their mother at the door, each one very different from the other yet the quintuplets looked just like what Diana did when she was five… Except for the cloven feet and stubby horns coming out of their scalps. “Mommy, I made this for you!” Chirped the one little satyress, waving a macaroni picture in the shape of Wonder Woman’s emblem to her mother.


“Daw, that’s sweet Hestia.” Smiled Diana warmly, making her way towards the kitchen and placing it on the fridge with a magnet. “MOM! Eris keeps pulling on my pig-tails!”


“Eris, stop picking on your sister Hecate.”


It kind of surprised Diana really. But then again, she was met with MANY surprises after Buck was imprisoned. The first being she was still a satyress, the second being she went into labour the following morning. The third was when the nurses and doctors at the maternity ward found out she was a screamer when each birth resulted in mind crashing orgasms. And the forth was how quickly her five little girls grew up! They were only three weeks old, they should still be little bundles of joy, wrapped in blankets in a crib in her apartment. Instead they were like preschoolers watching cartoons and fighting over who could get a glass of orange juice. In some way she DREADED the day when they’d grow up into teenagers in… What? 2-3 months? Still at the very least, her five daughters were well behaved and adorable… For the most part.


“DEMETER! What did I tell you? Don’t eat the house plants.”


Chewing on one of the last leaves on a potted plant on the coffee table, the little satyress in coveralls and a purple bow, swallowed with a gulp. “Sooooooorry.”


Pinching the bridge between her nose and eye brows, Diana wondered if she were such a handful when she was young. After a little while she cooked up dinner, fed her children and sent them off to bed before crashing down face first into her own bed, her sleep wear practically painted on her curvaceous frame and threatening to burst at the button after rolling on her side. The wall her bed faced was marked with grooves and scars from her horns while the side of the bedframe was stained from the occasional dripping from her four mammoth breasts, a pump stood nearly to drain them if need be, just so she could have a good night’s sleep. Fluttering her eyes closed, the day’s events finally caught up with the amazon princess, and sleep claimed her.




Steve Trevor was running for his life! Sweat beading down his face, his cloths damp from running, he shoved a tree branch out of his way while scrambling through the Themysciran forests. Leaning against a tree, he paused to catch his breath, thinking he had lost his pursuer.


“Where aaaaaaaare you Trevor? I can smellllll you.”


He was wrong! looking back in terror, he could hear whole trees being pushed aside, whatever chasing him was heading straight for him. With an ‘Eeep’ of terror, the man ran for his life, darting past trees and shrubs that smacked him with one branch after the other.


“We SEE you!”


Screaming in a panic, Trevor tumbled after losing his footing, rolling into the mud and scrambling back to his feet, all the while looking over his shoulder at what was stomping his way.


“Join us Trevor!”


Wiping mud and sweat off his face, Steve made it to a clearing, the beach leading out of the island already within sight AND a boat he could use to escape. He was almost there, just a few more steps and he’d be able to…


‘SLAM!’ Crushing the boat into splinters after landing like a ton of bricks, Diana turned around and leered down at the shivering man who tried to escape her. “THERE you are Trevor! I FOUND you!” Stomping out of the debris, the giant, furry goat woman loomed over Steve Trevor like a cat to a scared mouse. Diana Prince was Huge! Well over ten feet tall and almost half that around, the naked goat-horned giantess was oversized, overfed and oversexed. Licking her lips lustfully, she pawed at her four ZZ cup tits, kneading at her pie plate wide areolas and shot glass nipples. Her belly dominated her entire front, and it was difficult to see if it was either fat or another of her latest pregnancies, the rest of her exaggerated curves did NOTHING to help determine either or. Backing up slowly, Steve found his head bump into the furry belly of another amazon satyress behind him. Slowly turning around and forced to look up he found himself staring face to tits with Donna Troy.


“Awww, no fair sister!” Pouted the massive satyress, stomping one of her cloven feet and causing her four breasts to wobble endlessly. “I wanted to catch him first.” Heavy footsteps nearby forced the man to look back at the forest outcrop to find Diana’s mother stomp into view, shoving a tree out of her way like an elephant to join her daughters, surrounding Steve Trevor between the three of them. “Now, now my daughter, first come first serve… But Diana, I DO expect you to share with your sister, and when you’re done with him, toss him MY way will you?” Answered the monstrous woman, giving Steve a wink before hoisted him up to see him better.


“Finally! My little treat of a man is all mine… I hope you’re CREAM filled!”




“HNNNNNNNGH!” Waking up with a bite of her pillow still in her mouth, Diana looked around sleepily and realised it was all a dream. “Not again…” Rolling over and reaching for the bottom drawer of her bedrest, Wonder Woman pulled out a two-foot-long solid black vibrator, staring at the thing in her hand like it was the only weapon that could slay a terrible beast. “Well my trusty friend, its up to you if I want a good night’s sleep…”

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