Zatanna finds Buck's prison, but gets discovered by Power Girl.

by Gorel
Storyline Justice League: Satyr Silliness.
Characters Justice League
Category M/F DC Corruption
Previous Chapter Zatanna finds the Flash in the washroom.

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Walking down the hallway to the vault of artifacts the Justice League kept contained, Zatanna sashayed with every step, her hooves clicking the tiled floor like high heels. Free and naked of her cloths, her ruined jacket and thong were left behind in the men’s room stall where she came out of. A warm shiver went down her spine, anxious to see her love and master free again, it made the large satyress purr. Once she got to the front door to the vault, Zatanna turned her attention to the number pad by the door. “Oh, my dear, what’s the combination again?” Playfully scratching her chin while letting her hoof dangle behind her. With a smirk she clenched her fist and punched straight through the pad lock, pulling out a handful of wires and biting into them like they were a fork full of spaghetti. Electricity jolted through her 320-pound bulk, but instead of a rush of paralyzing pain, a hum of delight escaped her lips. She could feel her breasts swell heavier, her ass dimple with added mass while her hips grew wider, even her horns grew longer an inch before the power went dead and the doors opened with a hiss of air. “Mmm, that tickled.”


Stepping into the vault, Zatanna went past several displays, each one holding an alien weapon or a souvenir, and each one looked tantalizingly delicious. But when she stopped in front of one display, her smile nearly split her face. Right in front of her was the glass container that held Buck’s prison; a clay figurine held together tightly by a handful of scotch tap, and a sticky note that read ‘Please don’t break’ right on top of it. “Finally, you’re mine now my love.”


“Am I interrupting anything?”


Snapping her attention back to the wide-open door, Zatanna’s eyes went wide when she spotted the tall, curvaceous form of Power Girl standing at the vault’s entrance, one hand at her broad hip, the other at the door frame. The blonde satyress was just as tall and large as she was, her white costume clinging to her like it was painted on her soft bulky curves. “Well what do we have here? You’re not trying to let Buck out, are we?”


Stomping her hoof on the tiled floor underneath her, Zatanna fumed at the blonde, her curves and bulk wobbling from the gesture. “Well… Why not? He was the best thing that ever happened to us, because of him I never felt more feminine or alive in my entire life!” Panting, Zatanna clutched at her soft belly and cupped one of her large breasts, moaning at how sensitive she was. “If it wasn’t for that night, we would have partied non-stop, we would have turned the whole city to see it our way. An entire race of goat people driven to self indulgence… I wouldn’t even CARE if he fucked me fatter until I was the size of an elephant, I would have rewarded him with more babies than either of us could name or count!” Eyeing Kara with a predatory heaviness to her eyes, Zatanna licked her lips. “Even YOU must agree with me, you were after his cock just as much as I was, and you can again… If you let me.”


Giving the dark furred satyress a sly smirk, Power Girl strutted into the vault, a hand at her hip the entire time, which only made her massive tits wobble more excessively with each step. “You know what Zatanna?” On Guard, Zatanna was worried that the kryptonian would try to stop her when instead, Kara pressed up against the magic user and kissed her intimately. Their breasts mashed together so closely that the globes of their tits nearly touched their chins and their hands eventually wrapped around each other, exploring their curves as the kiss deepened further. When they finally pulled away, the two continued to pepper each other in kisses, nuzzling and pecking before they finally separated, breathing hard from arousal. “I’m surprised you beat me to it.” Looking to the glass case, Kara smashed it open with a single backhand.


Giggling at her new partner in crime, Zatanna grabbed hold of the idol and threw it on the ground, stomping on it with her hoof and grinding the thing into clay dust. “Let’s see them tape THAT back together!” Sharing her partner’s smile, Power girl took a handful of her tightly stretched costume and pried it off her tall curvaceous body, freeing herself of her ‘heroic’ identity and eating her costume like it was cotton candy. “Won’t be needing THOSE anymore tee hee.”


The instant the idol was broken… Well more so now, mist poured out of its remains, billowing up and out like a plume of red smoke. Before it cleared, a hand shot out of the cloud, waving to brush the smoke out of the way while Buck staggered out, coughing into his free hand. “Bleh, I never get used to that!” Looking around, the newly freed Buck smiled a chessar grin, mincing his hands together impishly. “Ooh ho ho ho, Buck’s back baby! Time to have some fun!” Caught off guard, Buck found Zatanna take up his arm beside him. “Welcome back handsome, ready for a wild time?” Blinking in surprise he found Power girl take up his other arm. “Yeah Buck, best times are had with arm candy.”


“Heh, alright! You babes are here too?... Wait a minute.” Suddenly trembling, Buck freed himself of the two horny satyresses and looked around frightened. “If you two are here… That means SHE’s here too!” guarding his crotch with both hands, the dark-haired satyr shivered in fear. “And she scares me…”


Givin each other a knowing look, the two went back to his sides and nuzzled his shoulders affectionately. “Don’t worry Bucky-poo, we can handle mean ol Wonder Goat herself.” Power Girl smiled with a wink.


“Yeah, besides, she and the others are gonna have their hands full!”




Meanwhile back at the meeting…




Waving his hands defensively, Superman tried to calm the meeting down after the list of complaints were read out aloud. “Now come on Dinah, I’M not the one who wrote these, I’m just telling you what’s been…”


“You’re biased against satyrs, you think its easy being a goat person?” Accused Hawk Girl, pointing angrily at Superman. “I’m hungry all the time, I eat like five times a day just so I’m not eating my pillows when I’m asleep!”


“You think YOU’VE got it bad?” Stood a portly Booster Gold, the satyr was built like a 7-foot-tall football player with a beer belly. “I can’t even read porn without ruining my pants… Or my coffee table.”


“Well you wouldn’t HAVE that problem if didn’t scare the ladies away, I mean look at me, Oliver and I have been having the times of our lives since I’ve tempered MY needs.” Hugging her exhausted husband close, wrapping a strong arm around him and pressing his gaunt face against one of her breasts, the rest of the heroes at the table didn’t need an explanation to see that the relationship had become one sided. Heck, Green Arrow looked like he’s fold in half from being so drained.


Sitting up and waving her arms, Diana tried to calm the crowd. “Now, now my friends, there’s no need for hot tempers and violence.” Gaining the satyred heroes attention, the Amazon continued. “I’ve been attending meetings and taking exercises to help discipline my cravings, perhaps I could extend a hand and offer you to join me.”


Standing up from their chairs and giving the Amazon princess a dirty look, the satyrs didn’t like that answer.


“What are you saying? That I’m a sexaholic?”


“You saying I’m fat?”




Superman shuffled the papers in his hands, trying to block out his whispered murmurs. “You could stand to lose a couple… Dozen pounds.”


“THE FUCK YOU SAY BOY SCOUT?!” Growled Hawk Girl, her wings fluttering so hard they knocked back her chair, even a button to her top popped free from her heavy breathing. “Why don’t you say that loud enough so that the whole PLACE can hear yaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” suddenly finding herself bent over the table, a red static blur had come out of nowhere and started plowing into her with the intensity of a piledriver. Instantly reaching orgasm, the red furred satyress went cross eyed when her mind finally caught up with the pleasure her body was overloaded with. The Flash finished and began running around the table at top speed, leaving the drooling winged woman to slump down with a blush on her face. “S-so many… He vibrates…”


Pushing her chair out of her way, Diana turned around to face her friend. “Barry, please listen to me, we can sort this out, there’s a ten-step pro…” Diana never got the chance to finish when she was shoved back and felt something that felt BIGGER than her little toy at home plunge so deep it kissed the entrance to her ovaries. Even though it only lasted 3 seconds, those three seconds felt like 3 hours. Multiple orgasms crashed through her simultaneously, overloading her senses until she felt him slip out and run off like a red lightning bolt.


“HEY! STOP THIS NOW!” Demanded Superman, trying to keep an eye on the red furred satyr that had now dove onto Black Canary like a homing missile, the satyress practically tossing her husband aside and use the table as leverage while she was plowed from behind, her upper breasts breaking free of her costume and wobbling like jello from all the activity before she was released. The Flash ducked at the last second, barely being struck by Superman’s fist, which continued its path and took down a wall from the blow. “Where are you Barry? I’m gonna…” ‘SMACK’ Stunned by the hit to his jaw, Superman looked towards the exit where a naked Flash stuck out his tongue and razzed the man of steel.




The only answer he got was the Flash hopping in the air with his legs in full run before hitting the floor and running off with enough speed and force to leave a streak of fire behind him.


“YOU SON OF A BITCH! WHEN I GET A HOLD OF YOU I’M SHOVING THAT THING UP YOUR ASS!!!” Red eyed with rage, Superman flew off to give chase, leaving the rest of the league to try and keep up. Slowly picking herself up, Diana blushed hotly with the afterglow of her explosive orgasms, her dress ruined in the process. When she left the table on shaky legs, she was never prepared for the red blur to come back and pin her against the wall, hoisting up her legs to wrap around his waist while he plowed into her again, making the Amazon princess moan and drool all over again before being dropped on her plump rear. Passing out from overstimulation, she made out the Flash say. “Fuck her twice, that’s what she said, ARRIBA ARRIBA ARRIBA!” She fell asleep with her back to the wall, rubbing her stomach the entire time.

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