The VIP lounge

by jtreat6969
Storyline The JLA's new nemesis, Bubba
Characters Wonder Woman Bruce Wayne (Amalgam)
Previous Chapter Batman revisits the club

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Wonder Woman also known as Diana Prince led him down a short hall way to a small room with a thick black curtain.  She pulled it aside and looked inside. Inside was a big titted blond woman bent over a couch sucking the cock of one the other customers. She closed the curtain and moved on to the next room. She smiled as the room was empty. She bade Bruce to have a seat on an elongated couch. She placed her unused costume on a nearby shelf and began to take off her boots off. Bruce had just sat down when she placed one of her unzipped boots in his lap and asked "Care to help me with these?"

Bruce removed the boot tenderly. Wonder Woman then placed the next boot up for his inspection. He removed that one as well. Even without her boots Wonder Woman still stood as a 6 ft tall goddess in the flesh. She pushed him gently in the chest inviting him to lay down more with a smile on her face. She then sat on his lap still smiling. She began to move those wonderful bronze tanned hips. Her pussy lips opening slightly with every giration on his lap. She smiled as she observed his focused gaze. She took hold of his hands and placed them on her world class breasts.  She leaned forward and breathed a hot breath of air on his left ear before licking it playfully.  Bruce looked at Diana and she only smiled at him. He thought her expression a little blank or mechanical. 
Diana caught the look Bruce had written on his face. She softened her approach then and her look. Her pussy lips were spreading wider as her hips moved in longer strokes along his lap. She stood up and stood over his face. Her bare pussy  a mere inch or two from bruce's face her perfectly rounded ass in plain view as she began to twerk it like a common street whore directly in his face. She bent over exposing more of her pussy to him. She again took hold of his hands and this time placed them directly on her sex.  While bent over she placed one hand on his hardened cock. "Looks like someone wants to cum out and play."
Bruce sat there mesmerized by his counter parts luscious body. He could not hide his hard cock. Wonder Woman was slyly cutting a hole in his suit pants using her sharpened finger nails. When she was done her hand slid inside his suit pants and grabbed his hard cock. She began stroking him softly at first. She then tightened her grip a little more to increase the pleasure. Bruce sat a little straighter in his seat not expecting Wonder Woman to be this forward.  She then placed her pussy directly on top of Bruce's lips.  Bruce could not hold back from the intoxicating feeling of her hand around his cock and the smell of her perfect pussy on his face. 
Bruce stuck out his tounge and began to softly lick at Wonder Woman's sex. Wonder Woman moaned slightly enjoying the feeling. She then took Bruce's cock out of his ripped pant suit and teased his cock head with a few licks. She moaned in pleasure as Bruce had found a good rhythm. She then positioned his cock at the entrance to her mouth and began to suck him. Bruce sat even straiter now. His nose was pushed up into the folds of her lips as he continued to lick away. 
He concentrated on her most sensitive areas. She then stood up taking her glistening wet pussy lips away from Bruce her mouth leaving his cock. She then turned around to give him a view of her magnificent breasts but that was not her goal. Her goal which was unguarded was Bruce's hard cock standing at full attention. She grabbed the base of his dick and held it steady as she lowered herself on it. She could take it all with ease. Her physical attributes and god given abilities would ensure she did as Bubba commanded her to do. She smiled a little more as she had one trick up sleave. She placed a leg to either side of Bruce's hips as she began to raise and lower herself back down on his hardened cock. Her hair was becoming wet at the top of her head from the exertion. Bruce by this time was fully caught up in the experience as both his hands were grabbing her ass. HIs mouth engaged her nipples with expert precision. She arched her back to entice him to participate further by seeing her out. He took the bait. She raised her hips and her a slight pop as his cock exited her pussy. She looked disappointed that it came out. But she quickly smiled and asked "Want to see my best trick?"
Bruce became momentarily guarded and suspicous. She grabbed his cock again then placed it at her other hole. She smiled as she forced it inside her ass without any lubrication. The hot warmth of her ass and the pleasure building within Bruce put him at ease. He focused on her pleasure. His hips rising and falling as his hard cock entered her. She leaned back further placing her hands on the floor. Using her hands she pushed herself up and arched her back giving Bruce a great view of his cock entering her ass. Wonder Woman knew he was pushing toward his finish. She slowed her pace just a bit to break the rhythm and make him last a little longer. 
She then sprang her trap on Bruce. She had hidden her magic lasso under the couch. She grabbed the edge of her lasso and wrapped it around Bruce's foot. Too quickly for Bruce do anything about she then stated "Now Bruce you are going to do what I tell you."
The effect took only a moment to register. She removed the lasso. Bruce i want you get completly naked. Bruce did as he was told. The magic of the lasso compelled him. Bruce sat back down with his hard cock in the air. Wonder Woman told him get on all fours. She pulled out another toy Bruce had not seen. This one was a 6 inch rubber cock attached to her strap on. She told him to relax and let the pleasure consume him. She then placed a small amount of lubricant on her starp on before placing one hand on his shoulder. Her other hand held the strap on steady as she entered him from behind. Her hand on his shoulder pulled him completly down to the base of her rubber cock. She did not stop there as she began moving her hips in and out of his ass. She could see Bruce trying to relax. "Do you want to cum Bruce?"
"Yes Diana" 
"I want you to cum Bruce but not yet. I will tell you when you may cum."
Wonder Woman continued to plo his ass with her rubber cock. Bruce was trying to enjoy it. His cock was harder than he could ever remember.  After a few minutes Wonder Woman saw his straining to contain the hot warm cum she wanted. She withdrew her cock from his ass. As she looked down she observed some of Bruce's shit covering it. She smiled and then she got on her knees. She told Bruce he could cum as long as He came on her face and tits. . Bruce Still under the conpunction of the lasso. Did as he was told. Bruce stood up and faced Wonder Woman. She began to slowly suck his hard cock.  He was about to burst. She felt his balls begin to constrict as her hand started stroking him with long quick strokes. Bruce looked down at the princess and let out a gutteral growl as he started shooting his cum across her face and tits. His cum landed mostly on her cheek and in her mouth. It spilled down to her breasts where she began to rub it in to her skin. She smiled as she swallowed the cum that landed in her mouth. 
"Thank you Bruce you are free to go as long as you leave with a smile on your face and happy memories."
Bruce got dressed and couldn't stop himself from smiling as he left the club. He got in his limo and left.
Bruce smiled as he remembered Diana's smell and touch.
Bubba approached Wonder Woman. "Creative Wonder Whore.... creative. You  certainly followed my instructions to the letter." 
"Thank you mistress" 
Now let's go get you properly fucked and me my next prize.
"Thank you mistress"

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