The Galaxy of Star Wars

by C.King
Storyline Dropping By
Characters The Baroness
Category Star Wars
Previous Chapter Getting Ready

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The Baroness found herself in a galaxy where aliens and humans worked together on multiple worlds. Their tech was advance, but given some of the gear that Cobra used, she could adapt. What information she discovered... opened opportunities.

 'This galaxy has aliens and advance technologies I can use... but it also seems to have magical space wizards. Wizards who use something called the Force. Most teachings divided between the noble Jedi and the wicked Sith. Their powers were mostly psionic in nature. Mind control, telepathy, telekinesis, precognition to degrees, and more. All of them wielding various of energy swords known as lightsabers.

 And it seems that I have those Force Powers. Very powerful ones from what I can tell. Whether a side effect of travelling to this world, or something else like fate, I have them. And  I will be using them to gain power.' she thought to herself, already wondering how to use Cobra tech to enhance Force abilities. The desire to buy driods who could help her with this passed her mind. She also need more details on the Force. She had hints of their power and tech, but need more.

 She then began to search the various planets and powers in the universe, looking for a place to build up her own power. Which was how she landed in a shuttle, using carefully stolen credits and a well crafted false identity under disguise, heading for...

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