Since they are leaving the X-men headquarters they meet with Psylocke and/or Storm.

by C.King
Storyline Lust Infection
Previous Chapter When she takes Peter somewhere, they meet another pretty lady.

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 As the two reach Peter's rented car back to the city, they were soon intercepted by the flying form of Storm carrying Psylocke. Soon the two other X-men were near Peter and Jean. Storm spoke up first, "Jean, we wanted to see how you were doing and... what happened?"

 "Something happened to you. We have to get you back to the mansion..." started the purple haired Asian psionic, as she and the white haired black woman came closer.

 "We..." started Storm, before she moved her hand to her head. Psylocke did the same, as if they had some kind of headache. Peter was about to react, when Jean telepathically convinced him this was normal and actually a good thing.

 The two other mutants began to change like Jean did. Growing slightly taller, their busts growing, hair flowing down to their asses even if it had to increase in growth. The two began to stop having their headaches and turned to Peter with an erotic look in their eyes.  Psylocke spoke first, "You don't mind us joining us, Jean? Maybe sharing the wealth?"

 "As long as you ask, not take something of mine like the White Bitch. Fortunately, Peter's car has four seats. Let's get going before anyone else interupts." said Jean as the four of them loaded up into the car and headed to New York.

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