Felicia Hardy goes to seduce Peter Parker after her meeting with Mara Joe

by C.King
Storyline The BLISS Pleasure Cruise
Characters Black Cat Spider-Man
Category Marvel
Previous Chapter Later that day, Pepper Potts is on her way to board the cruise

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 Felicia Hardy was dressed for war! Black silken blouse, short leather black skirt, black leather heels, make up done to perfection, platinum blond hair style in a wild straight out of bed sex way, and carrying a small bag with her purse.

 After her meeting to bury the hatchet with Mary Plain, she had realized she had enough. She wanted Peter, and she was going to take him back. If her redheaded rival was stupid enough to let her, then it was her lost. By the time Felicia was done, MJ would get home to a Dear Jane letter and divorce papers while Peter would be in Felicia's bed. She had made sure she had gotten the tools she neded to win.

 'Including having Peter's favour perfume modified with a special little drug.' The curvy women didn't know that some of the programming MJ had given her was a faked memory to cover the power of the perfume. So the white haired minx didn't question anything, She continued, 'As well as a few items i managed to get off brand, kept for a while in case of emergancies.'

 She soon was at the apartment shared by both MJ and Peter, knowing Peter was home. He answered the door, "Hey, Felicia? What's up?"

 "Mary Jane wanted me to keep tabs on you while she's away. Make sure you're not pushing yourself too hard... like usual. So I thought we can sit and talk for a while. But first I need to use the lil' litter box, if you know what I mean?"

 "Sure, I'll show you where it is." He lead her to the bathroom, where she locked the door, then began to get ready, bring the perfume she had from her purse. She made sure to spray her face, wrists, and upper chest with the scent. 'It might not work as well as a direct spray to the face, but it should still work quick enough. Once his eyes glaze over, his mind will be putty in my hands. To be molded into my man.'

 After that, she acted like she used the bathroom, having gone before she had arrived. Then exited as she come up to Peter, keeping close to him as they moved to the couch. She waited to be as near him as possible as she waited for the perfume to work.

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