Shocker gets his "job of blow"

by JimmyKasche
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"OOOOH, Daddy." Squealed Starfire on her knees as she fished out Shocker's cock "I did not expect to be given another present so soon."

She nuzzled the length with her cheek, fondled his testicles as if weighing the sack all while staring up at her daddy with awe.

"I did not know the human fuckstick could be so big." Starfire said kissing the shaft. "You make me angry at all of my old boyfriends for lying to me..."

Shocker moaned at the attention his princess was giving him.

"So daddy... would you like me to give you the slow worshipful job of blow? Or perhaps you would like the one similar to the Traditional Tamaranian Royal Gratitude?" Starfire said as she backed off from the cock but continuing to fondle his sack.

"uh... what is the Tamarian Royal Gratitude?" Shocker asked confused.

"hmm..." Starfire bit her lip in thought "I believe the closest term to it in English would be for you giving me the brutal face fucking. It is most enjoyable" she said with a cheery smile.


Mary Jane wasn't enjoying herself... but she knew that Peter looked forward to their date night all week... and usually so should she... but for some reason tonight he wasn't doing anything for her.

But she loved him nonetheless... so during their rather short lovemaking session she used her toned acting skills to pretend that she was having the time of her life...

When Peter had gotten off and fallen asleep cuddling his beautiful wife... MJ waited a few minutes before slipping out of the bed and heading into the shower... making sure to take her well used dildo with her.


Diana stood proudly in the Muzhskovian Embassy as naked as ever, while women in traditional maid outfits measured every inch of her to ensure the new wardrobe her future husband had purchased fit her as perfectly as possible.

Diana was giddy with excitement she couldn't wait until she married her wonderful master... she couldn't wait to serve him in her full capacity. She nearly came at the mere idea of cooking him a nice dinner while carrying his child in her Amazonian womb.

"There's my prize." Miladin walked into the room causing all of the maids to scurry away out of sight.

"Hello, Sir." Diana greeted him beaming from ear to ear as he stepped up and kissed both of her bare breasts eliciting a moan.

"Now then I have a surprise planned for you... but it requires you to give me your tiara, and your silly golden rope. So hand them over." Miladin said holding his hand out.

"My... Lasso and my Tiara..." Diana said nervously looking at two of the few reminders of who she was.

"Yes, my bimbo bride... hand them over." he said again with an angrier tone.

"Yes, sir" she said as she took the crown off her head and handed it and her magical lasso of truth to her beloved.

"Good girl." He said and swatted her ass, as he walked off carrying the two instruments he closes the door behind him.

Once outside, he summons one of the nearby servant girls "Give these to Boris. Tell him that this is to be my wife's Bridal Collar and Lead. Understood?"

"Yes, sir." the woman squeaked out.

"Then go." He said slapping her ass causing her to rush off with the items.


Penguin looked over the two whores he had ordered. Both of them were dressed in similar outfits tiny tube tops, a pair of painted on barely their hot pants, and gogo boots with towering heels...

the youthful blonde had her hair in a pair of cute twin tails, and wore all green... she didn't have much on top but had a killer booty... the reason for the towering heels was obvious as even with them she'd be hard pressed to be clearing 5'3" even with her sexy well toned legs.

the redhead had her shoulder length hair in a loose and messy top knot... and seemed a tad more mature than her friend especially with how she made sure to accentuate her killer rack and impressive abs, she seemingly towered at least 3 inches over the blonde thanks to her slender dancer's legs.

"So.... Mr. Cobblepot, we heard that there was a party here... " Rae said innocently.

"OH did you now?" thej lecherous villain responded.

"Uh-huh... we hope that's true... because we LOOOVE to party... don't we Livvy?" Rae said smiled.

"T-t-totally!" Olivia said with a squeaky bubbly inflection.

Penguin smiled and ushered the girls into the VIP area.


Oracle smiled as she watched the "arrow sisters" as they called themselves for some reason, got to work. Quiver being the mature seductress and Jailbait playing the shy innocent girl combination really got guys off for some reason... and Olivia was an expert at pretending she wasn't just as deprived a whore as Dinah, Helena, or any of her other more seasoned vets.

"Speaking of... " Oracle mouthed as she changed cameras and shook her head as the scene swapped back to Dinah's meeting.

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