Lady Kraken, aka the Superior Mary Jane

by Sidewinder89
Storyline What if.....
Characters Mary Jane Watson Dr. Octopus
Category Mind Change Memory Manipulation
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Otto Octavius was a new person. Literally.
A week ago, he lay dying in a forsaken cell on The Raft; his once proud and mighty body shriveled down to an useless husk after many years of abuse by that meddlesome webslinger. And as he waited for the cold embrace of Death, Otto decided to go with a bang. 
A final insult to Spider-Man.
His initial plan, that of implanting his own brain into Peter Parker's via the use of his Octobot neural tech; quickly proved full of potential flaws. Not only was Spider-Man a respected member of the so-called superhero community, but also an active member of the Avengers and a reserve for the Future Foundation.
And then, it was just a matter of days before anyone noticed Spider-Man's sudden personality change, decided something was wrong and discovered what Otto had done to the Webslinger. But before Otto gave up, a sudden thought crossed his mind.
What if he didn't replaced Parker, but someone close to him?
Someone close enough to go undetected by Parker until it was too late? Someone important for him, yet insignificant for the rest of the world? Someone who could make Parker suffer so much that he wished for death?
And, as he crawled through every nook and cranny in Parker's brainwaves... he found a name. Someone Parker loved so much that he couldn't find a way to hurt even if he tried to.
A woman. 
Mary Jane Watson. 
A detailed look at Parker's memories gave Otto what he wanted. Parker and Watson had a lot of history together. They had been engaged once, then parted ways and remained on friendly terms. But Parker still loved the woman, and that was all Otto needed to know.
Then, all it took was an Octobot.
And now, Otto was a new man. Or well, woman.
Standing in front of a full length mirror, in the bedroom of the twenty-something woman he had become; Otto couldn't help but marvel at the vast possibilities that unfolded in front of him.
The redhead beauty that stared back at him, had a beautiful face contorted in a cruel yet sultry grin. And as Otto admired the magnificence of the naked goddess in the mirror, a sudden yet important thought crossed his mind. A phrase so mundane, yet extremely important to the woman he had replaced. It had no meaning to him, but he felt compelled to say it. 
"Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot." He purred, and laughed in front of the mirror.
This was day one of his... no. Her new life.
Otto Octavius was dead. Long live the superior Mary Jane Watson.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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