Having eaten all the food in her kitchen, Diana finally gives birth

by Gorel
Storyline Justice League: Satyr Silliness.
Characters Wonder Woman Zatanna Power Girl
Category M/F Threesome DC Transformation Corruption Pregnancy
Previous Chapter With Buck free, Zatanna and Power Girl make up for lost time

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Rummaging through one box of food stuff after the other, Diana grabbed what she could from the cupboard she flew open and shoved it straight into her open mouth. Boxes of crackers, bags of pasta, even cans of soup fell victim to her ravenous hunger. Yet still it wasn’t enough, the flurry of kicks from her crowded womb continued to demand more from their mother, and in Diana’s hormone pickled psyche she was in no position to refuse. “More! MORE! MOAAAAAAR!” Nickering like the she-goat she was now; Wonder Woman had already cleared out most of her cupboard and moved towards the pantry. Ripping open a bag of potatoes, the satyress barely acknowledged her blouse, the only scrap of cloths she still wore had split open from the back, the seems in her shoulders bursting as she rapidly outgrew it. Swallowing the paper bag after eating its contents she noticed the scraps of blue fabric hanging off her and pulled it free from her growing frame. Stuffing the fabric in her mouth, she swallowed her blouse whole.


By now the kicking was a riot in her belly, having swollen so large Diana had trouble reaching the next cupboard when her womb pushed back against the counter she pressed against. Her kitchen was now bare empty, every scrap of food had been eaten and container licked clean… Or eaten for good measure. At her current size and state, Diana’s eyes were closed, sweat dripping down her neck and chest. Gripping the counter with a grip that made the marble crack, Wonder Woman moaned and nickered, her ass twerking in response to the thrust of an invisible lover. She was in a fever pitch, even as bloated with child as she was, she still wanted to be fucked as hard as she was at the Hall of Justice. She didn’t care if it’d make her even MORE pregnant, she didn’t even care who would be the one to do it! The Flash? Batman? Superman? In her current state she would have fucked them all if it meant dousing the fire raging in her nethers and sating her hunger. With her eyes fluttering, Diana moaned out loud when she could no longer stand the demanding kicks from her belly and pried off a cupboard door and bit right into it.


Chewing on the wood like it was a sandwich, Diana was too far gone to care about the flavour or texture, she needed her belly filled. When she finished off the plank of wood, a ding went off in her mind and soon enough the buns in her proverbial oven were ready. Her water broke after her last gulp and Diana found herself staggering into the living room and collapsing back first into the coffee table. gripping at her womb, the satyress never felt the crash or the broken table she now laid on top of, instead her focus was entirely on what was going on between her thighs when she spread her legs open and gritted her teeth in exertion. When her pussy crowned with the arrival of her first born, Wonder Woman roared out in a mind shattering orgasm… One that woke up the entire house hold.


“Damn mom, didn’t take you for a screamer!” Winced Eris, sticking a finger in her pointed ear when she and her sisters got up to see what the commotion was. “Well, she has been pretty repressed lately, DAMN! She ate everything.” Smirked Persephone, shaking her head in amusement while Demeter and Hestia came into the room to find their mother panting after birthing their first-born brother, followed by another hoarse moan when it started up all over again.


“AWE, look at the little guy.” Gushed Hestia as she picked up her baby brother and cradled him in her arms, becoming just as enthused when her second born brother popped out and started crying on the floor. For more than several minutes, Diana continued to birth her new crop of children, her mind exploding with one orgasm after the other, until she finally slumped idle and exhausted. When it was all said and done, four baby boy satyrs were crying and flailing in the arms of their adult older sisters while their mother slept shamelessly in the middle of the living room, a blush on her cheeks and a smile of satisfaction on her lips while she slept.


Bouncing the red and black furred satyr in her arms, Eris smirked down at her mother. “best night of your life huh mom? Wonder if anyone else had the same.”






Jumping into the large metal pool of processed drinking water, Buck splashed spitting out a fountain of water out of his mouth while Zatanna and Karen cheered and clapped from the opposite end like it was a swimming pool. Swimming through the large pool until he reached the edge, Buck turned around and lounged, kicking his hooved feet in the water and sighing in relaxation when both satyresses took up either side of him. “Ah… This is the life, but you know what’s better than a pool?” Asked Buck gesturing with his eyebrows while his erection and balls floated on the water’s surface like drift wood.


“Tell us oh well hung one.” Chirped the pair.


“A hot tub.”


Getting the idea, Power Girl looked down into the water and used her heat vision, within a few seconds the water had become hot and steaming and Buck sighed basking in the warmth. “Babe, you’re a keeper! What could be better than this?”


Sharing a known look, the two satyresses disconnected from Buck and splashed their way to float in front of Buck, gently spreading his legs to get at his throbbing erection. Smirking back at the two ladies, Buck gripped at the pool’s edge more tightly when he felt both satyresses start to lick up his shaft, massaging his heavy balls and suck on the knob of his cock. Eventually Zatanna and Karen sandwiched his cock between their large breasts and anxiously watched their lover’s tense expressions, waiting for him to reach his peak. They didn’t have long to wait when Buck went stiff and fired off a torrent of thick cum out like a fire hose, and like hummingbirds to a flower, the two goat-women tried their hardest to guzzle down as much as they could. What didn’t end up on their faces and chests, mixed in with the heated water, making it murky and grey. “Phew… What a ride, you girls sure know your stuff.”


Breathing hard with a look of determination on her cum stained face, Zatanna turned around and took Buck’s cock in hand, aiming it at her throbbing pussy before sinking down to the hilt. On reaction, Buck gripped at her meaty ass, making the satyress wriggle her hips to coax him further. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this Master, I hope you’ll enjoy the show.” Tensing her pussy muscles was the only signal Buck needed to start thrusting hard into the satyress, making Zatanna wail and moan without restraint and her four breasts splash the water in front of her. With a giggle, Zatanna wasn’t surprised when Karen pressed up in front of her and started making out with her, licking her clean of Buck’s essence and working her way down to nuzzle between her breasts. “HNNNNNAAAAAAARGH!” Groaning out a roar of release, Buck fired off into Zatanna with the same force as before. Overfilling the goat-woman and causing extra fluids to mix with the water. Zatanna shared in her lover’s cry of ecstasy seconds later, her belly suddenly swelling larger like it was filling up like a balloon. But the dark furred she beast knew better. Her lover, Buck was the most potent satyr in existence, after all he was the first, the alpha goat of the herd. In seconds she could already feel a new litter of satyrs gestating inside of her, developing in seconds in what should be months. It made her moan at being so full, so fertile. Feeling Karen nuzzle at her chin and kiss her lips and nose, Zatanna got the idea. Yes, she wanted another go with her Master, but she also knew it was Power Girl’s turn.


Reluctantly separating with Buck and wincing when he pulled away with a pop and spilled another deluge of cum, Karen took her place and positioned herself over Buck’s cock. “Hrrrr… DAMN I missed this pussy!” buck groaned as he thrust deep into the blonde satyress, making the goat-woman cry out and spray four arcs of mother’s milk from her thick nipples. “MORE! Harder, DEEPER!” Gurgled Karen, lost in the sensation. Zatanna giggled, swimming up to press up against buck’s side and press her now full-term belly against his thigh. Just like Zatanna, Power Girl had no self restraint in her moans of pleasure, she wanted to yell at the top of her lungs, let everyone know that Buck, her lover and master was about to fill her, and she would reward him with a crop of kids to add to their herd.


In a sweat slick moment in the hot water, Buck tensed and fired off his third load in the night so far. Making Karen cry out when her belly surged and bloated out, becoming firm and round like a drum until cum spilled out to overflow and mix into the water. Slowly separating and taking up Buck’s other side, the panting blonde goat woman swooned and nuzzled into Buck’s shoulder. “Mmmm… Just like how I remembered it, you’re one of a kind love.”


“YUP!” Chuckled Buck while both ladies roamed their hands over his chest and shoulders. “All the ladies like Buck’s pony ride, doesn’t get any better than this.”


“You think so huh?” Asked Zatanna with a knowing smirk, looking over to her cohort, she gave Karen a wink before raising a hand and chanting out a spell. “Worg Pu!” Slapping one hand to her belly and her other against Power Girl’s, a surge of energy coursed between the two. Suddenly the pair began to gasp and moan, their bellies surging larger and rounder by the second. Gasping from the experience, the two turned around and gripped at the edge of the pool, practically floating on their pregnant bellies like inflatable toys. Suddenly the two went into labour, the magic making the experience so intense, their new born children practically popped out of them in rapid succession and splashed frantically in the deep water, trying to stay afloat crying out after being born. Then just as quickly as they were born, Zatanna’s six children and Karen’s five magically began to mature at an accelerated rate. Years of growth passed in seconds until half a minute later, the pool now housed less than a dozen new adult satyrs


“WOW! It DID get better!”


Snorting and huffing like cattle in heat, the new satyrs were only seconds old, but now possessed the bodies of adults. Instinct taking the wheel, the group mashed together into an instant orgy, where male collided with female in a mindless desire that consumed them completely. Chuckling to himself, Buck found three of his adult daughters to claim his cock for themselves, licking up his shaft and suck at his floating balls.


“Now, now girls no need to be so greedy.” Husked Zatanna, until she felt a pair of hands grip at her hips and something hard and hot pierce into her pussy from behind. Gasping and looking over her shoulder, Zatanna’s eyes widened when she found her adult son rut and thrust into her. At first, she shook her ass to dislodge him, but it only drove the drooling male deeper into her. too aroused to resist anymore, Zatanna relented and moaned in pleasure when he reared back and fired off inside of her. When he dislodged from Zatanna to find another pussy to plunder, the mother goat looked down at herself with wild eyes. Pressing a hand to her newly filled belly, Zatanna recited the same spell again. “Worg Pu!” Once again, her womb surged with new life, swelling larger and rounder in seconds. Moaning out loud, she gripped at the edge of the pool so hard she crumpled the metal just as her water broke and she gave birth to a fresh new litter of four satyrs that rapidly matured into adulthood and joined the orgy behind her.


Zatanna had crossed a new threshold, she no longer cared who her lover was anymore. All that mattered now was she was female and to expand her race she needed a male. ANY male. Looking over to her friend and lover moan as one of Zatanna’s sons plowed into the blonde satyress, she pulled Karen into an open mouth kiss. Pulling away, she moaned a bray at the goat-woman and got a nicker in response. The two had become so overstimulated they had gone totally feral.


Down below the tied-up staff of the water treatment plant moaned and sweated like they were in a fever, desperate for relief. “So hot, can barely stand it… Need water…” Then as if in reply, a splash of water from the pool hit the tied-up group, dousing them in spunk tainted water. At first, they spat out the salty tasting deluge, shaking the slick water out of their hair until they were all overcome with a new sensation. Wincing in pain, the ropes tying them up became tighter, constricting them all until the rope finally gave and broke. By then the group realized that the rope wasn’t getting tighter, they were getting BIGGER! Fur spread across their bodies and their cloths burst to make room for swelling breasts, broadening hips and surging erections. One pried off his safety helmet, scratching his scalp when a pair of horns popped out of his skull, his ears lengthening soon after.


“Burning up… Burning up…” Practically drooling and ripping off his pants, the worker clopped his hooved feet and looked at his co workers, his eyes focusing on one female co worker on her knees, her pants bursting at the seems to free her burgeoning ass and fluffy white tail. Without hesitation he stomped over and speared into the satyress, grunting at how tight she felt around his expanded member. “HHHRRAAAARGH… TAKE IT, TAKE ALL OF IT!” Drum tight, his testicals released their first torrent of cum into the new satyress. Along with the others that had joined buck’s herd.

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