Carol and Jane become Symbiote Sluts

by how27913
Storyline Gwenom and the Symbiote Sluts
Characters Thor (female) Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) She hulk Symbiote
Category Corruption Symbiosis
Previous Chapter Mary Jane takes her revenge on Black Cat

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Two symbiote landed on their respective host.

"Oh!! What the hec……?" Carol shouted in shock.

"NOooo!"Thor said angerly and struggled.

Wasp turned into symbiotic form, flew toward Carol’s and shot out electric stream, making Carol spasm in pain. Psylocke and X-23 jumped down from rooftop to assist the conversion.

As Thor was going to shot her divine energy out, a pair of glowing pink eyes went into her vision. Thor’s mind immediately went blank.

"I alrready takesss Thoooor!" Psylocke shouted in excitement.

"Thor!"Carol squealed in panic. X-23 and Wasp both smiled sinisterly and hopped on Carol to speed up the corruption.

On the other side, though Psylocke had already made Thor stop thinking, she knew the female warrior had strong will would not be corrupted easily.   So she needed get in Thor’s mind to alter her mind quickly.


Mj and blackcat swung off the streat and landed down on the rooftop of ’Daily Bugle’.

"Let’ssss find Betty."My hissed with a unhinged  smiled.

"Yesssss….Sissss" Blackcat agreed with her claws squeezed her breasts.

Two sexy figure broke through the door and went in for their new sister!



The navy blue symbiote had already dissolved Carol’s suit and coated all her body expect her head. The squirmy second skin teased her inner slut up. She wanted to rip the slime off but the aroused pleasure make her powerless to be against enjoying.

"I….I won’t give i….Ohhhh...OHHHHH!" Carol struggled with a stream of saliva slipping down her chin.

Wasp went back her real size and fuck Carol hard, making her moan with muffled sound because X-23’s slimy tongue entered down to her throat.

"Givvvvve in ! Embrasssss thissss!" Wasp shouted in pleasure.

Tough Carol didn’t stopped fighting, Her body started to be altered like other symbiote sluts. Her abs, breasts and ass were all growing up. Her hands and feet was turned into twofold size claws.  

X-23 retreated her tongue and started to squeezed Carol’s breasts.

"Yess….yessssss...thisss is so goooood "

Carol screamed in pleasure and a wave of navy blue symbiote engulfed her head, giving her white sharp fangs and tear-dropped eyes. And there was a big star on her breasts.

"Sissssss yourrrr sooo gooood at fuuuckiinggg." The slimy tongue ran out Carol’s mouth and swirled with Wasp’s.


Three symbiote sluts hugged each other, teasing other in enjoyment


(In Thor’s mind)

The armored female sank in the silver and red symbiote paddle with tendrils binding her . Psylocke was in her symbiotic form and she sprout several tendrils to intrude both her two holes. Thor moaned in pleasure and her body started to spasm. Psylocke started to reshaped Thor’s memory.

Thor still knew who she is, but the one she needed to obey was only Gwen mother. The symbiote was her gift from Gwen. She didn’t need to pent up her desire. Enjoy the pleasure of lust and spread the symbiote were the main purpose she existed in the world.

"Yessssssss" Psylocke hissed in excitement, she knew her work had already done. The powerful heroine was one of them now.

(Back to the reality )

Thor’s body started to be transformed. The silver and red symbiote didn’t consumed her armor but blended itself into the metal material. Thor now looked like wearing a shiny silver squishy steel-like armor bodysuit but reveal her pussy in the air with her boobs and ass growed more curvy. Her hands turned twofold size red claws. There was a red squirming cape flapping behind her back. A slimy tongue sliped the big gaping mouth and had a wet kiss with Psylocke.

"Yessss…...Sisssss. Motherrrr Gwen’s will mussst be spreeeaddd!!"

Five symbiote sluts laughed sinisterly in the alleyway with seductive sound.

"Now, Which one heroine will be ourrr sisssterrr nexxt?"


Emma knocked the room door of cuckoos.

"Is there anything wrong?" Cuckoos opened the door with a small gap.

"I have some question need to ask for some suggestion. Can you let me in ?"

"Come in."

Not noticed the sinister smile on Emma’s face, Cuckoos had her in. The Emma spawned two symbiotes on her hands prepared to spread, one was green and another was orange.


She-Hulk crashed the down in the sewer, causing annoying sound. She wnated to attract her fellow she-Hulk named Betty Ross aka Red she-Hulk.

Luckily to her, another red sexy figure ran into her way.

"Jennifer!" Red she-Hulk roared. "I will bring you back to normal."

"No!" She-Hulk shouted back. "You will joiiiinn meeeeee."

They collided with each other and begun the fight.


"Take off you clothes." Jubilee commanded.

"Yes...my mistress." Jean replyed in a monotone sound and became naked.

"Lie down."

Jubilee looked straight Jean’s delicate pussy, the desire was arousing her lust. She started to lick it, making Jean moan in pleasure.

"This must will be great" Jubilee thought to herself.



(Note: I am not good at using English to write story. But I really want to see this storyline keep going. Hope someone good at this can help)


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