Batman prepares

by jtreat6969
Storyline The JLA's new nemesis, Bubba
Characters Superman Huntress Batman Wonder Woman
Category Harem Threesome Corruption
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Batman was in his cave running all the nuumbers and data he had collected on Bubba and her associates. He had heard the conversation Karen had over dinner with Superman.  He was deeply worried about what power this Bubba weilded. She kept control even after people left her location. He had thought he knew enough but he was wrong. after two visits to the strip club he was loath to move against Bubba for fear of his friends mental capacity afterwards believing that they would revert to mindless drones. Not that they were much better in their current state being controlled by Bubba. 

"Huntress, are you on comms?" batman asked.
"I'm here whats up?" Huntress replied. 
"Do you have any information on what Karen's planning?
"None" Huntress answered. "I'll go over to her place tomorrow and find out but for tonight i'm done in and in need of sleep"
Helena awoke from her slumber warm from the blankets after a good nights rest on a cold Gotham night. She stripped down and got in the shower. She enjoyed the warm waters caress. While she was washing her hair she heard the alarm on her front door activate. Cursing the ill timing of it all she could not wipe the lather away from her eyes fast enough. She exited her bathroom armed with a breathing mask and a gas gun which would incapacitate almost any foe.
She was stunned to see Superman dressed in a cut off work out shirt and black speedos, Wonder Woman standing in her room in a light blue sheer babydoll  and nothing else, There was a third person in the room wi to the side. th their back turned and heavily clothed that Helena couldnot make out. 
She fired the canaster but Superman eaasily grabbed it and supressed the contents from escaping. Wonder Woman grabbed Helena and forced her into the bedroom to stand before the cloaked individual. Helena looked everywhere for a weapon or a clue as to why this could be happening. The individual began undressing  by first removing the hat covering the hair that marked the individual as a female. . The female had yet to speak and kept her back to Helena.  She removed her overcoat and and finally spoke. I suppose i should thaank you Helena you are the piece that will bring Superman's pwerful cousin into my stable of Superpowered  Studs and Whores much like Supercock and Wonder Whore here. 
"I will never help you" Helena screamed at her.
"Oh you will my dear especially once these two finish fucking you on camera and we send her the proof that another one of friends has fallen" Bubba stated matter of factly.
Bubba removed her shirt and Helena could tell she never had a bra on. From under her shirt appeared the most perfect set of tits Helena had ever seen. She knew hers were no where near as big as Karens or even Wonder Woman's but She thought Bubba's put everyone she knew to shame.  
Bubba stripped the towel off of Helena and threw it to the ground. "I will teach you how to be a real woman"
Staring at Bubba's glorious breasts she began to stutter her reply both angry and insulted but also a bit ashamed. She knew she should call for back up and warn Bruce or Karen or anyone she could. Bubba approached her and pushed her magnificent breasts into her small B cup breasts and then kissed her fully on the mouth without warning. 
Bubba located her mask and batsuit in the secret room thanks to Supercock.
"Take her to get dressed Wonder Whore."
Supercock standby and be ready to enter for the next video Bubba purred. This will bring your cousin into our little group and fter the fucking you give this little twig i'm sure she'll come looking for us with some wet panties wanting to taste that hard cock for herself"
"Yes Mistress"
Bubba smiled to herself thinking of Batman and how he would also react to his ally now becoming one of her puppets.  She would soon make her move on her next target once Powergirl was under her control.  
She turned on the camera as Wonder Woman led Helena out of the other room in her crime fighting costume wrapped in her golden lasso.
She sat Huntress on the bed and asked her who she served. 
"I serve my mistress Bubba now and forever" Huntress replied eagerly.
Bubba then ordered Wonder Woman to release her and strip her naked for her hardcore porn debut.  Wonder Woman did so sensually. Bubba ordered her new prize to lick and fuck till she was numb from the experience. She then voiced over the video to KAren that she was next on Bubba's list. 
Helena and Diana were engaged in a great make out session with Wonder Woman stripping Helena down to her birthday suit. The babydoll that Wonder Woman had work was now around her waist waiting to be discarded. Bubba indicated to Superman to join the festivities. Clark's raging hard on came into focus as he kissed Diana and then then kissed Helena. Both women went down and sucked his engorged cock. Each took turn sucking his cock as the other swirled his cum filled balls in their mouths. When Superman had had enough a command was heard to stuff the new bitch with his Supercock. Superman obediantly did as commanded. He shoved his cock into Helena's wet Cunt with such force that she had trouble breathing for a few seconds. 
Bubba watched from behind the camera as her willing super sex slaves fucked and sucked each on her orders. Buubba had recently just fucked Superman after watching the tape of Wonder Woman fucking Bruce Wayne at her strip club. 
This video will sell like hotcakes once she packaged it and sent it to Luther as well making her a lot of money.
She continued to film as her Superman fucked Helena. Superman then took Helena and threw her head first into Diana's wet and waiting pussy. He stood her up and ate her pussy as she ate Wonder Woman's pussy with enthusiasm. Wonder Woman was now facing Superman's cock and shoved it deep into her throat in some perverse lover's triangle.
After 3 hrs of non-stop sex Bubba had what she needed. Helena was spent and unconscious from the furious fucking she had received from her Superhuman counterparts.
Two days later a new DVD appeared at Star industries for Karen "AKA Powergirl" and a day later on arrived at Wayne manner. Several thousand were being shipped to Lex Corp for distribution as well

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